Tennessee all-time team: LCB


This poll should be a lot closer than our last one. No formality here, as we select a left cornerback for our all-time Tennessee team.
Denard Walker (1997-2000) — I never thought Walker got enough credit. This may have been in part because his first two years were in the Memphis and Vanderbilt seasons and he was overshadowed by Samari Rolle the next two years. Walker had 83 tackles and two interceptions in 1998.
Andre Dyson (2001-2004) — After Rolle established himself as a star, it seemed like quarterbacks would avoid him and throw to the other side, now manned by Dyson. While Dyson sometimes was burned, he was also the beneficiary of more balls thrown to his side, resulting in more interceptions. Dyson had 16 INTs (six in 2004) and 44 PD in his four years in Tennessee. Because of their salary cap problems, the Titans had to let Dyson walk in free agency in 2005.
Reynaldo Hill (2005-2006) — Hill became a starter in his rookie year but only held the job for one more season. He spent last year as Nick Harper’s backup. Hill is decent in zone but struggles in man coverage.
Nick Harper (2007-present) is the favorite to start again this season. With only one year as a starter, he will have a hard time making our all-time team. Like Hill, Harper is better in zone than man. Harper is much better than the others in run support and had 77 tackles last year, with three INTs, 11 PD and a forced fumble.
In our last poll, Keith Bulluck was selected as the right linebacker. This poll ought to be a lot closer.
Our defensive team so far:
LDE Jevon Kearse
LDT Kevin Carter
RDT Albert Haynesworth
RDE Kyle Vanden Bosch
LLB David Thornton
MLB Randall Godfrey
RLB Keith Bulluck


8 Responses to “Tennessee all-time team: LCB”

  1. Drexel Perry Says:

    Looks like this is going to be a battle between Dyson and Walker.
    Walker was solid, so I went with him. Unfortunately, many will remember him for giving up the Isaac Bruce touchdown in the Super Bowl that gave the Rams the game-winning score.

  2. Joshua Says:

    Hey, Samari was the LCB from 01-04, and Pacman was the LCB in 2006.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    For some odd reason, I strongly suspect this poll will be dominated by the two CBs who could play man coverage. Very ecumenical of you, Andrew, to include Reynaldo Hill.
    I thought Dyson was a lot better than he was generally given credit for. Plus, well, I just can’t vote for Denard Walker. Too tied up with Isaac Bruce.

  4. Garland Says:

    I was always impressed that although he was Kevin’s little brother, Andre came in and made a name for himself. When he was drafted, it kind of felt like reaching for a player because of sentimental ties (like drafting someone from a local school, say MTSU for instance). But AD came in and did a very solid job until we couldn’t afford him anymore.

  5. Nick Pantazis Says:

    RCB has never been a strong position dating back to Houston Oilers’ Chris Dishman.
    My vote is for Nick Harper edging out Andre Dyson. Nick Harper is aggressive, & plays the run reasonably well, and with safety help can hold up against the pass.
    One thing is for certain, Denard Walker should be at the bottom of the list. He was consistantly abused by quarterbacks in Tennessee. Not to mention his meltdown in the 1999 SuperBowl: With the game tied in the 4th quarter and B.Bishop no longer in the game to cover up his mistakes, Walker let I.Bruce catch a deep bomb. The play started with I.Bruce sprinting past D.Walker, but D. Walker was still in better position to intercept or at least break-up the pass (as J.Kearse had deflected the pass at the line, resulting in a wobbler 10-yards short of the designed mark). In fine D. Walker fashion, he fell down by himself trying to put the brakes on, leaving I.Bruce to make an easy catch. The Rams scored on that drive to take the lead. Leaving the Titans to make that final 1-yard short drive…That D. Walker play cost the Titans the SuperBowl!!!

  6. David H. Says:

    I gotta go with Nick Harper. Physical corner, plays the run strong, great veteran presence. The other guys could probably run circles around Harper in the open field but, I gotta go with the “crafty veteran” on this one. Nick P. dose bring up a painful but true memory of Super Bowl 34 though. We were in that game to the very end against a high powered offense, and Walker did *@#& up at the last minute. Im not putting the whole blame on Walker but that score was the biggest play of the game. (Except the takle of course).

  7. jrtitans Says:

    Walker and Hill both make me mad at their poor play. I actually thought AD should be better–I would be happy to choose Dishman if I could–but Im going with Harper.

  8. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks to all for your comments.
    Joshua, perhaps you remember Samari and Pacman being on the left side of the field occasionally, but neither started a game at left corner in the years you indicated. I don’t recall them starting at LCB in any game of any year.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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