Kerry Collins: Step right up


According to preliminary media reports, Vince Young’s†sprained MCL will force him to be sidelined for the next 2-4 weeks. An MRI will be conducted today to verify the results, but it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that we’ll be seeing a lot of veteran Kerry Collins over the course of the next couple of games.
Let’s take a look at what Collins brings to the table for the Titan offense.

Collins is a capable veteran quarterback with a ton of experience in this league. Entering his 14th year, Collins has overcome substance abuse problems in a long career that’s consisted of many ups and downs. In 2000, Collins led the New York Giants to Super Bowl XXXV, where they served as the Ravens’ rag dolls in a 34-7 blow out.
Last year, Collins stepped in for an injured Vince Young on†a few†occasions and performed adequately. His 25-42 performance against the Texans included a clutch throw to Roydell Williams that set up the eighth and final Rod Bironas field goal in an exhausting 38-36 victory.
Collins also grabbed the reigns in the season-ender against the Colts, completing 10 of his 13 passes as the Titans clinched the AFC’s final playoff berth in a 16-10 victory.
As evidenced by yesterday’s performance, the foundation of the Titans’ success is the combination of their defense and running game. As the quarterback of a team such as this one, the main goal is to manage the game and protect the football.
Stemming back from last year, I’ve been content with what Collins has done when given the opportunity to perform. Not to knock Vince, but at this point in their careers, Collins is by far the better pocket passer and his presence may open things up for a struggling Titan WR group.
During my visit to training camp, I was impressed with Kerry’s grasp of Mike Heimerdinger’s new offense. Whereas Vince was mostly focused upon getting his reads correct while often checking down, Collins appeared to be much more comfortable while constantly taking shots down the field.
I’m not expecting any miracles, but I’m anything but horrified at the prospect of Collins at the helm for the next few weeks.
What are your thoughts on Collins filling in for an injured Vince Young?


29 Responses to “Kerry Collins: Step right up”

  1. David H. Says:

    Damn… After reading that article on the Tennessean, about the sideline “tantrum” that Vince had after his second interception and then you bring up the thought that he did consider retirement last year, It thoroughly pains me to think that maybe Vince isn’t mentally tough enough to play QB in the NFL. Like I said earlier, I will support him irregardless but, If this is true (which I pray isn’t) Fisher, Dinger, Craig Johnson and yes maybe McNair all need to sit down with this “kid” (cause thats what he seems to be) kick the training wheels off the bike, stop protecting him and cauldling him and give him some real tough love. He needs to be reminded the hard way that this is the NFL and you need to earn your keep, no matter what you did in college. I guess thats why Lienart isn’t starting in Arizona.
    Maybe by benching him and letting him hear the boos and taking all the scrutiny will teach him a valuable lesson that this is not Texas anymore and yes even you VY can be kicked out if you don’t perform at a high level. He is getting paid a lot of money to lead this team. I think this season will make or break Vince Young, period.

  2. kevin G Says:

    honestly, however much It pains me to say it, right here, right now, kerry is the better QB, and I have no problems with him starting. he only needs to put up 15-17 points and let the defense do the rest, and the weakness of the Bengals D is their run defense, so we are just going to pound the rock between the tackles (expect to see more of lendale than CJ). next we have the Texans, who we already know that kerry can beat.
    after that the problems start. we have the ravens and the vikings, both of which have very impressive defences, and that will be the true litmus test of how good kerry really grasps dingers offense.
    I am not a VY hater by any means, but if he is out for 4 weeks and we come out 4-1 (loss to vikings, and I think this is entirely possible based on the strength of our D and running game) the haters will emerge en force, even if Kerry is no better than Vince.
    I wish vince a speedy recovery, but I am infinitely glad we have a good backup and will not have to rush him back in.
    do you know if ingle martin has been called up from the practice squad or are they looking for someone else as a stopgap?

