2008 Tennessee Titans: Partying like it’s 1999?


With Sunday’s victory over the hapless Bengals, the Titans moved to 2-0 for the first time since their 1999 Super Bowl season.
The other AFC South teams haven’t been so fortunate. The 0-2 Jaguars, a popular Super Bowl favorite, have struggled as a result of a slew of injuries to their offensive linemen. The Colts are 1-1, but are facing their own share of adversity in the form of the latest injury to Bob Sanders. The Texans are, um, the Texans.
Are the stars aligning for a special season in Nashville?

Entering the season, I picked the Titans to finish 10-6 with a second consecutive wild card appearance. Of course, my opinions appear generous compared to the predictions of others, who firmly believed that the Titans would take a step backwards in 2008.
While media forecasters were fawning over the potential surrounding the Jaguars, expecting the Colts to remain the Colts and for the Texans to surprise this year, the expectations surrounding the Titans were much lower.
To the surprise dismay†of many, the Titans appear to be the team with the leg up on the competition in the early stages of the race to the AFC South crown. Chris Johnson is as good as advertised and the physical nature of the Titans’ defense is going to continue to leave opponents bruised and battered.
Of course, there’s still a long ways to go. The dreaded injury bug can rear its head at anytime and play a big role in the outcome of the divisional race.
The Colts are still an extremely talented team that knows what it takes to win and the Jaguars, despite their struggles, can’t be counted out. The Texans still have enough weapons on offense to make things interesting, if they can get their secondary together and find some type of consistent running game.
So what do you guys think? Will the Titans fall back to earth, or are we headed towards another season like 1999?


15 Responses to “2008 Tennessee Titans: Partying like it’s 1999?”

  1. Sean Says:

    This is a promising start for the Titans, especially with the other teams in the division struggling. Neither the Colts nor Jaguars have looked good, though both have the potential to bounce back.
    Not to be a killjoy, but thus far the Titans have played an easier schedule. However, the perk to a third place finish last year means they have the easier schedule the rest of the way too.
    The defense looks great, but the passing game needs to get going. What else is new, I know. Anyway, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Titans win the division, but they certainly need to improve their offense and special teams if they want to be a legitimate Super Bowl threat. Call me cautiously optimistic thus far on the season.

  2. jerryt. Says:

    Atleast everybody is on the same page as saying that the titans are a GOOD TEAM cause that’s what it takes to go all the way right. And to stay healthy..

  3. Seth Leonard Says:

    Let’s not be too hasty to give the team all the credit, but hey. If WE aren’t optimistic then who will be?
    The T-men don’t get shit for coverage on TV, ever. Even if they were 5-0 and Collins had a rating of 129.7 people like Merrill Hodge and other haters would still be either focused on Vince or just glance over Nashville all together.
    Its a shame that when I was in middle school our P.E. teachers would only let two teams be spoken of in class: The Redskins and the Cowboys. This was back when both squads were worthless and the Titans Bowl appearance was in recent memory. They actually dismissed Tennessee, saying, ‘who were they before? The Houston no-name Oilers’. Petty middle school coaches, man.
    Lets not forget we only get a few months to get hyped about our team. Personally, all the glory of a Titans Super Bowl is spread over a much smaller constituency of fans than other teams. I can’t wait to don my old Eddie George jersey, hit the bar, and hog all that pride to myself.

  4. Brad Says:

    I was one of those people who predicted the jaguars to win the super bowl. That could still happen, but it doesn’t look like it will. I do think, for now, the titans are the best team in the AFC South. If the season continues the way it is going I predict the titans to be the 2nd seed in the playoffs. Pittsburgh being #1. Now since Brady is hurt and the Colts are getting old and the Chargers are dissapointing, the AFC is wide open. Do not be surprised if the titans do make it to the Super Bowl.

  5. Dan Says:

    While I do not like Merril Hoge for his continued verbal beat down of Vince, he actually labeled us as a super bowl contender after weak one. (At least i think I remember hearing that) He seems to be the only one who will bring the Titans up when discussing anything on ESPN. All everyone else talks about is how great the packers are with Aaron Rodgers, and my favorite now is how Brett Farve can’t carry the whole team when in the off season I think everyone of their analysts said they would make the playoffs because of Brett Farve. I hope someone sacks him and breaks his rips.

  6. I.jason Says:

    The thing to worry about here in the division is injuries. Not necessarily that we’re going to have some (though we likely will), but realize that injuries are the reason for Indy and Jax to be doing so poorly out of the gate. Especially along the O-lines.
    In six weeks, both teams should have injured players back, or replacements up to speed. Even if we were up by six games, at least one of those teams is still likely to “turn it on” in the last 2/3 of the season and make the playoffs – even if we win the division.
    Long story short, we may well be able to take advantage of early injuries and win the division, but if the passing game hasn’t improved, and/or we wind up with a key injury or two later in the season, I don’t think the Titans will make the Super Bowl.
    Then again, I could be wrong. Power running and stingy D has won more than one championship.

