Bon Voyage, Mike Williams


The third time was hopefully going to be the charm for former USC WR Mike Williams. After failed attempts at making his mark in Detroit and Oakland, there was a small glimmer of hope regarding his chances of turning his career around at his third NFL stop: Tennessee.
That hope ended today, as the Titans released the former first rounder.

Mike appeared to be a more dedicated player this offseason, as a result of a weight loss that would make Jared slightly envious. As fans, we were hoping that maybe this time, Williams would pan out in an NFL uniform.
Apparently, the hype surrounding Mike’s weight loss was equal to his disastrous NFL playing career: much ado about nothing. Williams becomes the first casualty in the highly competitive battle for playing time at WR.
According to the Tennessean article, former Jet WR Chris Davis will replace Williams on the roster. No, that wasn’t a typo: Chris Davis will be joining the other Chris Davis at WR for the Titans.


15 Responses to “Bon Voyage, Mike Williams”

  1. cld12pk2go Says:

    It is too bad, but it is not surprising.
    He was not in good shape, made far to many drops, and was reported to be visibly loafing at times.
    He was worth the risk. It is just too bad it didn’t work out.

  2. Kendrick Tilley Says:

    When looking at the wide-out selection the titans need to take a few things into consideration. I mean now there are 10-way battle for like 5-7 spots if the titans go that way….. I feel that R.Williams and J.Gage did an okay job but not enough to take pressure of of the running game or V.Young. I think the lay-out should be this way for the wide-out corps for titans:
    M.Williams(already cut)
    Then you can throw like another wide-out drafted or signed later. But the only way to see if they will truly do well all need to get the same amount of time throughout each game in the pre-season, the same looks, passes, and blocking assignments to see how they really fair out in the game time. In camp its easy to standout without the pads and really speed(game contact0 but when you put them on the field, those same guys who stood out are now dropping passes and little things. yes it says allot that P.Williams was not active the whole season but sometimes you have to be sat down and showed that nothing is given to bring out the real talent that they he has. To me he has the natural talent and abilities with a dash of freakiness on the field plus the speed. To me he is the sleeper and will show that he has what it takes to give V.Young a true pair of hands to lay the ball in.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Mike. Enjoy bagging groceries trying to make an afl2 team.

  4. adam Says:

    Wow Tom, that’s some hostility toward a guy who, in spite of not working out, didn’t really cost the Titans much of anything. If anything he was instrumental in their victory over the Raiders.

  5. Tom Gower Says:

    Yeah, Adam, I guess I should clarify.
    I have nothing against Mike Williams personally. My animosity, such as it is, is only against Mike Williams the football player and public figure. This Mike Williams has:
    (1) foolishly dropped out of USC at the first hint he might not have to spent two more years doing classwork;
    (2) by all reports, failed to consistently work hard at becoming the best NFL WR he can;
    (3) by all reports, failed to put in the effort necessary to learn to block, or even show a willingness to do so,
    (4) failed to maintain his conditioning at the level it had to be to keep his job. Even recently, when he had to have known he was running out of chances, as Jim Wyatt’s post shows.
    Now that he’s gone, to me he’s really out of sight and out of mind. Contra my thoughts ahead, I wish him all the best in life. But he blew golden opportunities to play in the NFL because he was too lazy to be good at his job, so pardon me if I’m not too complimentary toward him.

  6. jrtitans Says:

    well no big deal–he was a bust and only had a slim chance to not bust again anyway.
    So where does that leave us with the WRs?
    Im thinking the Two Justins as starters–Ealy as #3. Now you know they will be keeping Hawkins–and I believe that they will play P. Williams which makes 5.
    With Chris Johnson as a potential receiver–do you guys think they send BJ and the Davis Brothers home along with Roydell?

  7. Drexel Perry Says:

    According to reports, BJ appears to be stepping up during training camp while playing well in the slot as the #3.
    Of course, we’ve read this script before so until Brandon does it during the regular season, color me skeptical.
    I’m not going to count out Roydell yet. We’ll see if he can get caught up to speed once he returns from his ankle injury.
    I agree that as of right now, the Justins appear to be in the lead for the top two spots at WR.
    However, alot can happen before the season starts. We’ll see what happens when the WR’s are exposed to real-game situations.

  8. Garland Says:

    Wow. I left training camp on Tuesday thinking I didn’t really notice much. One thing that I did note (see my comments on the 7/29 practice post) was how lazy Mike WIlliams seemed, despite all the good I had been hearing up to this point. So I guess I can trust what I see a little bit.

  9. adam Says:

    I hear you Tom, it just made laugh.

  10. kevin.b Says:

    Boy tom ,you have some major hate in you for mike , he was a chow project and now norm is out so is williams , lazy huh ?? (LOL) i am really sure he did not try to bust his ass to win a job with the titians …………

  11. jerry t Says:

    I feel sorry for mike i thought we could of used him inside the red zone. But hay i’m no expert just a titan loving fan. He’s not a camp guy, so bye-bye mike w.

  12. Scott Says:

    I am not sure which receivers will make the final cut, but I will be a little pissed-off if Roydell doesn’t make it – at least on the PUP list. He was the Titans best receiver last year and stepped up when almost nobody else did (with the exception of Gage). He actually proved that he could make plays last year and he did it during the regular season, not just on the practice field or during training camp. While other guys, like Jones, P. Williams, B. Ealy and C. Davis might be showing something on the practice field and show some promise for gameday, I hope that the Titans don’t forget that Roydell actually produced when it counted on the field last year and should be given every opportunity to become healthy and to work his way back into the mix. He is one of the few proven commodities the Titans have at WR.

  13. Garland Says:

    Scott is the Vice President of my Roydell Williams Fan Club!

  14. Stardog Says:

    Kevin B…That post was… sofa king we Todd did

  15. Drexel Perry Says:

    For the members of the Roydell fan club:
    Roydell was activated from the PUP list today:

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