  3. David H. Says:

    Drex, this just might be a blessing in disguise. I won’t lose faith in VY. I can’t, I just can’t see how anybody in their right mind who calls themselves a Titan’s fan can give up on this guy after two seasons. I’m sick of the analystís (especially Merril Hodge) and writers bashing him on a constant basis. He is going through some of the same growing pains that Eli Manning went through, and I can attest to that first hand living in New York. I have seen these Giants fans and sports writers absolutely livid when Eli made a bad throw. After he learned how to manage the game and not turn it over, now he can do no wrong. Does that get Vince off the hook, hell no!!! It just shows what everybody knew initially when he came out of Texas. Vince is obviously still very raw in his QB mechanics. Under Dinger, he is learning for the first time probably in his entire career (pee-wee through college) how to properly place his feet, go through his progressions and essentially play QB. The timing absolutely sucks because this team, especially the way the defense plays could be a real threat in the AFC. With the way the balance of power has shifted over the recent of injuries, this would be an opportune time to make a statement. I think this injury gives the team and Vince himself, time to re-evaluate some things. Maybe he needs to sit for a minute. If we’re better with Kerry, stick with Kerry plain and simple. No QB controversy. It wouldn’t do Vince that bad to miss a couple games heal up, and watch from the pine. Anybody who is over critical of Vince especially with the receivers he has to work with entering year three ought to be ashamed of themselves. Vince is highly competitive and will rebound, I’ll bet on it.

  4. Robert F. Ludwick Says:

    I’m trying not to become a “Vince hater” or someone that constantly thinks down on him, but I can’t help but feel… I don’t know, relieved, that Collins will be at the helm of the team. Right now we’re reminiscent of the Ravens’ Super Bowl year – good D, good running game, game-management QB. Except that we only have a game-management QB when Collins is in. When Young is in, we get something like Bret Farve – he can win or lose the game for you.

  5. Chris M Says:

    I have been a Titans /Oilers fan longer than most people who write in on this site. I am not a VY hater..I’m not a hater of anyone, but anyone in THEIR right mind that can say Vince Young will emerge as a legitimate quality QB in this league needs to show me what they are basing it on. Don’t give me wins and losses or winning with his legs….He continually regresses. Everytime you look he’s struggling to make his progressions and struggling to make overall SMART decisions on the field. You can’t teach that. He is NOT Steve McNair! It is very unfortunate that Ol’ Bud Adams coveted Vince and nobody in their right mind will criticize him (Except for Bullock) and that was because of the quitting scenerio.
    This team is significantly better with Collins because of his ability to manage the offense. He is just smarter than Vince Young. He will move the chains with his brains! He will allow the defense to play alot less which will keep them fresher.
    The goal of 4-1 going into the bye is very possible ONLY because of Kerry Collins

  6. jerryt. Says:

    Vince is a worrier, i can tell you this much, game planning for vince is hard to do for opposing defenses as for kerry blitz him all game and he’s a bust but he looks good out there right now so i’m happy to have a good back up.

  7. Drexel Perry Says:

    Kevin G.,
    According to the first article that I linked to in this entry, Adam Schefter reported that the Titans have contacted another former Texas QB, Chris Simms. However, due to Brady’s injury, the Patriots are also interested in him.
    What bugged me the most about Young was his tantrum on the sideline yesterday:
    Vince has to mature if he is going to realize his NFL potential.

  8. Seth Leonard Says:

    I love the titans more than any other team in sports, including my damn tar heels (not much to watch on the grid iron). I like Vince too, but Ive always had to kind of question how quick he is mentally. To be fair he did totally blow that IQ test as a rookie. I just hope he uses the next few weeks to study up, watch Kerry, call up McNair and ask for advice, etc.

  9. jerryt. Says:

    seth, That sounds good i hope he reads what you have just said cause he needs a mentor.

  10. Markus Says:

    They may call in QB’s for workouts, but the chances of us signing another as backup are slim to none. We will ride the Vodka Collins Express to the playoffs!!! Now I have to dump Brady off my fantasy team (who I drafted #1 overall) and find another…wait…Collins is available!
    We will be fine folks…rally behind Kerry and I assure you VY will come back better…he must…or we’ll be in the running for the Colt McCoy/Pat White/Tim Tebow sweepstakes…hope not though. I am not a VY hater, I love the guy, but he needs to step up, new system and all. The above QB sweepstakes comment was meant as a joke, btw…

  11. JimOKC Says:

    I hope that VY is not seriously injured and that KC can help the team win the games that are coming up.

