Titans Roster Update


I’d planned a couple days ago to write a post analyzing which Titans might not be there when training camp opens on Friday. Since then, though, second round pick Jason Jones, third round pick Craig Stevens, and fourth round pick William Hayes have signed, leaving RB Chris Johnson as the sole unsigned draft pick. Now, though, it appears as though Haynesworth may be the only player not there.
But, the Titans had to make room for all these signings. Included among the cuts were longshot QB Paul Thompson, former Hawaii Rainbow WR Jason Rivers, LB Jerrell Freeman, defensive tackle Eric Taylor, and, most notably, defensive end Bryce Fisher.
With the release of Fisher, that closes the book on the most disappointing trade acquisition of the Mike Reinfeldt era. Fisher never managed to adjust to the Titans’ style of defensive play. A 6th round pick thankfully wasn’t too high of a price, and Fisher’s veteran salary wasn’t as much of a burden as it would have been in, say, 2005. Still, a 6th round pick and a good veteran salary were far too high a price to pay for what Fisher brought to the Titans.


One Response to “Titans Roster Update”

  1. Garland Says:

    I was looking forward to seeing what Jason Rivers could do. Oh well.

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