Titans Position Analysis: Fullbacks


We round out our pre-training camp look at the Titans’ offense with a look at the fullbacks.
It wasn’t the favorite position during the First Mike Heimerdinger Era in Tennessee, as multiple-TE sets with Kinney and Wycheck were generally preferred. But, the Titans now have something they haven’t had their entire time in Tennessee: a two-time returning starter at fullback. Odd, perhaps, but true. I guess this may make Ahmard Hall a candidate to be a surprise cut, but I don’t see it happening.
With Heimerdinger around, it also seems unlikely that the Titans will keep another fullback. So, it’s probably curtains for Casey Cramer‘s Titans tenure after twenty games, 5 last year and 15 in 2006, including a key blocked punt in the Titans’ first win that year against the Redskins. The only other “fullback” listed on the roster is Jeremy Cain, who NFL.com thinks is a linebacker. Cain appeared in 9 games last year as Ken Amato’s replacement as a long-snapper, and that, not his contributions on offense or defense, will determine whether he makes the team.
While he’s not listed on the roster as such, Quinton Ganther may be the other guy in the mix if a second fullback makes the roster. For more on his chances of making the team, see the running back analysis. The versatility will help, marginally, but I doubt it’ll be enough for the ex-Ute to make the team.


3 Responses to “Titans Position Analysis: Fullbacks”

  1. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I agree with the evaluations of every player in this article and I would be shocked if Hall was cut. Besides his blocking, he’s also been valuable as a safety valve outlet for dump-off passes from VY.

  2. jerry t Says:

    so why dump him we could still use him he possess
    good blocking skills and has pretty good hands.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    Yeah, I think the chance Hall gets cut is so small it’s not worth mentioning. If the Titans had 3 really good TEs, one of them an H-back type, I could see a Robert Holcombe-type making it over Hall. But the Holcombe-type on this team would be Ganther, so no way. Plus, I think Hall’s a decent special teams guy-if he wasn’t, I doubt he beats out Fleming.

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