Total Titans’ all-time Tennessee team — WRs


Derrick Mason is the only Titans receiver to be selected for the Pro Bowl and his stats are much better than anyone else’s. In the interests of saving time, let’s declare him to be the #1 receiver on our all-time Tennessee Oilers/Titans team and start a new poll for the other starting WR.
The contestants are Drew Bennett, Kevin Dyson, Chris Sanders, Yancey Thigpen, Roydell Williams, Willie Davis, Brandon Jones and Justin McCareins.
After a second WR is selected, we’ll close that poll and start a new one to select a third receiver. Three-WR sets are commonplace in today’s game and I see no reason not to select a third one.
As with our previous selections, the stats below do not include a player’s time in Houston or with other teams.

Player From–To Gms Rec Yds Avg TD Lng
Derrick Mason 1997-2004 122 453 6,114 13.5 37 71
Drew Bennett 2001-2006 87 273 4,033 14.8 25 55
Kevin Dyson 1998-2002 58 176 2,310 13.1 18 68
Chris Sanders 1997-2001 65 94 1,580 16.8 4 55
Yancey Thigpen 1998-2000 31 91 1,430 15.7 9 56
Roydell Williams 2005-2007 40 84 1,139 13.6 6 50
Willie Davis 1997-1998 29 75 1,025 13.7 7 46
Brandon Jones 2005-2007 35 71 931 13.1 8 53
Justin McCareins 2001-2003 36 69 1,202 17.4 9 73

In our last poll, you selected Lorenzo Neal as the fullback on our all-time Tennessee Oilers/Titans team.
Update 6-08: Drew Bennett won the voting as Tennessee’s #2 WR. We’ll close that poll now and start a new poll for the #3 WR.
The team so far:
QB Steve McNair
RB Eddie George
FB Lorenzo Neal
WR Derrick Mason
WR Drew Bennett
P Craig Hentrich


16 Responses to “Total Titans’ all-time Tennessee team — WRs”

  1. Tom Gower Says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a good excuse not to, but I don’t see a good reason to not pick Bennett. From length and absences of alternatives comes strength.

  2. David H. Says:

    The statistics don’t lie. Drew Bennet is clearly the number two reciever in terms of numbers, consistency and play making ability. McCareins put up some impressive numbers in his first stint with the team. If he played in as many seasons as Bennet, he could have put up better numbers. Justin has more touchdowns than Drew which kinda surprised me a bit considering he didnít play as many years and he was a slot receiver too. However, Drew was a valuable second option for McNair, Volek (when McNair was injured) and a solid number one option for VY. To me the underlining factor of him being deserving of this praise is that he was an undrafted free agent who went from QB at UCLA to a pro bowl caliber reciever in just three seasons. McCareins is the only other receiver who should be mentioned in the same breath as Drew. Kevin Dyson’s career was cut too short because of devastating injuries. Although he dose deserve some praise for being part of (in my opinion) the most important play in our franchise’s short history.
    Now that I think about it, when you look at Chris Sanders and Yancy Thigpen’s career numbers with our team (catches and yards) I say to my self, those are the kind of numbers that pro bowl receivers like TO, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, Marvin Harrison, Roy Williams, and Larry Fitzgerald put up on any given season minus the touchdowns of course. Just a side note, Randy Moss was drafted just five spots after our very own Kevin Dyson but Iím sure all of you knew that. Thatís something that just pisses me off even more. Itís just really sad to me that (except D. Mason) this team has never really had a phenomenal talent at that position. And the jury is still deliberating on if Roydell and Brandon Jones will pan out.

  3. David H. Says:

    I read the numbers wrong Bennet had more TD’s than McCareins. My Bad

  4. Drew Larose Says:

    Drew was always my favorite because of the name connection. Still disappointed that they did not resign him.

  5. I.jason Says:

    I think you have to go Bennett. Especially since this is the “Second Reciever” spot, and the second is traditionally your “possession” guy. Drew doesn’t have the gaudy average yards stat, but with a few (big) exceptions, he was known for those important clutch catches. Give Justin three more years here, and he’d probably take over the spot, but for now, Drew it is.

  6. Dave Says:

    No David Patten, Courtney Roby, or Joel Filani? And you guys are usually so thorough…..Haha, gotta be Drew for now.

  7. Garland Says:

    If you go with dollars per catch, you would have to go with David Givens.

  8. Drew Larose Says:

    what is his ratio 0 catches to 6 million

  9. jrtitans Says:

    Tom –so true–I wish I didnt have to pick dropsy drew bennett

  10. Dave Says:

    Dammit, I meant David Givens….see how much of an impression he made? LOL

  11. kevin b Says:

    andrew are you not considering TE s?? (wycheck) and what about haywood jeffries ?? i always held him as one of our ” best ” in our long history.

  12. Dave Says:

    Ernest Givens, Curtis Duncan, Drew Hill, Haywood Jeffries….How I long for those days again……..

  13. Tom Gower Says:

    I’m sure TEs will be a separate slot we’ll pick.
    As for Jeffires, his last year with the franchise was in 1995, so before they moved to Tennessee. So, he’s not eligible for the Tennessee-era team. We will be doing an all-time Oilers/Titans team later, I can guarantee you that.

  14. I.jason Says:

    I think for 3rd, you have to go with Dyson. At some point, history does supercede stats, and Dyson’s been involved in some serious Titans history. Music City Miracle, Last play of the Super Bowl, etc.
    Fortunately, the stats back this choice up as well. More catches, and twice as many TDs as the next guy.

  15. Billy Joe Says:

    I think you have to go with Dyson as the 3rd pick. Stats speak for themselves. The fact that he was consistent and had his fingerprints on so many great Titans moments, makes him the choice.

  16. adam Says:

    One vote for Roydell – hmm…I wonder who cast that vote?

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