Tennessee all-time team: RCB


We have been fortunate to have had four quality players at the right corner position, so this poll should result in a very fine player being named to our all-time Tennessee era team.
Darryll Lewis (1997-1998) — A six-year veteran when the franchise moved to Tennessee, Lewis had already garnered a Pro Bowl selection. In his two years in Tennessee, he accumulated 128 tackles, nine INTs, four FFs, three FRs and one sack.
Samari Rolle (1999-2004) — As a rookie, Samari was a nickelback in 1998, then won a starting job in his sophomore season. A fan favorite, his best season was 2000, when he had seven INTs and earned Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro honors.
Adam “Pacman” Jones (2005-2006) — A controversial figure, Jones displayed excellent skills at times. In 2006, he had 63 tackles, four INTs, one for a touchdown, two FR, one FF and one sack. My favorite memory of him was his pick-six against the Jags, one of three defensive TDs for the Titans that day.
Cortland Finnegan (2007-present) — Like Rolle, Finnegan was a nickel his rookie year, before taking over at RCB the next season. He registered 95 tackles, 13 PD, one INT, one FF and one sack in his first year as a starter. He also had a defensive TD in that Jags game, on a fumble recovery and 92-yard return.
It will be hard not to vote for Samari, which is what I’m going to do. I realize there are also a lot of Pacman and Finnegan fans out there, so this poll may be closer than expected.
In the last poll, Andre Dyson was selected as the left corner for our all-time Tennessee team.
Our defensive team so far:
LDE Jevon Kearse
LDT Kevin Carter
RDT Albert Haynesworth
RDE Kyle Vanden Bosch
LLB David Thornton
MLB Randall Godfrey
RLB Keith Bulluck
LCB Andre Dyson


6 Responses to “Tennessee all-time team: RCB”

  1. cld12pk2go Says:

    If Pac didn’t have a serious case of cranial-rectal inversion, I believe he would be the pic here…
    However, I will have to go with Rolle.

  2. jrtitans Says:

    Rolle baby Rolle!
    The troubled guy is a forgotten memory because he hurt us alot and that offsets his good play , Im happy to have finnegan as part of the current roster and he has the potential to make the all-titans team but just not this year.
    3 weeks –training camp starts and about 1/3 to a 1/2 of the “all team” will be on the field this year.Titans are going to bring the pain–anybody else excited besides me?

  3. Garland Says:

    Close? No way! Who could not vote for Samari’s little headband?

  4. Tom Gower Says:

    A loaded position, though Lewis is another guy whose best work probably came before the franchise move. If he had the brain to match his talent, I’d be picking #32 right now. As is, though, Samari wins for longevity of service.

  5. adam Says:

    Andrew, you seem to have transposed your CB positions. Hill & Dyson were and Finnegan is on the right side, Pacman, Rolle & Harper on the left. Think back to the highlights of some of Pacman’s INTs (his pick-6 v jacksonville & his picks of Manning in the NYG game). He also lined up against Marvin Harrison who always plays on the right side.

  6. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I appreciate your input. It’s true that Pacman and Samari played on the left side sometimes, but if you’ll check the official gamebooks, you’ll see that they started those games at right corner. For the sake of consistency, I’ve been listing players according to their starts, even though players moved around some during games.
    There was a similar comment in my post on the left cornerbacks. Just to doublecheck and make absolutely sure, I went back and ran a check in the gamebooks for every one of Samari’s starts from 2001 to 2004 and all of Pacman’s 2006 starts. None of them had Samari or Pacman listed as the starting left corner. (Samari was listed as one of two starting free safeties for three games in 2004.)
    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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