Titans entertain QBs and WRs today


It’s going to be a pretty busy day at Baptist Sports Park, as the Titans play host to potential replacements for Vince Young as a result of his knee injury.
Veteran signal-callers Joey Harrington and Quinn Gray will get their chance to impress Jeff Fisher on Tuesday.
The Titans are also working out WRs Reche Caldwell, Glenn Martinez and Chad Jackson in their hopes to boost the depth at that position.

Harrington’s days as a starter are probably over, due to his failure to live up to the expectations surrounding the former 3rd overall selection of the 2002 NFL Draft.
I’d cringe if Harrington was forced to start but as a backup, the Titans could do a lot worse.
Known mostly for his contributions in a Jaguar uniform, Quinn Gray is a big guy with a rifle of an arm. In four starts for an injured David Garrard, Gray threw 10 touchdown passes and 5 interceptions while accumulating a 85.6 QB rating.
He was signed as a free agent by the Texans this offseason but was released prior to training camp. Due to Peyton Manning’s knee injury, Gray was picked up by the Colts but was jettisoned before the start of the regular season.
If Gray signs with the Titans, he would have spent time with each of the AFC South’s teams during his brief career. Even if he doesn’t see the field, I’m sure he could help the Titans in their attempts to scout their divisional opponents.
In my opinion, Gray’s experience in the AFC South as well as his cannon and mobility gives him the edge over Harrington.
Reche Caldwell is the most experienced of the receivers in town today. In 2006, he caught 61 of Tom Brady’s passes for 760 yards and 4 touchdowns.
Glenn Martinez is probably auditioning as a result of the time he spent with Mike Heimerdinger in Denver. Martinez hasn’t caught many passes in the league but does have some experience returning punts. His 80 yard punt return for a TD helped sink the Titans in their 34-20 loss to Denver last year.
His ability to contribute on special teams could threaten the role of Chris Davis on the Titan roster.
Ex-Patriot Chad Jackson is the most physically gifted of the trio of WRs in Nashville today. Injuries have been an issue during his brief career, but Jackson is a guy who possesses intriguing size and speed and could blossom as a result of a change of scenery.
I’ll take Jackson’s upside over Caldwell’s experience and Martinez’s familiarity with Dinger’s offense.
So what are your thoughts? Who would you sign to replace Young and to replenish the WR group?


20 Responses to “Titans entertain QBs and WRs today”

  1. Dave Says:

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    3. Native Americans have the highest suicide rate among all 15-24 year olds.
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  2. Dave Says:

    I hope that the facts I have provided in NO WAY have anything to do with Vince. I just wanted to shed some light on previous comments that were made. I, like I am sure most ( if not all) of you, wish Vince well and hope for a long, healthy, productive, career.

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    The pickings are slim. Like Drexel, I’d hate to have to depend on any of these guys if necessary.

  4. Scott Says:

    Drex, Andrew, Tom,
    Do any of you have more insight on this story about VY and the police that is on the Tennessean website today???
    This looks bad for VY and the Titans.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    I posted a similar article in the comments’ section of the Kerry Collins piece a couple of hours ago:
    Apparently, the knee isn’t the only concern surrounding Vince.
    Hopefully, Fisher will clear some things up about the incident in his press conference later today.
    I agree that it looks bad for VY and the Titan franchise.
    Update: The Titans have released a statement about Vince and what occurred last night:

  6. jerryt. Says:

    Why so bad, why not something positive. Some of his people where concerned so they got awhole to the authorities to check it out the media will take this to destroy him but it want work . GOD want let it happen i know what people are thinking, he’s going to take his own life, well let me tell you this much african americans don’t take their own life. absolutly.. NO..

  7. Drexel Perry Says:

    Apparently, Joe Horn is in Nashville today as well:
    Horn’s accomplished alot in his career but does he have anything left in the tank?

  8. Markus Says:

    so much ad o about nuttin! We won;t sign a WR…there are none out there better than what we have. Vince is fine, he was at a friends house and met Fisher once asked…it’s nothing. nada. zilch. effin media, I swear! He’s fine. He will be fine. We will be fine. He will pick up in mid-season and be fine. It’s actually best case scenario. I actually think our offense will be fairly explosive w/ KC. Remember when our offense could score whenever, however, at will? W/ Mc9? well guess what, KC can wing the ball. We may have a few more sacks than we would like, but INT’s will be down and we should average over 24 pts a game the next 6 games…watch…

  9. jerryt. Says:

    paint a perfect picture..

  10. PaintThatSh*tPurpleAndGold Says:

    Titans just signed Daunte Cullpepper to a 1 deal.

  11. Dan Says:

    I think Jeff Fisher just posted on this site under the alias Marcus.

  12. Dan Says:

    link to the Daute Culpepper rumor???

  13. Dave Says:

    Kerry is going to start and Vince will have his job back when he’s healthy. Why would Daunte come here? He is at best our future number 3 qb (this season)…we only keep 2 on the roster and we kept Ingle on the PS for a reason. I will believe this when I see it.

  14. Drexel Perry Says:

    I haven’t heard/seen anything about Culpepper signing…
    Ingle Martin is a Kansas City Chief, however:

  15. jerryt. Says:

    picture seems to be fading away..

  16. Dave Says:

    Dammit. I was hoping Ingle would be our number 2 next year. Oh well. Maybe Daunte would consider coming here then. He would most likely be our number 2 next year ( assuming Kerry calls it a career) and there seems to be a good chance that Vince will need some time off and Daunte could be our starter. I think he’d fair pretty well here. And god help the rest of the league if we end up with a real number 1 receiver ( Roy or Anquan)…….ah, a boy can dream….

  17. jerryt. Says:

    90% of the QB’s are all completed cases?

  18. Drexel Perry Says:

    According to media reports, pending a physical, Chris Simms is expected to be a Tennessee Titan:
    He’s still relatively young and has led a team to the postseason (Tampa Bay 05).
    Ironically, like VY, he’s a former University of Texas QB.

  19. wacko jacko Says:

    Hey, the kid Vince Young simply reacted to the emotional reality of failure, something he’s not used to enduring. Failure’s a hard thing for a young star athlete to contemplate, let alone face up to…Sure, the kid is f’in clinically depressed…he should be, based upon all the hype and the expectation that just crashed underneath his faceguard. I’m simply glad that Steve McNair was there for him. The true story will tell that McNair reached out to Vince at just the right time. It will all be okay from here on in, thanks to McNair and his humanistic sense of wisdom. Even when disabled by chronic injury and retirement, McNair proves once again he is a Titan MVP.

  20. jrtitans Says:

    Adam S. from NFL network reported VY missed his MRI appointment. There is a concern about the physical and mental aspects of the player.
    Im glad they brought in some WRs to check out.
    Also, means we are down to one QB with titans experience and one spleen!:)

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