Titans Position Analysis: QB


We continue our breakdown of each Titans positional group with an analysis of the quarterbacks.
Unlike the wideout position, we have an excellent idea of exactly what the pecking order is going to be. Like last season, Vince Young will be the starter when healthy, Kerry Collins will be the backup, and maybe there will be a third quarterback.
If there is a third quarterback, it’ll likely be one of two former Green Bay Packers. Ingle Martin was a 5th round pick in 2006 and spent that year as the third QB behind Favre and Aaron Rodgers, then spent last year on the Titans’ practice squad, which probably gives him the edge.
The other candidate is former Oklahoma Sooner Paul Thompson, who spent training camp last year in Wisconsin, and last season played as much NFL football as I did. Thompson was also a wideout in Norman, so he’ll probably be involved in any preseason gadget plays.
Maybe it’s just my skeptical side, but I think Martin’s experience and familiarity gives him the edge over the guy who couldn’t beat out Rhett Bomar. The question then is whether he’s on the 53-man roster. Martin’s still eligible for the practice squad, and with the other two spots so set, I’m not sure there’s a need for another QB on the active roster.
The question that’ll probably determine Martin’s fate, though, is whether the Titans think he can be a good backup next year, in 2009. Collins’ contract is up after this year, and he’s of the age where retirement is a strong possibility. If the Titans think Martin can be the #2 guy in 09, I expect him to be around. If not, I expect the Titans to carry only 2 QBs and pick up a third after the cutdown to 53.
Back to the guys who will actually play. As we noted in the offseason QB preview, the key questions are all about how VY will improve, learn, and play in Mike Heimerdinger’s system. Early reports from the team are, of course, optimistic if Heimerdinger and QB coach Craig Johnson think it’s a good idea to act optimistic, or pessimistic if that’s the way they want to go. August 9 and the first test against the Rams can’t get here fast enough.


3 Responses to “Titans Position Analysis: QB”

  1. Drexel Perry Says:

    I’m expecting a solid season from Vince. I think he will thrive in Dinger’s offense once he gets comfortable.
    Of course, the question is how long it will it take for Vince to get acclimated with the new offense.
    Hopefully, he will be a quick study.

  2. jerry t Says:

    If vince do his home work and dinger trust in his QB
    vince should have a great year. I know dinger is happy
    to coach another versatile QB. norm was a babby sitter for vince dinger wants it all out of his QB. I
    think vince is up for the challenge, just stay healthy
    vince and every thing els will take care of it’s own, he’s a pro now so it’s time to play and adjust his style
    the professional way and win games with his arm or legs.

  3. andrew pantazo Says:

    I completely agree that Martin has a lot of potential. You have to remember that he was expected to start for UF his sophomore year until Spurrier left and Martin was short-ended. He was also heavily recruited by the Vols. The guy is also pretty versatile and athletic so I think he could do well if he is given a chance.

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