Total Titans’ questions about the Bengals


Thanks to your responses to my post asking for questions about the Bengals. Here are the questions I sent to Chris Maier of Bengals Blitz, MVN’s Bengals’ site. Thanks to Chris for his responses and some good insight.
Total Titans: With Kerry Collins starting for Vince Young, the Titans lose some mobility at the quarterback position. Will the Bengals be able to take advantage of this lack of mobility? Possibly related-is anybody frustrated with Antwan Odom yet?
Bengals Blitz: Losing Vince Young is a positive and a negative. Starting Collins dramatically improves the Titan passing game. Given time Collins could tear up the Bengal pass defense. That said, the Titan offense is not built to beat teams through the air. The receivers are average at best and are not known as deep threats. Tennessee’s offense is predicated on a strong running game that is bolstered by the presence of a scrambler in Young who keeps you from focusing on shutting down the running backs.
As for Antwan Odom, Bengal fans are frustrated by his injury on the first day of camp. His inability to practice and play in the pre-season has limited his action thus far meaning the jury is still out on whether or not he is the pass rusher the defense needs.
Total Titans: We’ve seen rookie linebackers the past couple years come in and make in immediate impact-guys like Jon Beason, Patrick Willis, and A.J. Hawk. Is Keith Rivers another one of those guys, or has the holdout slowed his progress?
Bengals Blitz: Rivers has the look of an impact linebacker. He is quick to the hole, shows good instincts and displays much needed leadership ability. Only time will tell whether he is a good or great linebacker. More than his holdout, Rivers’ play could be hindered by poor play in front of him.
Total Titans: The Jaguars were banged up on the interior offensive line positions, and Titan DTs Tony Brown and Albert Haynesworth dominated the line of scrimmage. Assuming Haynesworth doesn’t miss this year’s game like he did last year’s, will the middle of the offensive line be able to stand up to the pressure?
Bengals Blitz: The Bengals ability to contain Albert Haynesworth could be the key to the game for the Bengals offense. C Eric Ghiaciuc is clearly the weak link up front and I expect the Titans to attack the middle of the O-line to take away the interior run and keep Palmer from stepping up in the pocket.
Total Titans: 9 of 24 for 94 yards? What happened to Carson Palmer in Week 1, and can the Bengals fix that in Week 2?
Bengals Blitz: Carson was under constant pressure from the Raven pass rush and was never able to get in a rhythm throwing the ball. The Ravens also did an excellent job of jamming Chad and TJ at the line which clearly affected their timing. Given good protection and solid line play, Palmer and the offense have the weapons to put points on the board.
Total Titans: The Bengals re-signed troubled WR Chris Henry when Coach Lewis said he was trying to clean up the team. Is Lewis as powerless as that makes him seem? If he is that powerless, will the players listen to him, or is he done in Cincinnati?
Bengals Blitz: The mood in Cincinnati is very negative this year. Chad Johnson’s off-season rants haunted this team like a dark cloud and even after Chad came back into the fold the team has been unable to get out from under it. Re-signing Henry was a in the face to Marvin but as I wrote in an article regarding the team’s final cuts, Marvin may have lost the battle over Henry but he won the war over the final roster. The departures of talented but troubled players like Deltha O’Neal and Ahmad Brooks were clearly to clean up the locker room. As for Willie Anderson and Rudi Johnson, I believe Marvin did not like their work ethic in camp and was worried that neither has much left in the tank.


10 Responses to “Total Titans’ questions about the Bengals”

  1. adam Says:

    I too have had my fill of reading about Vince Young’s issues. Bob is right – go to the tennessean if that’s what you’re looking for. I greatly appreciate having this forum to turn to for interesting commentary on the Titans. Keep up the nice work Tom, Andrew & Drexel.