  7. Markus Says:

    We are a good football team right now, not great. Special teams needs work or we will soon spot 7 every game. Also, if a team jumps out on us in the 3rd quarter, it’s a wrap. We need to keep working on the passing game and improve our kick/punt coverages. But, the D is a special unit. After 2 weeks, it looks as if the Titans are headed to a division title and there will be no other team from the AFC South going to the playoffs, but it’s week 1 and I guarantee the Jags will grit out some tough wins and the Colts will remember how to win. The key will be for us to knock them right back down before they get back up. With Brady out, the Chargers D non-existant, tha Colts not clicking, and the Jags devasted by O-Line injuries, I think the run for the AFC crown is between us, Buffalo and Denver. I thinkk if you can shut down the Steelers run and rough up Big Ben, game over. Unless we can start to put some high point totals up, I don’t think we can hang w/ Denver. I would love to see a Titans/Bills playoff game though. Great D and 2 good running games. Although the Bills can air it out, I think we match up well with them. Denver, on the other hand, we do not. Against that secondary we will struggle mightily to pass the ball…anyway, yes, it looks like a special season.
    Side Note: After the draft, I called in to ESPN radio and actually got on the air to discuss the AFC South and where the Titans may fall. To my surprise, they said the D looks like it would be downright nasty and if we can pass the ball we could be unstoppable…with a big IF as we are expecting a lot of newbie’s to step up!
    Anyway, GO TITANS! This is a better TEAM than the ’99 squad…better D, better FG kicker, & better backs. However, the ’99 squad has Mac9 and waaaaaayyyyyyy better special teams! I really feel a special bond and cohesion among this team this year…big things are on the horizon, but it’s early!

  8. bobcomu Says:

    Im cautiously optimistic. The Titans never get any national media respect, but I did hear the usually retarded Hodge say the Titans could be a Super Bowl contender with Collins under center. I dont really like the “weak” opponents theory, while I thought before the season the Jags were being overrated they arent a weak or bad team either. And the Bengals werent any good last year but still managed to take the previously stout Titans D behind the woodshed, and with a week full of distractions the Titans showed what kind of a TEAM they really are. I heard one talking head on ESPN yesterday downing the Titans two “weak” opponents and then praising the Bills with his next breathe. The Bills whipped an injury wrecked Seahawks team and barely edged out the same Jags team the Titans pretty much dominated through out. Who knows maybe they will meet up in the post season, and we all know what happened the last time these two teams played a playoff game- a Miracle and Super Bowl apperance.

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    As always, thanks for the comments, guys.
    I took Hoge’s comment towards the Titans as a back-handed compliment: saying the team is a contender with KC under center is another way of stating his disdain for Vince Young.
    Speaking of the schedule, the next four games are against the Texans, Vikings, Ravens and Chiefs. Three of those teams are currently winless and the Ravens are starting a rookie QB.
    This is a great opportunity for the Titans to continue to get a jump on their fellow AFC South competitors.

  10. jerryt. Says:

    m-hodge wish he could play with such a talented team the titans. bob, you hit it right on the nail, the titans are playing pretty good football although the distractions.And i thought you have to play the game no matter who is on your schedule. when the 9th week come around and the titans record is 8-1 what will they say then, just have to wait and SEE…

  11. FrankM. Says:

    I actually saw Ditka pick the Titans to make the SuperBowl, Sunday week 1. Although Hoge and Ditka giving the Titans props doesn’t exactly comfort me.

  12. Dave Says:

    Jerry, when the 9th week comes around we will be 8-0! Unless you’re saying the bye week is getting a win….J/k

  13. jrtitans Says:

    I dont put any stock in what Ditka or Hoge have to say.
    I can only think of 2 people that if were injured would create a replacement problem and that would be CJ and KVB.
    Getting the third place schedule along with the others having slow starts puts us in a great position to Party like its 1999.
    I hope that the Titans can fix their coverage team problems and we see the emergence of another offensive star–maybe Gage will light it up but Im thinking Hawk.
    My preseason prediction was 10-6/12-4 and I think we can do that. For me, the key is the MNF game with Indy. We win that one and were going!
    I agree with the previous poster that Denver and Buffalo look very good and unfortunately–they give us a very hard time. But… if we beat those guys in the playoffs…we definately win over the pansy NFC teams . The monday night game was great to watch but nobody is scoring 40 points on our defense.

  14. A bit of Titans news… | Titan Sized | A Blog For Tennessee Titans Fans Says:

    […] 2008 Tennessee Titans: Partying like it’s 1999? […]

  15. Brandon Says:

    as of right now, no other team has looked as solid as tennessee….all these giants fan are bitching because a couple analyst said we are super bowl contenders and the best team in the nfl, and they are accurate after week 4…..the giants did win last yr, but this year is wide open with some huge injuries. the titans game is too completlely simple and thats why we are the best team in the nfl…kerry collins just needs to manage the game and hand it off to our explosive back chris johnson, or pounder lendale…or make strong passes to our underrated and unknown recievers…..our defense will handle the rest. if we score 21 points, there is a almost 100% chance well win because no team can get anything easy against our D, and that wears on an offense.

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