Titans vs. Bengals: Keys to victory


Revenge will be on the minds of the Tennessee Titans as they travel to Cincinnati to face the Bengals this weekend.
In 2007, Cincy handed the Titans their third consecutive November loss in annihilating fashion, throttling Tennessee 35-6.
Here’s what the Titans will need to do on Sunday to prevent history from repeating itself.

“Managing the Game” starring Kerry Collins as Trent Dilfer
The Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl at the turn of this century via a strong running game and intimidating defense. Trent Dilfer’s role as the Ravens’ starting quarterback was to merely manage the football game. 
In 2000, Kerry Collins quarterbacked the New York Giants, the team that was defeated by the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV. In 2008, as a result of Vince Young’s knee injury, Collins will play the Trent Dilfer role on a Tennessee Titan team that also relies on the combination of its running game/ strong defense.
Kerry’s ability to protect the football and manage the game effectively will play a huge part in whether or not the Titans are successful during Vince Young’s absence.
Pressure, Pressure, Pressure
Carson Palmer was the engine behind the Bengals’ success in their thrashing of the Titans last year. He completed 32 of his 38 passing attempts for 283 yards while remaining virtually unscathed as he consistently delivered strikes to Cincinnati receivers.
The Titans demonstrated their QB sacking prowess against the Jags in a 7 sack effort against David Garrard in Week 1. In Week 2, the pressure will be on the Titans to make Palmer’s life in the pocket miserable.
All aboard the CJ express!
During the preseason, Mike Heimerdinger expressed his desire to get Chris Johnson actively involved in the Titans’ offensive attack. At the time, Dinger predicted that CJ would get anywhere from 15-20 carries, with additional touches coming in the form of receptions out of the backfield.
Against the Jags, CJ’s NFL debut consisted of 15 carries for 93 yards on the ground while catching 3 balls for 34 yards in the passing game.
Expect CJ to get his share of touches against the Bengals as the Titans continue their unleashing of one of the league’s most dynamic rookies.
What are your keys to a Titan victory on Sunday?


4 Responses to “Titans vs. Bengals: Keys to victory”

  1. Markus Says:

    Dinger will open up the passing game and neutralize the anticipated pressure w/ TE and RB screens and short passes. This is a great chance for our offense to learn the Dinger offense under Collins and go back to VY later. Right now, neither VY or the offense really has a firm handle on it. If the offense is clicking and in the “know” when VY comes back, it will help his development under this “system”. If CJ is gonna break a big one this year, this is his best chance. I can see us taking many shots downfield. I think we will open up a lead and tote the rock in the 2nd half. I don;t think KC, at this stage of his career, will take too many chances from a risk/reward perspective, so the INT’s should not be a concern.
    Pressure, and lots of it, paired w/ some heavy man-press coverage. We have to bring the heat. I think Cincy’s performance last week was a fluke. They will score points. Also, if we simply rush 4, the WR’s WILL get open, which is why I think Schwartz will blitz early and often. Their best chance against us is the screen pass to Perry, who is gifted w/ size/speed/shiftiness.
    Special Teams
    Stay in your lanes and TACKLE!!! The special teams play almost cost us dearly vs. JAX last week (although Hentrich’s tackle was pretty nice-borderline “Jacked Up”)
    Titans, 27-9, maybe 27-16…GO TITANS!!!
    I’ll be watching via Sunday Ticket from Saratoga Springs NY!!!

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    The Sunday Ticket is awesome, isn’t it? Of course, being in the local market, I can see all of the Titan games but the Sunday Ticket enables me to follow the rest of the league and as a fan of the NFL, I’m more than satisfied.
    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s contest.

  3. JimOKC Says:

    Good write up sir.
    I think that a big key will be the running game getting the offense into the better 3rd down situations allowing the offense to convert more and keep the D off the field so that they will be ready to dominate when it is their time.
    Go Titans!

  4. JimOKC Says:

    Good job with the writeup.
    I think that the rushing game will keep the offense with managable 3rd down situations. I look for a better job converting 3rd downs and a huge edge in TOP.

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