More on bad offense, a boring game, and it’s still the preseason


Drexel has already shared his thoughts on the Titans’ 17-3 loss to the Falcons yesterday, and I’ll do the same. Not much rhyme or reason to these, but they’re mostly chronological.
1. The Titans’ struggles in the passing game are not limited to Vince Young-it’s not like Kerry Collins was any better, and Ingle Martin wasn’t much better in his limited action.
2. The Titans’ struggles in the passing game are not limited to the quarterback position-none of the wide receivers impressed last night, and several-Gage, McCareins, and Paul Williams-failed to impress.
3. The offensive line, particularly the starting offensive line, was shakier than I expected them to be.
4. Daniel Loper is only a good offensive lineman if he’s able to easily identify who he’s supposed to be blocking. He absolutely whiffed on a player when on the move, which was very reminiscent of letting Shaun Phillips run right past him in the wild card game.
5. Chris Johnson is a boom-and-bust runner. And, like I said last week, when boom-and-bust runners don’t go boom often enough, they’re awful.
6. At least early in the game, the Falcons seemed to frequently be bringing an 8th player into the box late. Expect to continue to see a lot of this until the Titans prove they can hit long passes with any degree of reliability.
7. The Falcons were using a lot of 3- and 5-step drops and immediately throwing against the Titans’ first string defensive line. This means they didn’t trust their offensive line to give Ryan more time. I wouldn’t if I were them, either.
8. Reynaldo Hill was targeted a lot. I know, you’re all surprised.
9. Chris Johnson looked very tentative and not very elusive on kickoff returns. He even looked slow, which is something you don’t really expect. Some guys just don’t seem to be very good returners, and he looks like one of them.
10. The problems in punt coverage speak to the lack of quality depth. Yeah, some of this is probably playing everybody to see who might be worth keeping, but the Titans are not one of the best teams when it comes to players 35-53. You don’t have to be elite here to win a Super Bowl-see the Colts-but it helps.
The big thing to keep in mind, though, is that it’s still a preseason game. Ultimately, big freakin’ whoop.


5 Responses to “More on bad offense, a boring game, and it’s still the preseason”

  1. fireballfan Says:

    Youre a real glass is half empty kind of guy. And its not just this article its everything you contribute. Sometimes I wish you would just keep youre overly dreary opinions to yourself.

  2. Tom Gower Says:

    You’re right, I do tend to be a glass half full kind of guy. I try to limit that when I post here, but it’s tough to be optimistic after a dreary loss to one of the 5 worst teams in football. The Titans this year have played really soft teams-the Rams, Falcons, and Raiders picked 2,3, and 4 overall for a reason. If they beat the Packers, a good team, the way they beat the Rams, I’ll be right here singing their praises.

  3. jrtitans Says:

    Rey Hill is what gangsters call a “mark”. I keep waiting for the on field announcer to parody a blue-light special at a shopping center: “Attention K-Mart shoppers, throw a pass where Rey Hill is standing and pick up 10 yards ..for free!”
    I know its preseason and we didnt have the thunder and ligthning running duo, our bookend OTs or schemes by Dinger but 1 td and 1 int for preseason seems dismal compared to other contenders.
    The titans did pay money for Givens so they have paid WRs before. Bullock, Haynesworth and others may not be around forever. I know it probably wont happen but I wish the Titans would start negoiating thru the media and apply some pressure to the Boldin situation. AZ doesnt have the money and we do.
    PS. Roydell and BJ have done less than the two Justins IMO.

  4. Tom Gower Says:

    Oh, yes, I meant I’m a “glass half empty” guy. Stupid brain.
    I haven’t weighed in on the Boldin idea-maybe I should do a post on that.

  5. JimOKC Says:

    Either is a sign that the glass needs to be refilled. LOL
    After the initial excitement that there are actually games being played, you remember that in fact it is pre-season.
    While it would be nice to have scored some passing touchdowns (or even rushing touchdowns) with the first string offense, I think that the unit is doing a good job protecting the ball. I think that Vince Young is playing smarter, doing a much better job in reading his progressions and is doing better at placing the ball where the reciever should have a chance to make a play at it.

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