Is the Titan 53-man roster set in stone?


And then there were 53.
The Titan roster now consists of the aforementioned number of players, due to yesterday’s final cuts.
Of course, with the rest of the league jettisoning players as well, the Titans could view other teams’ losses as potential gains over the course of the next couple of days.

The loss of Roydell Williams takes away the Titans’ co-leader in receptions (55) in 2007. Outside of Justin Gage, the remainder of the receivers (Jones, McCareins, Davis, Paul W. and Hawkins) on the Titans’ current roster combined to catch 10 fewer passes (45) than Roydell in 2007.  
In my opinion, there is no way the Titans release Williams without having an adequate, veteran replacement already on their radar. Let’s take a look at some of the potential candidates, shall we?
Joe Horn has been looking for work after being released by the Falcons a week or so ago. At best, Horn would give the Titans the veteran presence they need at WR. At worst, he’d fulfill the Eric Moulds-role in this year’s offense.
Reche Caldwell is another interesting guy who was cut today and although he does have some bad blood with the Titans, he is a player who has produced throughout his career. Former 2000 1st round pick Travis Taylor, known mostly for his contributions with the Ravens, is also available.
Ashley Lelie is perhaps the most intriguing WR available after yesterday’s cuts. He is a speed guy who has averaged over 17 yards per catch during his career.
Despite failing to live up to the billing that comes with being a former 1st rounder, Lelie is a guy who can legitimately stretch opposing defenses, which is a characteristic that is currently missing from the Titans’ current slate of WRs.
Outside of WR, safety may be the other area where the Titans may look to improve. Calvin Lowery’s departure opens up the need for a backup with some experience at the safety position.
Two guys that were released today, Deke Cooper and Adam Archuleta, are players that were brought in for workouts by the Titans this summer.
Cooper is a veteran that had 59 tackles and 3 interceptions in 15 starts for the Panthers in 2007. Archuleta, recently released after a short preseason stint with the Raiders, lacks coverage skills but is alright against the run.
I’m not that enthused about the potential of adding Archuleta, but Cooper’s experience as a starter could make him a solid replacement for Lowry.
So what do you guys think? Should the roster stay in its current state, or does it need some tweaking?


10 Responses to “Is the Titan 53-man roster set in stone?”

  1. adam Says:

    If one of the top 3 guys goes down before Hawkins comes back we’ll be see Johnson, Scaife and Crumpler in the slot far more often than Davis or Williams.

  2. Chris Says:

    “At best, Horn would give the Titans the veteran presence they need at WR. At worst, he’d fulfill the Eric Moulds-role in this year’s offense.”
    Why on earth would they sign Joe Horn to fill a not so glamorous role that Eric filled last year, when they could do the right thing and re-sign Eric. I mean, I just don’t get why they cut him in the first place. He came into Tennessee with a couple of sub-par years behind him thanks to the not so greatest QBs to ever grace the game and did O.K behind a still developing Vince Young.
    He managed over 800 yards 2 years ago with J.P. and had over 500 yards with David Freakin Carr who basically was lucky to make a hand-off without being sacked. When Carr was able to drop back he normally went to his #1 option Andre Johnson and Eric picked up some scraps.
    So he goes to Tennessee and signs for the league minimum, no signing bonus, teaches some young guys how to play in the league and not once made any kind of Ocho Cinco, Get yer popcorn ready, or other BS that plagues the league and coach Fisher decides to cut him 5 yards short of 10k receiving yards on his career. I mean they could have at least called his number one more time in that last game if they were gonna cut him.
    I am an old Houston Oilers fan and followed the team since they departed to Tennessee but I have definitely lost some respect for them now.

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    The Titans will also be looking for another defensive tackle as an upgrade over Vickerson. We must remember that the waiver wire works like the draft — the team with the worst record last year gets the first crack at it. Although the Titans will be hoping to get some certain players, twenty-three other teams will get a chance for them first.

  4. Tom Gower Says:

    There’s a good reason Horn doesn’t have a job-he’s toast. There’s a good reason Lelie doesn’t have a job-the only thing he’s ever been able to do is go deep, and he’s not good at that anymore. Neither Caldwell nor Taylor was ever decent. Archuleta at this point is just an undersized linebacker.
    Scanning the list of cuts, wideouts who may be interesting are Willie Reid (upgrade on Chris Davis?) and Devin Aromashodu. But, honestly, I don’t see much quality out there. DT is another position where I think the pickings are pretty slim, though I’m not particularly confident in that assessment.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    Aromashodu and Reid are younger WR’s who have some experience returning kicks. They’ve only combined for 11 catches for their entire careers.
    To me, they appear to be Chris Davis clones.
    IMO, the Titans could use a guy who has demonstrated the ability to catch the football in the league.
    They already have their share of project WRs on the roster.
    A trade could be a possibility. Devery Henderson is akin to a younger version of Lelie, and even though he made the Saints’ roster, there was talk that he would be an odd man out in NO.
    Of course, he doesn’t have the best of hands but he can get deep.
    I guess I’m afraid of a scenario where one of the top three guys go down via injury, and unproven, underwhelming guys such as Paul Williams and Chris Davis are forced to step up in their place.
    I think the Titans could use a little veteran insurance at the position.

  6. Drew Larose Says:

    Did Quinton Gather make the team?

  7. Drew Larose Says:

    Anquin Boldin would be perfect! but so unlikely to happen.

  8. Drexel Perry Says:

    Drew Larose,
    Yep…Ganther made the squad.

  9. jerry t. Says:

    so long to lowry, now our secondary will be better at defending the long ball cause he costed the titans 2 games last year, now we need to cut rey hill. enough said…….GOGETU’MTITANS…….

  10. jeremy Says:

    how about chad jackson? i mean he was good in college and the patriots even traded up to draft the guy. plus he knows how to catch touchdowns. i hope the titans get this guy. the only reason i can see them missing this guy is that his knee is not so good.

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