Eight signed for Titans practice squad


The Titans have signed eight players to their practice squad, reports ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky. The names are familiar:
WR Biren Ealy
DB Tuff Harris
DT Antonio Johnson
QB Ingle Martin
OL Jason Murphy
TE Jamie Petrowski
OL Fernando Velasco
CB Cary Williams
I’m mildly surprised they didn’t sign Marquice Cole or Tony Joiner.
No word yet on any waiver wire pickups.


10 Responses to “Eight signed for Titans practice squad”

  1. Scott Says:

    What about Chad Jackson? I hear the Patriots cut him. Have you seen/heard anything that would suggest the Titans might go after him? He would certainly be an upgrade over P. Williams or C. Davis.

  2. Scott Says:

    And he can play special teams.

  3. bobcomu Says:

    None coming in but Lowry was picked up by the Broncos.

  4. David H. Says:

    Roydell is going to sign with a division rival with some depth at WR. I’ll put money on it.

  5. David H. Says:

    A team like Indianapolis or Houston. Which can use him after he heals up would be a steal for those teams.

  6. bobcomu Says:

    I thought they would sign Joiner on the P.S. too. He seemed to have some upside. I actually thought he would make the regular roster. Keep your fingers crossed Griffin and Hope stay healthy.

  7. cld12pk2go Says:

    I thought they would keep Cole as well.
    It isn’t surprising that Lowry was picked up. He was actually quality depth…

  8. Tom Gower Says:

    The big practice squad surprise for me is keeping Jamie Petrowski. The Titans kept 4 TEs, which is a lot, so it’s difficult for me to see Petrowski on the active roster this year. Maybe it’s FA insurance for Blakley, Crumpler (essentially a 1 year deal), and Scaife, but Petrowski’s not much of a receiver and Stevens is already around to be a blocking TE next year.

  9. Dave Says:

    Roydell can/should sign somewhere else. I, for one, don’t care. I’m sure he didn’t scare any of our opponents and I’m positive the Titan’s D isn’t worried about him.

  10. Garland Says:

    I too am surprised not to see Cole and Joiner as I expected them both to make the regular roster.

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