Early Titans grades vs the Jaguars


OK, this will be down and dirty. These are just my impressions from watching the game from the stands, without looking at replays. Another caveat, I didn’t see all of the plays watching all 22 men. On quite a few plays, I had my binoculars focused in on a particular Titan. As a result, I missed most of what the other men on the field did on those plays.

Defense: A

A tremendous overall effort by the D. They were expected to be good this year, but exceeded expectations today with their dominating performance. The only touchdown the Jags scored occurred after a Vince Young interception which gave the Jags a first and goal on the Titans’ five-yard line. Talk about a short field.
D- line: A
The Jaguars didn’t have many holes to run through today. The Titans d-line, including the subs in the rotation, were swarming, holding the high-powered Jags’ running game to 33 yards. They almost completely dominated the line of scrimmage. Oh, I need to also mention the pressure they kept on Jags QB David Garrard, who was sacked seven times. Albert Haynesworth and Tony Brown had two apiece. Kyle Vanden Bosch scored a triple play with a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery. Albert was shaken up on one play and later returned, despite apparently having his bell rung. In a post-game interview, he said he didn’t remember most of the game.
Linebackers: B+
See above for the stats on the Jags’ running game, which was due in large part also to the linebacking corps. David Thornton was active and had a good day. Ryan Fowler, Keith Bulluck and Stephen Tulloch were solid.
Secondary: A
Cortland Finnegan was the star, with two picks, but the play that impressed me most was the hit he put on Matt Jones, who had a height advantage of about eight inches and outweighs Finnegan by about 50 pounds. All Finnegan did was put a lick on Jones that stood him up and stopped him in his tracks. I didn’t like the way Harper played on occasion, but Griffin and Hope seemed to do a pretty good job, both in coverage and in run support.

Offense: C

Hot and cold. They looked great on some plays but awful on others. No consistency. A few groups were good. Others sucked.
Quarterbacks: C-
Vince Young looked terrible at times but also threw a few good passes downfield, some of which his receivers didn’t catch. Still, his overall performance was quite poor. The QB grade would have been a D, if not for Kerry Collins.
Running backs: A-
Chris Johnson did all you could ask of a rookie in his NFL debut. Over 100 yards in all-purpose yards and one touchdown. LenDale White didn’t have great stats but gained some tough yards.
Receivers: D-
A very underwhelming performance. Starters Justin Gage and Justin McCareins both dropped and/or failed to make receptions on a few catchable balls. Gage caught two for 25 yards, to lead the wideouts. McCareins was 0-for the afternoon. Brandon Jones contributed five yards on one catch. Very ugly.
Tight ends: A
A very good game by Bo Scaife, who had a few catches at opportune times, including the fourth quarter TD drive. His play determined the TE grade. Alge Crumpler was almost invisible.
O-line: A
They dominated a very good Jaguars d-line, paving the way for over 100 rushing yards against a defense which was among the best in the league last year against the run. Their pass protection was also very good.

Special teams: D

The kick and punt coverage teams were awful. The Titans were lucky they didn’t have one returned all the way. One of Craig Hentrich’s punts was partially blocked. Chris Carr didn’t do anything to impress and received a lot of boos for fair-catching a punt that could have been returned for at least a few yards. He had room to run. Instead, the Titans had to start out on their 9-yard line. At least, he prevented the possibility of a punt being downed inside the five.


11 Responses to “Early Titans grades vs the Jaguars”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    Pretty accurate grades. Hopefully Vince would have evened out his stats a little bit if he hadn’t had to come out. I was watching the stat tracker on NFL.com and was clapping when we snagged an INT, but then thought it must have been a glitch when it said Vince tossed up a pick on the next play on a short pass.

  2. Scott Says:

    The grades are about right. Let’s focus on the positive here. It was a great win against a team that many consider to be among the top 4 in the AFC. CJ is, so far, everything that we could have hoped for. Lendale did his thing. And that Defence was nothing short of outstanding.
    That was one of the best defences that the Titans will play this year and the offense was able to move the ball pretty well. Heck, the Titans first team offense even scored two touchdowns, and one of them was a passing touchdown. To do that aginst the Jaguars defence, has to be viewed as a positive sign.
    Admittedly, the passing game was not stellar, but the two picks need to be looked at for what they were. On the first one, it looked like VY was hit as he was about to throw and the ball just fell short. On the second one, that was just an outstanding play by Harvey. It looked like he guessed that it was going to be some sort of screen or short out pattern and he made the play. The throw should have been a little higher, but a lot of credit has to go to Harvey.
    All of the local media in Tennessee are focusing on the negative and highlighting issues about VY (the interceptions and the sideline discussion with Fisher), and that is a shame because there are so many positives to take from this game.
    We have a team here that will contend for the AFC South title.
    Depending on the health of VY, the team and the coaching staff have to be feeling pretty good about this one. As a fan, I am pretty excited about this team now.

  3. kevin G Says:

    colts just lost to bears, so we are the only team in the south that is 1-0!

  4. TitansT Says:

    Can you say, “1st place in the division”?

  5. Garland Says:

    The Colts looked awful!

  6. fireballfan32 Says:

    Looks like all of you who want someone other than VY on the field will get your wish. Just heard they think he tore his MCL and will be out two to four weeks. Good luck Kerry!

  7. Robert F. Ludwick Says:

    I think paying attention only to the positives of the team and not focusing enough on the negatives is a piss-poor way to approach a team as a fan and coach. Although you should still give credit where credit is due.
    Overall, it was a good team effort.
    I’ve heard that the Titans may be in the running to get Chris Simms. Although with Tom Brady gone for the season, he’ll probably land in New England.

  8. JimOKC Says:

    Good enough to win. Its a long season. There is time to improve. Bad news on the injury to VY. I hope that it is not bad like Fisher is saying.

  9. realfootballfan Says:

    Will someone please get Houston to take this team back???

  10. Markus Says:

    Long season indeed…As I’ve mentioned in previous comments, the Colts are done as champs in the division. I figured the Texans would do well, but they looked aweful. We should’ve pitched a shutout if not for poor special teams play and VY’s ill-timed mistakes. Make no mistake though, the Jags will fix the issues and be a completely different team next time we play…Let’s hope Cincy doesn’t figure it out next weekend. Say what you want, but we were favored last year vs. the Bungals and got absolutely destroyed, 36-3 or something…
    BTW-perfect grades for the game, thanks Andrew!

  11. jerryt. Says:

    All grades are accurate, hope vince is ok we will be needing him more than people think, he’s a soldier so he will heal fast , also it will give him time to study the play book some of his throws were way off, the defense play a almost lights out D ALL FOYR QUARTERS.

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