Tennessee all-time team: Left linebacker


Four guys have performed rather well at the left (strong-side) linebacker position for Tennessee.
Eddie Robinson 1998-1999 — Robinson spent the first six years of his career with Houston and Jacksonville before coming to Tennessee in 1998. In his four years with Tennessee, he started in all 64 regular season games, spending his first two years at LLB and then moving over to RLB for 2000 and 2001. Robinson had 83 tackles, six sacks, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries in 1999. He missed only 13 starts in his eleven-year NFL career.
Greg Favors 2000-2001 — Favors was in Tennessee for three years, with two as the starting LLB. He recorded 5 sacks in 2000, his best season in Tennessee.
Peter Sirmon 2002-2003, 2005 — I thought Sirmon played rather well in his first two years as a starter. Apparently, then-GM Floyd Reese did too, as he re-signed Sirmon to a new contract. Sirmon then blew his knee out before the 2004 season and was never the same again. He was half a step slow in 2005, was moved to MLB in 2006 and then released. Sirmon had three interceptions, one for a touchdown, in 2002.
David Thornton 2006-present — Unquestionably the fastest of the group, Thornton had some injury issues in 2006 but still performed well. Healthy in 2007, he led the team in tackles with 122.
Who should be the left linebacker on our all-time Tennessee team, and why?
In our last poll, Kyle Vanden Bosch was selected as the right defensive end, which filled out the d-line with four Pro Bowl players.
The defensive team so far:
LDE Jevon Kearse
LDT Kevin Carter
RDT Albert Haynesworth
RDE Kyle Vanden Bosch


3 Responses to “Tennessee all-time team: Left linebacker”

  1. I.jason Says:

    Wow! Tough one. My sentimental favorite pick would be Sirmon. Give Thornton another good season, and he’s a lock, but again, that’s potential talking.
    Sentiment and future aside, I think you have to go with Robinson. He was dependable, an iron man, and played solid, if not spectacularly. The deciding factor on this one is Super Bowl.

  2. Tom Gower Says:

    Like Jason said, another tough one. Sirmon was great for two years, but 05 and 06 (at MLB) ruined those good feelings for me. Eddie Robinson, I remember him best for his years as an Oiler. Favors, um, I might have fonder memories if he didn’t seem to have a penchant for making stupider personal fouls. I guess that leaves Thornton.

  3. Nick Says:

    i just wanted to say that i love that defensive line. It’s pretty cool to think that this year, three of those four guys are going to be on that line for us in 2008. It will create mismatches that will scare teams.

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