Titans overcome wind in 24-7 win


Chicago’s the Windy City but today, the wind was just as ferocious in Cincinnati during the Titans’ 24-7 victory over the Bengals.
In a contest filled with punts and kicks that resembled doubles and triples hit in neighborhood wiffle ball games, the Tennessee Titans utilized a grinding rushing attack and a solid Kerry Collins performance to reach the 2-0 mark.

Game Balls
Kerry Collins did a great job managing the football game. He completed 14 of his 21 passes for 128 yards and a score. His presence in the lineup also opened up playmaking opportunities for the much-maligned Titan receivers, led by Justin Gage’s 5 receptions for 59 yards and a score.
Almost half of Chris Johnson’s 109 yards came on one carry; a fifty-one yard scamper that set up the Titans’ second TD. He reminds me alot of Barry Sanders, with his ability to break the long one despite being stuffed on numerous occasions.
Of course, Johnson has a long way to go to reach the accomplishments attained by Detroit’s exciting, Hall of Fame RB. Nonetheless, Johnson is exciting to watch and he adds a dimension that this team has lacked for years: the ability to take it to the house on any given play.
Craig Hentrich may not make Sportscenter tonight, but his performance while punting in the windy conditions played a role in Tennessee’s victory.
His 70-yard wind-aided punt pinned the Bengals inside their own five yard line right as the 3rd quarter ended. Cincinnati was thus forced to operate in front of their own end zone with the wind in their faces as the 4th quarter began.
The poor field position and mighty sword of the intimidating wind led to a three and out and on 4th down, Keith Bulluck blocked and recovered a punt for a TD.
Areas of concern
-The special teams coverage units once again gave up a few long returns today.
-The Titan defensive line was called for numerous offsides penalties.
-Kevin Mawae and Albert Haynesworth left the game briefly because of injuries. The ailments didn’t appear to be serious so hopefully, both guys will be ready to go next week.
-3rd down conversions were once again a problem this week, as the Titans finished 4-13 on 3rd downs.
Final thoughts
-Jeff Fisher showed once again why he’s one of the league’s best coaches. Despite last week’s distractions, his guys came out ready to play and were able to emerge victorious in a contest that had all the makings of a trap game.
-The Titans were again successful in the redzone, converting on 2 of their 3 opportunities inside the Bengals’ 20. For those who aren’t counting, that’s 4/5 (80%) on the year: a far cry from last year’s 36% performance.
-Giving credit where credit is due: Despite being on the losing end, former Titan Antwan Odom made his presence felt, forcing a fumble while attaining a sack.
-Giving credit where credit is due part II- Chris Perry gave the Titan D fits at times with his shiftiness. Nice last name, Chris.
-Ocho Cinco had nada big plays today. Bueno!
What are your thoughts on today’s Titan victory?


16 Responses to “Titans overcome wind in 24-7 win”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    Well again no TV coverage here, but my predictions for Collins weren’t too far off (hoped for 2 TD’s). He proved why he’s still in the NFL. Lets give it up to Bullock, the most underrated player in the league.
    I don’t know how RB2 learned how to kick in the wind while playing in the arena league, but he looks like he’s gonna be one of the greats with the way he reads the breezes.
    The Bungles looked like garbage today, and Justin Gage had more of a game than Chad.

  2. kevin G Says:

    I was able to watch it, and the bengals really only had 1 drive, period. they just looked bad, they had no cohesion, carson palmen never had time to sit in the pocket and let his recievers run routs. Chris Johnson is definitely a boom or bust back, he will eather get stuffed at the line of scrimmage or get 10+, he just does not have the weight to move the pile like lendale does. great game overall, Kerry looked good (better than young did last game, but the Bengal D is much worse than the jags)

  3. fireballfan32 Says:

    Pretty good game overall. I think the offense would have been more effective if not for the wind, it looked like they could hardly stand up at times. Deffense was solid again, and if Court can keep it up he will be making a Feb. apperance in Hawaii. I also thought that with the distractions of the week it was even more impressive. It showed that this is a tight knit mature football team ready to take the next step. GO TITANS!!!

  4. Garland Says:

    I am pretty sure it was the wind that was blowing Tony Brown offsides so much.
    Has Kearse been disappointing so far or is he playing well but just not getting to the QB? I have not really noticed him (except for jumping offsides today), and that’s usually not a good thing for a defensive end.
    Tom, according to your “success rate” analysis of running backs, Chris Johnson has to be an utter failure. On his first 7 carries, he was 1 of 7 by that measure. Surely we can agree that this measuring stick is not the right one to use with a take-it-to-the-house-on-any-given-play kind of guy like CJ. I’ll certainly take what he has been giving so far.
    Does anyone know if that was the best punt of Hentrich’s career? Simply amazing, especially considering how the punting had gone up to that point.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    Kearse had 3 tackles today, including a half-sack.
    He hasn’t really stood out but the fact that he’s healthy is good enough for me at this point.
    According to his player bio, Hentrich’s career-long is 78 yards, which came against the Steelers on 1/2/2000.

  6. Garland Says:

    Thanks, Drex.

  7. Dave Says:

    Chris Johnson definitely got stuffed for little or no gain sometimes today, but I also saw him breaking tackles and moving piles. Watched the game on Sunday ticket ( as I do every week) and if he plays the whole season like he played the last two games, he WILL be ROY. For only being in the 200lb range, he is obviously a strong guy as well as an unbelievable burner.

  8. Seth Leonard Says:

    I made the fantastic decision to draft Johnson to my fantasy team.

  9. Markus Says:

    Is it me or did Odom look better on their D than he ever did on ours?! Our D line was okay today…Perry had some success as I anticipated. His TD was a nice cutback since we over-pursued (Tulloch missed his assignment). Our O-Line was good but I thought the run blocking was sub-par. I’m probably being knit-picky, but we should have scored more TD’s and shut them out. We have a ways to go still before we can even think about being comfortable atop the AFC South. I think our biggest test will be the Vikings in 2 weeks, but we better prepare for a rested Houston team…Ike or no Ike, they are better than their week 1 egg vs. Pitt. Speical Teams remain a concern (coverage units, that is)…I’m sure Fisher will be pointing out these things all week…let’s go Titans!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dave Says:

    Me too, Seth. I have Lendale too.

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    I picked up CJ after my league’s draft, despite already having Westbrook, Maurice Jones-Drew and Edgerrin James already on my roster.
    Drew and James have been duds so far, so I’m very thankful for taking a chance on Chris.

  12. cld12pk2go Says:

    CJ is on track for just under 1600 yards rushing at this point…
    I can live with that…

  13. jeryt. Says:

    2-0 off to another great start nice job collins, & the d-fense is still playing light’s out football for 4 quarters.
    cort-finn is off to a pro-bowl start he’s showing his upside. GO TITANS……

  14. adam Says:

    Dave is right, Johnson always keeps his legs going and leans forward at the end of runs. White also had a number of plays where he couldn’t move the pile too – the OL was OK, but not dominant today.
    Garland – I have been watching Kearse as best as I can, and he doesn’t look great. He isn’t getting blown off the line on running plays, but other than his half sack, he hasn’t produced any pressure so far.

  15. titangirl Says:

    Great article Drex,
    Collins did play solid yesterday and most important he did not turn over the football. There was that one fumble but we recovered it. That is something to think about in the coming weeks.
    As always GO TITANS!

  16. JimOKC Says:

    Good writing Drex.

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