Titans 6-10? Sporting News thinks so


For a team that finished 10-6 last year with a playoff birth, the Titans seem to consistently get the short end of the stick when it comes to prognosticators.
According to Sporting News, the Titans will finish with a lowly 6-10 record in 2008.

The write-up was done by the Tennessean’s own Jim Wyatt, and is a part of SN’s Camp Countdown 08 series. Way to represent the home team, Jim!
It’s not shocking to see “experts” pick the Titans to finish in third place in the extremely competitive AFC South. Indy is Indy, and the Jaguars, under the leadership of David Garrard, have asserted themselves as a legit playoff team.
However, to suggest that the Titans are going to finish 6-10 is a bit extreme. Sure, they didn’t get the services of the #1 WR that the offense so desperately needs. Yes, they will have to replace Antwan Odom’s and Travis LaBoy’s 14 sacks in 2007 with rookies and the sack artist formerly known as The Freak.
Despite the Titans’ inability to make a splash in free agency, they have quietly locked up the services of their bookend tackle combo of Roos and Stewart for the foreseeable future. The game is won in the trenches, and with two young tackles signed for the next several years, the Titans’ offensive line should continue to be a strong unit.
As usual, the Titans will have to go under the radar to command the respect of the media. Of course, Jeff Fisher probably wouldn’t like it any other way. His teams always tend to overachieve, and I expect nothing less than that in 2008. Fisher’s proven time and time again that he can squeeze a few extra wins out of a squad lacking an abundance of supreme talent.
So, what do you guys think about the 6-10 prediction?


11 Responses to “Titans 6-10? Sporting News thinks so”

  1. Garland Says:

    I don’t think that’s Wyatt’s personal prediction. The content of the write-up and the prediction just don’t match up. Jim’s conclusion is that “the Titans don’t figure to be ready to become a surprise team like the 2007 Giants just yet.” That sounds like another early exit from the playoffs, something 6-10 obviously won’t do. That sounds like another incremental improvement, not quite leaping all the way to to top of the pack. Although I have more optimism than that, I can accept that as a reasonable prediction. Looking at the comments on that article, it is clear, however, that many people agree with the 6-10 outcome. If we end up at 6-10 without some significant injuries, some people seriously need to be fired.

  2. kevin.b Says:

    Drex, we all know that writers always doubt coach fisher teams through out history know one saw us coming last year either.I think we split wins with the colts sweep the texans ,and sweep the jags , our schedule should be a cake walk the browns,steelers and jets I think are the “X-factor” teams. 13 or 14 wins i say its a do-able number ,. look at our schedule drex , really study it i mean the titans hardest foes are in the division ,and all of the NFC teams we face have serious QB issues. i would really like YOUR thoughts as well as the other titan fans on this site on this ….our schedule (no major injuries to our starters ) looks like this could be our year to meet the charges/patriots in the confrence finals !! hopefully we get them at home ……. “just saying !”

  3. kevin G Says:

    I see 8-8 as the worst we could do, and 12-4 as the best, this depends mainly on if albert is injured. if he is healthy and plays the full season than we are at LEAST a 10 win team, he is just that dominant.
    how are we any worse than jacksonville? everyone wines about how we have no number 1 reciever, do they? they will also be relying on rookies to bolster their defensive line as well. we have a better offensive line and push on the other catagories.
    think of it this way, if we went 10-6 with with vince young having as bad a statistical season as he did, the only way to go is up!

  4. Scott Says:

    The Titans are always underestimated, so the 6 and 10 prediction is not a real surprise. It is disappointing, however, because it means that very little attention will be paid to the Titans on national media leading up to the start of the season. I will have to watch hours and hours of NFL Network just to get a brief glimpse of what is happening in Titans camp.
    These preseason predictions from the so-called experts are always a bit of a joke anyway. I don’t know what the Sporting News predictions were prior to the 2007 season, but if you look at the predictions of Pro Football Weekly prior to last season (I have it here in front of me) you will find that in almost every case the experts were way off in their predictions. Interestingly, Pro Football Weekly predicted a 6-10 finish for the Titans in 2007. We know how accurate that was. They also put the Browns at 5-11, the Steelers at 7-9, the Bengals at 9-7 and the Ravens at 11-5.
    The “experts” are frequently wrong, I think, because they get too caught up in their own post draft grades and the high marks they give to teams that go out and sign big name free agents, without any consideration of whether those players fit the schemes of the teams they were signed by and without regard for whether the players can actually still produce in the NFL. The only time the experts are close to being right is if they are predicting the wins and losses for consistently successful teams like the Patriots and the Colts. Even then, Pro Football Weekly only predicted a 12 and 4 season for the Patriots in 2007, not the 16 and 0 season that they had.
    In looking at the Titans new line-up (with the additions of Scott, Crumpler and Kearse and the 2007 and 2008 rookies), the continung development of VY and the substraction of Norm Chow’s simplistic offensive play calling, I just don’t see how, in the absence of numerous injuries, this team would be worse than last year’s team.

