Titans re-sign RT Stewart to 6-year deal


As was reported on Saturday and confirmed by the official site on Monday, the Titans have re-signed RT David Stewart to a 6-year deal. Per the Tennessean, the deal includes $10 million in guaranteed money, including a $6 million signing bonus, and is for the nominal amount of $38.9 million. Stewart was a restricted free agent this offseason, and had signed his tender offer.
We’ve already mentioned the Stewart signing in the comments, but I wanted to say a little more on it. Re-signing Stewart was actually one of my biggest priorities in the offseason, behind only a long-term deal for the other offensive line bookend, LT Michael Roos. Roos’s deal was done right before the draft. With the addition of Jake Scott, the Titans should now be set at three offensive line positions for at least the next four years, and probably have their future center as well in the combination of Amano and Harris. Now all they have to do is figure out how to get Haynesworth in town, productive, and in shape for the regular season and get some good players in the draft. What’s that you say? The draft was two months ago? Well, never mind then.


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    This was pretty good…

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