Tennessee all-time team: Return specialist


There are only two guys I believe are worthy of consideration as the kick/punt returner on our all-time Tennessee team. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are Derrick Mason and Adam “Pacman” Jones.
Others have returned a lot of kicks and punts in one season or another, including Mel J. Gray, Mike Archie, John Simon, Justin McCareins, Jake Schifino, Jason McAddley, Bobby Wade, Chris Davis and Michael Griffin. If you wish to vote for any of them, the option to add them to our poll is available.
Derrick Mason (1997-2001, 2004) — As a returner, he was selected to the Pro Bowl and named first-team All-Pro for the 2000 season. He was also selected for the 2003 Pro Bowl, but as a receiver, not a returner. My main problem with Mason was that he seemed to dog it in 2004, often fair catching or taking it out of bounds, instead of trying to gain yardage. Mason had one kick return and two punt returns for touchdowns.
Adam Jones (2005-2006) — In just two years, Pacman had four punt returns for touchdowns and at least two more called back because of penalties. It seems like there were more than two called back, but off the top of my head, I only recall the ones against the Raiders and Dolphins. In the last several years, I believe Pac was the most electrifying returner in the league. You were always on the edge of your seat when Pacman was returning the ball.
Which one do you choose for the return specialist on our team?
In our last poll, you selected Rob Bironas as the kicker on our all-time Tennessee team.


7 Responses to “Tennessee all-time team: Return specialist”

  1. cld12pk2go Says:

    Pac was the shit on PR.
    Remember the game where the entire Eagles’ coverage team missed him in the space of about 3 yards?
    That is just crazy skills on Pac’s part, and I will miss him for that.
    Derrick was very good, but Adam was great.

  2. Dave Says:

    I believe D. Mason still holds the NFL record for all purpose yards in a season. For that, he gets the nod.

  3. Pat Perinich Says:

    Mason made a key play when he ran back a kick in the 1999 AFC Championship game and for a three or four years he made plays running back kicks on a reliable basis.
    Pacman was awesome a couple of times, but no way he beats on Mason for best returner in Titans history.

  4. Billy Joe Says:

    Seriously, do not mention pacman on this one. D Mace was one of the most consistent, all purpose utility players of his time . . . and most importantly, was not a freak’in chump.

  5. Scott Says:

    I am as big a fan of D. Mason as anyone, but there is no denying that Pacman was the best return man to ever wear a Titan uniform. If you were picking the best football player, it would be Mason, but you are picking the best return specialist. That is Pacman hands down.

  6. Tom Gower Says:

    Another quality v. quantity debate. That punt return against the Eagles may be the best I’ve ever seen-just ridiculous. I think Pac wins for what his returns meant to the team, plus he didn’t have the mediocre times as a PR Mason did.

  7. jerry t Says:

    yaa pac-boy is a good canidate as a PR specialis..

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