  12. John Says:

    Vince was and is an overpaid disappointment. I hope he does retire. He sat on the sidelines holding his head and pouting. I have seen Peyton Manning on crutches cheering his team on to victory. But not mr. young. Collins thank God for you!! You take the Titans on a continuing journey of victories!! That is the only way it will get done.

  13. I.jason Says:

    I think you’re going to see some WRs brought in this week, and at least one signed. Ingle will probably get called up from the practice squad as well.
    I think Vince needs a break from the spotlight, and while he’s off in that shady corner of the bench, someone needs to be talking to him rather seriously about how to deal with being an NFL QB. I think (as was said above), Vince is learning things now that he’s never been taught in his football life, and it’s important that he learn them. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t have a good go-to veteran reciever to lean on while he does so.
    My hope is that we get a good WR in here somehow, and that Kerry does enough to keep the defence somewhat rested over the next four games.
    The WR won’t be a help on the field for at least three weeks, most likely, but if he and Vince sit down together, and Vince “teaches” the new WR the playbook while rehabbing, and they build a rapport together, then once Vince is ready to come back, he’ll have improved a bit, and have another “security blanket” to go with his TEs as well.
    My biggest worry is that the D winds up having to win all the games for us in the first half of the season, and winds up unable to follow through in the stretch because they’re too tired/injured.

  14. jeryt. Says:

    john you sound like a loser, the season is still early ya we have a sat back at the QB positions but it dont change the nature of the game, when your hurt physically and mentally it’s time to set back and take some notes vince will be fine just have more than enough on his shoulders, and it’s the coaching staff job to protect his player,an athlete like vince will only learn and be better, he’s human he just have stupid set backs…. god bless vince to a quick recover..and you have to understand football is a team sport.

  15. stu Says:

    This couldn’t be more of a blessing in disguise!! I have been following the oilers/titans since the jack pardee days, when the offense was what ran the team. VY is a very talented “athlete”, just not a football player, yet, hopefully. I guy like KC that can stretch the field and let Lendale and Chris Johnson just run wild will only help us in the long run. Our defense has been overworked since 1999, and it will only get worse with VY in the starting lineup. Someone give me the stat when VY has had a drive of over 15 plays and 10 minutes???? This “kid” needs to sit and watch someone direct his offense successfully and maybe that will help him in the long run!

  16. Nick Says:

    Kerry Collins, 2006 0-5, until Vince came in.

  17. Dave Says:

    Kerry was brand new, didn’t get to learn any of the system and was thrown directly to the wolves. I am a VY fan and want him to come back and have a great year, but Kerry has proven he can handle the spot duty quite well. I think we will win next week and may be undefeated heading into the bye week.

  18. bill Says:

    irregardless not the word you are looking for, just regardless

  19. adam Says:

    Nick – Collins was 0-3; Young lost his first two starts.
    As for Collins, I believe he will force Fisher to keep Vince on the bench even once he is healthy. I don’t think Collins will light it up, but he is perfectly capable of playing well enough for this team to win any or all of the next four games.
    With respect to Vince, I will echo the sentiments of others who suggest he needs time to sit and learn. Nobody will ever say as much, but I have to think that the other players on the team feel that they have a better chance of winning with Collins at the helm. Vince needs to man up and work to regain the respect and trust of his teammates.

  20. Dave Says:

    It’s a tough pill to swallow when you are a real Titan’s fan. We want Vince to be amazing, we want him to lead us to a SB, but if he can’t do that, then we want someone who can. I think things will be fine once Vince figures out what the real problem is. Maybe he needs to talk to a mental health professional. Maybe he needs an anti-depressant or something. I would love to see this guy have fun again. I hate feeling on edge every time he drops back and isn’t handing the ball off. If he keeps playing like he is currently, I may need to see a mental health professional.