  2. Billy Joe Says:

    (Tom, sorry to write this in your blog entry)
    Andrew, Drexel and Tom . . . PLEASE tell me why the biggest topic and contraversy in Nashville is the Vince Young situation and it has not even been posed as a blog topic on Total Titans??? This is unbelievable. I see bloggers spouting negativity towards the Titans all the time on here and I bite my tongue because I am a consumate optimist when it comes to the Titans (many times to my chagrin). But I am absolutely livid with Vince Young (and now his mom’s) reaction to adversity.
    I am an enormous Titans fan, as are most people on here. I’m on this blog everytime I receive my rss feed and there’s a post and have been to the past couple of years. I understand staying focused on the upcoming game and trying to play down the drama, but this is a MAJOR topic and I couldn’t be more disappointed in this situation and the way Vince has responded. I’m in Chicago now and everyone I see is commenting (or busting chops) at the situation.
    The bottom line . . . this is a Professional Sport. As a professional, you take the good with the bad. This is not high school football. You can’t just pout in the corner (or sulk – whatever you want to call it) and then blow it off as a misunderstanding. To add insult to injury (no pun intended), let’s face it, Young has been terrible through the pre-season and the first two games.
    I just had to say something about this because a blog is the one place this needs to be addressed!!

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    Billy Joe,
    I will be addressing this in a post later today, which will include why I haven’t had a post on it yet.
    Thanks for commenting, and thanks for looking to us as a place to go to for information.

  4. cld12pk2go Says:

    My $0.02:
    I am sick of reading nothing but the VY emotional story…
    Glad to get some pregame analysis on here as it is sorely lacking elsewhere…

  5. bobcomu Says:

    Terrible in the first two games? Did I miss something? Im pretty sure they have only played one so far. If you want all the juicy details on VY go to thats all they can talk about there. I for one am glad to have at least one place to come and read about something else.

  6. Seth Leonard Says:

    How come the only time the Titans get to make news is when something like the Vince fiasco happens? I hope we’re AFC champs this year at least. Then Cornheiser and all the naysayers can suck it

  7. bobcomu Says:

    The Titans could go 19-0 and the national media would probably still ignore them. OK maybe thats a stretch, but if no one will give them any respect then they will just have to make pretty much everyone eat some crow at the end of the season. I do think its funny, after the Monday night game at New Orleans last year they all said the Titans were going to win multiple Super Bowls with VY under center. They are all a bunch of bandwagon jumpers the only teams they pick are teams that won the year before, and teams with more fantasy football stars than Tennessee has. John Clayton may be the only NFL commentator at ESPN thats not a total idiot as far as the Titans go.

  8. Billy Joe Says:

    Gentlemen, I’m looking for factual analysis and information that is synthesized through the multitude of rumors, critics and editorial journalism. Plus authentic reactions from the fans themselves, not journalists. That’s why I come here. Huge props to Tom, Drex and Andrew for providing a great forum for Titans fans.

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for the compliments guys, they are greatly appreciated.
    I understand the fixation upon VY’s issues by other sites and organizations. The state of the media almost requires news organizations to print sensationalistic pieces in order to survive in an industry where declining circulation/revenues are the norm.
    Since I’ve been a part of this site, I’ve tried to focus my energy/posts on the football side of things. This week, instead of merely regurgitating links regarding VY’s personal issues, I chose to focus posts on VY’s replacement, Kerry Collins, or attaining info on the Titans’ newest Qb, Chris Simms.
    My emphasis has been the repercussions associated with VY’s absence and analyzing how the Titans are going to cope without him.
    It’s refreshing to know that many of you come here with the expectation that your going to receive solid analysis on the football-related matters pertaining to your favorite football team.
    As readers, please continue to keep us abreast of what you’d like to read about. Whether it’s via posts such as this one or the email addresses alongside our names, continue to keep us informed on what you desire as a Titans’ news consumer.
    Thanks guys, for the input, feedback and most importantly, your continued support.

  10. JimOKC Says:

    Good read there. Nice job Tom!

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