Titans training camp, 8-7 morning non-session


This morning’s “practice” was the worst and most disappointing I’ve ever seen at Titans training camp.
I do have to admit it was worth the price of admission, which was zero.
The practice, scheduled to begin at 8:30, was delayed without explanation. Craig Hentrich was the first player on the field, somewhere around 9:00. He must have stretched inside because he began punting without much of a warmup.
Seeing him able to practice was probably the best part of the morning. He wasn’t booming any punts but he wasn’t trying to either.
He was joined in a little while by Chris Carr, Lavelle Hawkins and Chris Davis (#17, not #16), who took turns catching his punts.
After both teams warmed up with their stretching, special teams work commenced on the middle field around 9:30.
It was nearly impossible for fans to get a good view. Players lined each sideline, blocking the lines of sight from both the near and far sides. The only place from which you could see the players was the end zone view, and of course all the action (?) was at the other end of the field.
All it consisted of was some punts being fielded by a returner from the other team. The gear was helmets and shorts, so there was little to no contact. Punt “coverage” was simulated on occasion.
We had to wait an hour to watch that crap?
Frankly, I didn’t understand why the Titans and Rams would waste such valuable time on something which they could have done on their own time without needing another team’s presence.
It wasn’t long before the “practice” was over. A guy nearby said he timed it at 50 minutes.
It was certainly a waste of my morning, and probably of every other fan’s time as well.
I’m sure the afternoon session was more productive and worthwhile (it couldn’t have been worse) but unfortunately, I was unable to attend. If any of you were able to go this afternoon, your input and comments are welcomed.


5 Responses to “Titans training camp, 8-7 morning non-session”

  1. Garo Says:

    Wow, a little grumpy there Andrew! 🙂 Mike Keith warned on his podcast that this practice wouldn’t be worth attending, guess he was right.

  2. Garland Says:

    Actually, Titans Radio said this:
    “The two teams will hold a yoga session during the morning special teams practice, and then conduct a full-team practice in the afternoon. The afternoon practice will be open to the public.”
    When I read this, I assumed the morning practice would be closed. Maybe the meant it SHOULD be closed.

  3. fireballfan Says:

    Yeah because the only reason they are practicing is for your entertainment.

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    The regular position players who aren’t on special teams did the yoga inside the bubble. They probably had more fun than the guys on the field. Can you imagine Haynesworth or Stewart trying to do yoga?

  5. jerry t Says:

    NOPE? I can’t imagine. GO TITANS..

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