  5. jrtitans Says:

    Great news! This is excellent bulletin board material. Scheinbox said we are only going 7-9 even though we have an elite coaching staff in place this year. I think they should tell all the NFL teams that they dont even need to practice the week for us because we have already been predicted to lose.
    I agree with every post here–I ditto Kevin G’s numbers–worst is 8-8 which I dont believe will actually happen–Im thinking 12-4 or maybe 10-6 with injuries. So how did the “experts” come up with the losing number–lets see:
    * we got rid of our best defensive( troublemaker) player
    *signed a great TE –but he has knee problems ( too bad our medical guys didnt check him out)
    * signed a former pro-bowl DE ( medical guys on vacation again)
    *our rookie of the year QB cant hit the red zone (and there never has been a comeback in the NFL has there)
    * we got Dinger( he used all his magic making Mcnair a co-mvp)
    * we drafted a track star( wish he had football skills)
    * we signed another WR named Justin( must be bad luck–anybody ever heard of the Marks brothers out of Miami)
    *poor Chris Carr ( he came here because he was happy to be on a winning team –guess he didnt talk to sporting news )
    Ok I will stop the sarcasm–the defining moment will be the 10/27 game on Monday night with Indy. We win that game and its a pro-titans media blitz all the way thru the holidays.
    Happy Holidays Y’all.

  6. Drexel Perry Says:

    kevin b.,
    Playing in the tough AFC South, it will be paramount for the Titans to win the majority of their division games.
    For the Titans to take the next step up, they are going to have to get more out of their red zone offense instead of settling for field goals so often.
    That’s a good point about the teams in the NFC with qb issues, especially with Chicago (Grossman) and Minnesota (Jackson). Kitna’s not too bad but unfortunately for him, his offensive line is terrible. Of course, with the recent news about Favre “possibly” returning, I’d rather face Rodgers than #4.
    As for the final record, I’ll save my opinion for a later date but I agree with the most of you that the worst case scenario (barring injury) is about 8-8.
    As always, thanks for the comments guys.

  7. David H. Says:

    This is too funny. Can somebody, anybody, (Drexel, jrtitans, Scott, Kevin G.) please tell me how many division titles have the Jags and Texans won? What was Jacksonville’s division record last year? I know ours was 4-2. What’s Jacksonville’s lifetime record in head to head games against the Texans? I said this on a previous post, if Jacksonville who is supposed to be superior to “lackluster” teams like us and Houston, keep underachieving to the weakest team in our division, in what way could they possibly be the next in line to overtake that division? Or more importantly, how do they garner more respect from the national media than us? Know what forget it. It doesn’t even make me mad anymore. The NFL is a popularity contest plain and simple. So is the Pro Bowl. Don’t believe me, just ask Keith Bulluck!!! These so called analysts and “experts” just go with who’s hot and which team has the most star power. Some people (from this website no less) even picked the Vikings to win the super bowl!!!! The Vikings????!!!!?? I mean come on man!!!! Your loyal to your team I respect that, but really????? Adrian Peterson had a rookie season for the ages, but to pick the Vikings to win the Super Bowl off the strength of that is ludicrous. Asinine. INSANE!!!!!
    The Titans don’t play for the national spotlight. They play for themselves and us, the loyal fans. We might be the best kept secret in the NFL and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what anybody says.
    Our division is a dogfight year in and year out. Until Peyton retires or a barrage of injuries devastates that Colts roster, Its going to be Indianapolis and the rest of us, Period…….. There is no second, third, or fourth place. It’s the Colts and everybody else. Plain and simple!!!!

  8. Andrew Strickert Says:

    David H.,
    To answer your questions: Obviously, the Texans have never won a division title. The Jaguars won the old AFC Central division in 1999 with a 14-2 record. Their only two regular season losses were to the Titans, who then kicked their butts a third time in the AFC Championship game, 33-14. The Jags’ division record last year was 2-4. Their all-time head to head record vs the Texans is 5-7.
    Thanks for asking.

  9. David H. Says:

    Thank you Andrew, that’s why you’re the man, you got all the facts. Now if you can get some of your counter parts and colleagues to acknowledge that, they’ll realize how close the Jags and Titans really are in comparison.

  10. corey j j Says:

    idk why everyone picks on the titans. we did good this year it was a very sucsessful year if you ask me. are division is tuff we prob will come in third but yet well still go to the playoffs believe me. houston is growing, the jags will be awesome, the colts are always the colts hahahah. but ya it sould be interesting. my prediction is 11 5 at most 7 9 at least.
    go titans
    vince my hero wink wink

  11. hor Says:

    this complaining makes me so horny oh yes yes yes omg keep talking damn its hot

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