  21. Seth Leonard Says:

    What happened to him striving to run the team, be the captain? I thought the phrase the players used was “Whatcha gonna do 10?”
    Believe me, I’ve watched Collins blow it over and over in the big game. His Super Bowl loss gave me a good excuse to hate on an old math teacher who loved him. But after watching the Vikings (and everyone else so far), I cant believe that we’ll have much trouble with the schedule. Collins has been playing this game at a pretty high level since Vince was riding a Huffy; screw what people say about him. He’s a hard worker who fits in nicely with the persona of the team.

  22. Drexel Perry Says:

    The Vince Young saga just got a little stranger:
    Concerns about the well-being of Titans quarterback Vince Young prompted an early morning meeting at Titans headquarters.
    Metro police officers and Tennessee Titans Coach Jeff Fisher gathered at Baptist Sports Park around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to meet with Vince Young after trying to locate him.
    According to sources, questions about Young’s state of mind began when the quarter back left his home abruptly at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

  23. Nick Says:

    Vince is the starter, no matter how well Collins plays. Fisher likes to say that whenever he can.
    And as for the news story Drexel posted, I can understand why Vince would do that. The fans turned on him, which I understand is the nfl, and its psyche. If this guy isn’t doing well just go get another. Even if it is only his third year, and second as a full time starter.
    Has nobody else watched every snap of Titans football since he was a starter? Has no one else seen Vince drive the ball downfield, and get in field goal range to win the game? What about the 300 yard performance against Denver, with dre bly and champ bailey, arguably two of the best corners in the league.
    I agree with you guys that maybe it would be good for him to sit and study the playbook, but I also think it would be a lot more helpful if he was on the field learning as he goes.
    I would not take Collins over Young, when Young is 100 percent. We will never win a superbowl with Collins at the helm.
    As for every Titans fan turning on Young, here’s a thought, form your own opinion and stop spitting opinions from ESPN anaylst.

  24. jerryt. Says:

    vince is the man, the football player, i would take over any QB. He’s a special talent threw into a system and became a winner now everybody is on him because he screws up here in their. 1 game has passed and here comes the haters, If i was him i would tune every smart remark about his ability to be a QB in thi s league out ignor haters and welcome congradulaters it’s a mental thing he has to rid of it’s not easy but those whole love him and belive in him will always back him up good or bad player all i can say is the man is a winner in this league that’s all that counts i would take a victory over stats any day. And bullock mouth ain’t worth listening to, it took him awhile to be a stellar player in this league so the same for vince.

  25. Alex Says:

    From what I read on Kerry Collins during the offseason he out preformed Vince Young in training camp , but the TITANS had to much invested in Vince to bench him. As a TITANS fan I’m not concerned about Kerry starting I just want to see if he lives up to all his training camp potential.

  26. ernbone Says:

    Kerry is a very qualified ‘backup’…I wouldn’t worry at all as a Titans fan…He’ll win more than he loses because he has the ‘smarts’ to have survived in this league for 14 years…Longer than alot of the supposed ‘next coming of…’ guys…Nobody makes it that long without talent…You win some, you lose some…It’s a game folks…Just a game.

  27. Billy Joe Says:

    Young is supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL. Act like a PROFESSIONAL!!!
    We have a pretty good football team and things just opened up this week with some of the key players lost in the AFC. The QB situation and the receiving corps are the weakest link on our team. At this point, I am much more confident in Collins than Vince Young.

  28. adam Says:

    Nick – I’m not the only one thinking Vince won’t be starting as soon as he’s physically able to.

  29. Jonathan D. Says:

    Ok–Yes, Collins looks great when he comes in to close out the game. He’s a more polished, intelligent passer and sometimes we get excited about that when VY looks uncomfortable in the pocket.
    HOWEVER, he will make the opposing defense’s job easier. Vince is not a consistently great passer, but he’s hit some shots here and there and that possibility keeps defenses from pinning their ears back when they play us. Kerry costs us in that way. Our O-line, though they’re great, is not built to pass protect all day. Collins may make some great throws, but he’s also going to get sacked more and more the longer he stays in.
    Collins, therefore, is the perfect month-long band-aid. Young will sit, learn, think, get his legs back under him and then I think he’s got to get back in. But mark my words, PLAYING KC FEELS GOOD RIGHT NOW, BUT IT IS A GAME OF DIMINISHING RETURNS!

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