Titans make cuts to reach 53-man limit


As the website maintenance planned for this weekend is currently on postponement, it’s time to put up a post here on the roster cuts.
The Titans have released 22 players, 13 yesterday and 9 more today, to reach the mandatory 53-man roster limit. A full list of cuts, along with analysis, follows after the cut:
LS Jeremy Cain
CB Marquice Cole
DE Sean Conover
FB Casey Cramer
RB Omar Cuff
WR Biren Ealy
LB Jerrell Freeman
DB Tuff Harris
DT Antonio Johnson
S Tony Joiner
S Calvin Lowry
OL Enoka Lucas
QB Ingle Martin
OL Jason Murphy
TE Jamie Petrowski
OL Isaac Snell
DE Eric Taylor
K John Vaughn
OL Fernando Velasco
CB Cary Williams
WR Edward Williams
WR Roydell Williams
The biggest surprises among the kept players, to me, are WR Paul Williams and DT Kevin Vickerson. Paul Williams was inactive for every game last season, and didn’t play much in the preseason. For example, he didn’t appear on offense in the game against Green Bay until the 4th quarter, while Roydell played from the first quarter. One key is that Paul played special teams. He also has another year left on his rookie deal, which is another consideration. Still, I’d expect him to be an inactive fairly regularly. Vickerson, it probably came down to him or Antonio Johnson… I hope the coaching staff got this right, as Johnson looked recovered from his ACL injury and made some nice plays this preseason.


14 Responses to “Titans make cuts to reach 53-man limit”

  1. Garland Says:

    By my estimation (we see now how much that is worth!), the Titans have to sign another safety to replace Lowry unless they plan on using Fuller as the primary backup for Griffin and moving King into the nickel spot. Either way, they are lighter at defensive back than is typical (4 S, 5 CB). They are heavier than usual at LB (8 counting LS Amato), so one would expect the cut to come there to fit in another DB.

  2. cld12pk2go Says:

    I am guessing that they think Carr is solid enough to let Lowry go.
    I am surprised by this cut more than any other.
    Go Titans!

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Garland, I agree with you. When Griffin went out the other night, it was Fuller who replaced him, not Lowry.
    Vickerson over Mookie was a surprise to me.
    I can see the Titans looking at DT, S, CB and WR on the waiver wire.

  4. Dave Says:

    Not to take away from Titans news, but our buddy Chris Brown got put on IR….I was shocked and amazed that this would happen to a guy with such a strong record of perfect health….stupid Texans front office

  5. Dave Says:

    Oh, and also I was quite happy to see Ganther stick around.

  6. Drexel Perry Says:

    Same old Chris Brown, no surprise there.
    Regarding the current Titans…wow…I echo the sentiments of all of you regarding the surprise cuts. I thought Mookie would stick and the Lowry cut was definitely out of the blue.
    As for Roydell, not the biggest surprise, considering that was something we discussed early last week.

  7. jrtitans Says:

    Roydell was released–dont see him on the list

  8. Scott Says:

    We kept P. Williams and C. Davis, and cut R. Williams and B. Ealy. Are we trying to pick the worst receivers? Short-sighted poor decision – no other way to describe. Roydell is going to come back to bite us.
    Like many of you, I am also surprised by the Johnson and Lowry cuts. I barely heard Vickerson’s name over the last month, and now he and Ball are going to be in the D-line rotation. I have to think that A. Johnson will be on the practice squad, if he passes waivers.

  9. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Guys I thought would make the roster but didn’t: Marquice Cole, Antonio Johnson, Roydell Williams, Calvin Lowry. Roydell is the biggest surprise to me. He definitely didn’t light it up in training camp, but none of the other receivers did either. Paul Williams and Davis didn’t do anything in my mind that would justify either of them beating out Roydell, who’s a proven player. I thought the Titans would be able to keep Roydell and not dress him on gamedays for a few weeks to see if his ankle improved.
    Guys who did make the roster who I thought would be cut: Paul Williams, Chris Davis, Quinton Ganther, Kevin Vickerson. All four of these guys are surprises to me, three of them because I didn’t feel they were that good. I didn’t think Ganther would make it because I didn’t think the Titans would keep four RBs and he would be the odd man out.

  10. Tom Gower Says:

    Yeah, I left out Roydell when I did the copy and paste from my site. Added.

  11. David H. Says:

    Roydell was one of our leading receivers with a whooping 55 catches last year. Had it not been for the ankle injury, he maybe could have contributed in the post season. On the other hand you have a guy who didn’t play any of his rookie season in Paul Williams and (even though he played special teams) showed very little on offense this off season. Can somebody please explain the logic behind cutting Roydell?!?!

  12. David H. Says:

    Watch Roydell sign with Jacksonville or Houston. I’ll put money on it!!!!!

  13. R. Edwards Says:

    It is really a good thing that all these cuts were made by the TN Titans coaching staff, (vs. a bunch of armchair hacks that watch preseason games/read sports blogs) that have been with them the entire off/preseason. Hmm…Maybe they “saw” the “Big picture” and did what they had to do to improve the mighty Titan Nation.

  14. kevin.b Says:

    i hope roydell gets picked up by the fags ,err…jags we could use the help on week one !

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