Titans vs. Texans: Keys to victory


The Titans are going for their third victory in a row when they clash with the Houston Texans on Sunday. Division games are always of great importance so it’s imperative that the Titans avoid a letdown performance.
The Texans received an unexpected bye last week as Hurricane Ike imposed it’s wrath upon the city of Houston. It will be interesting to see how the team responds after dealing with an unusual set of circumstances.
Here are this week’s Titan keys to victory.

Continue to pummel Matt Schaub
Matt Schaub failed to finish both of the Texans’ games against the Titans in 2007, as a result of being knocked out of both contests.
Once again, the goal of the physical and intimidating Tennessee Titan defense will be to put relentless pressure on Schaub. Even if Schaub is able to finish the game, the Titans must unleash an amount of punishment that makes him wish he was on the sideline instead of serving as Albert Haynesworth’s personal pinata.
Pay close attention to TE Owen Daniels
WR Andre Johnson gets most of the headlines when it comes to the Texan offense, and for good reason: he’s one of the league best receivers, when healthy.
Often overlooked are the contributions made by TE Owen Daniels, who is perhaps one of the league’s most underrated tight ends. Daniels loves facing the Titans, as indicated by his career 16 receptions and 186 yards against the guys who wear the two-toned blue.
Hopefully, Keith Bulluck and company are up to the task of covering the guy who tends to always produce against the Titans.
We must protect our QB
Kerry Collins did a great job of managing the game in last week’s win against Cincinnati. This week, he will be facing a Texan defense led by “Super” Mario Williams, who had two sacks against Ben Roethlisberger in Houston’s 38-17 loss to the Steelers.
Collins, who is at his best when he is in the pocket, doesn’t have Vince Young’s mobility, so it will be essential for the Titans to keep him upright and his jersey clean against a player as dominating as Williams.
What are your keys to a Titan victory on Sunday?


11 Responses to “Titans vs. Texans: Keys to victory”

  1. bobcomu Says:

    I think Collins’ immobility is a little bit over rated. Yeah, he cant move like VY but how many in the league now can? I will be interested to see what the passing game can do this week, I’ve heard a lot of complaining about all the short passes last week but come on guys Peyton Manning couldnt have done much more in that wind. This will be a somewhat emotional game for the Texans, and you never know how that will play out, but the Titans are clearly the better team. Texans will make it close at the start playing on emotion, but the Titans physical play will were them down in the second half. Titans 32-17

  2. Markus Says:

    just an FYI:
    WR Lavelle Hawkins, a rookie fourth-round pick from California, now appears to be completely past the ankle injury that plagued him in preseason. He was inactive the first two weeks, but could be up on the game-day roster this Sunday against Houston.
    anybody heard for sure???

  3. Drexel Perry Says:

    He’s getting alot of time in practice because of the groin injury to Justin Gage, whose status for this weekend’s game is in doubt:
    I loved what I saw from Hawk during the preseason so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in a real game. Hopefully, his opportunity will come this Sunday.

  4. Markus Says:

    RE: Hawkins-yes, I believe he brings a big-play ability to our offense that we lack….lost in the DeSean Jackson hype, Hawk had more catches, more yards, and tied for TD’s their last year at Cal…At this point, I’m extremely disappointed in McCariens and could see BJ move up to #2, Hawk @ #3, and JC moving down to #4 above PW and Davis. Kinda like the presidential election this year w/ 2 choices: Change or Reform! hahahaha (look at VY’s situation)
    Anyway, on to keys to victory. We have to anticipate a better Houston team than the one fielded in week 1 (IMO-an unusually terrible game for a talented team).
    On O: Push the ball downfield! Their secondary is weak and they will look to stuff the run w/ 8-9 in the box. With their 1st round talent on the D-Line and very good LB’s, they may be able to hold us in check for a little bit on the ground. So we should go deep early and often. Soften them up a little to open the ground game in the 2nd half (contrary to Fisher ball-I know, but don’t forget Dinger ball). And…if Kerry gets dirty, it could be a looong day. here’s hoping Roos is worth every penny he got!
    On D: Man-press coverage and lots of pressure! Sometimes old recipes don’t need any new ingredients or substitutes, kinda like grandma’s cookin’.
    Overall: Titans 27, Texans17

  5. adam Says:

    In addition to those mentioned, it will be key for the WRs to remain a part of the passing game. Last week wasn’t the greatest show on turf, but the group (Gage in particular) stepped up in key situations. I doubt however that Gage will go this Sunday – groin injuries often sideline players for several weeks. McCareins isn’t the same guy he was when he left, so here’s hoping Hawkins hits the field and Brandon Jones hangs on to the ball in a game where he will likely see more playing time.

  6. I.jason Says:

    I think a key will be the Titans’ secondary. Harper isn’t 100%, and press coverage isn’t his strong suit even when he IS 100%. If Johnson winds up paired against Harper (or worse, Rey Hill) on a regular basis, the score could wind up a lot closer than people seem to think.
    I agree with Dex also that keeping Collins healthy and on his feet is imperative if we want to even think about being a multi-dimentional offense.

  7. Markus Says:

    as far as press coverage…if the front 7 can stop the run adequately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harper up on the line for the jam and shading the safety over just a bit…but you are accurate, l.jason…Harper isn’t a man-press corner…more of a man-zone or zone, but a good tackler (run support)…Rey Hill is strictly a zone corner and is not very good vs. the run. he’s actually decent in zone coverage in passing downs, but we rarely run it…

  8. Dave Says:

    Cortland will be shadowing Johnson all day long!

  9. Seth Leonard Says:

    I don’ t even think this one will be close. Titans roll: 31-0.

  10. jrtitans Says:

    This is Hawks time to shine!

  11. jeremy Says:

    i have no confidence in kerry collins until he plays well against an above average defense. do i consider the texans one of them? ill push it and say yes even though they have a weak secondary and their top corner is missing (helped by the fact we dont have any good wideouts anyway). hopefully the titans can get roos to stop mario or maybe get the rb to tight end to tag off or something.
    for some reason i have a feeling andre johnson is going to torch finnegan all day long. he is hands down the best wr the titans have faced so far (chad ocho cinco is injured and disgruntled). just dont like the height matchup (5-10 vs 6-3) not to mention the fact that andre johnson is plenty athletic too. went over 100 yds and got 1 td last time and i dont expect cortland to buck that trend.

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