Opportunistic Titans defeat Vikings 30-17


Turnovers often decide the outcome of competitive football games. Today was no exception, as four Viking miscues led to three Titan touchdowns in Tennessee’s 30-17 win over the Norsemen.
With the win, the Titans are now 4-0 for the first time in franchise history.
My thoughts on the game, after the jump.

Game balls
I’ll issue my first game ball to all of the Titan special teams units. All three phases: kicking, punting and coverage, carried their weight in today’s victory.
Bironas was solid as usual, converting on all three of his field goal attempts. Chris Carr, who had struggled up to this point, showed some signs with a crucial 52-yard return after the Vikings had cut the Titans’ lead to six. Craig Hentrich’s final punt pinned the Vikes inside of the 5-yard line, which led to the Titans’ final turnover that for all intent and purposes, sealed the ballgame.
The Titan offensive line did a great job of protecting their quarterback, Kerry Collins. Michael Roos once again got the best of all-world DE Jared Allen, holding him sackless for the second consecutive year.
Roos, who was the subject of one of Tom’s recent articles, is proving to be very worthy of the contract extension he earned during the offseason.
My final game ball goes out to Albert Haynesworth. He won the much-anticipated matchup against Pro Bowl G Steve Hutchinson, as evidenced by his two sacks on the afternoon.
Haynesworth is a pivotal component of the Titans’ dominant defensive line and whether it’s in Tennessee or elsewhere, “Fat Albert” is poised to receive a fat paycheck next year.
Hopefully, the enormous payday will be courtesy of Bud Adams and the Tennessee Titans.
In the previous two games against the Bengals and the Texans, the Titans combined to throw only one pass in the 4th quarter of both contests.
Based on that information, it was strange to see Dinger call three consecutive pass attempts on a 4th quarter possession that failed to take a minute off of the clock. After that series, the Vikings received the football and promptly marched down the field to score a TD, cutting the Titans’ lead to only 23-17.
Smash mouth football is the Titans’ bread and butter in the fourth quarter as they usually attempt to wear down opposing defenses. It was a little odd to see them get away from their normal strategy.
Kerry Collins and Kevin Mawae obviously weren’t on the same page on two fumbled exchanges. Thankfully, only one of them was recovered by the Vikes and it didn’t lead to any points, as the usually reliable Ryan Longwell missed on a 48-yard field goal.
Final thoughts
-Cortland Finnegan’s streak of an interception in each game ended, but LenDale White’s streak of scoring a TD in every game was extended. White, who only gained 13 yards on 11 carries, has scored all five of his touchdowns on runs no longer than two yards. He’s a modern-day Pete Johnson.
-It’s a beauty witnessing Chris Johnson in open space. Good job by Dinger to utilize Johnson’s speed on pitches instead of consistently ramming him into the Vikings “Williams’ wall”.
-18/35 for 199 yards and most importantly, no turnovers. Another great job of managing the football game, Kerry Collins.
-Tony Brown loves to jump offsides.
-Where’s Alge Crumpler? He’s doing a great job of blocking, but I was expecting a little more offensive production from the former Pro Bowler.
What are your thoughts on today’s Titan victory?


14 Responses to “Opportunistic Titans defeat Vikings 30-17”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    All I can say is it’s great that we’ve reached 4-0. Once the Titans get a little respect I’ll get to see some more games over here.

  2. Scott Says:

    Outstanding victory. The defence was great. With the exception of two longer runs, AP was bottled up. I am a little concerned about the Titans’ inability to gain yards in the second half, but that is an excellent defence that they were playing against.
    I love what CJ does for the Titans’ offense.
    Hey Drex, how about a game ball Ahmard Hall?? His blocks on the two touchdowns for CJ were incredible plays. That fullback knows how to play football.

  3. wheels Says:

    Great to be 4-0. The D played well, caused 4 TO’s and did a good job on Peterson. The O looked good in the first half but KC was off the mark in the 2nd half. Overall a big win and kudos to Chris Carr for a HUGE KO return after the Vikes scored to make it 23-17.
    Here is a nitpick but as I was watching when the Titans scored to go up 29-17, why didn’t Fisher go for 2? There was still 3 and half minutes left and yes I know the chances are slim that the Vikes will scored 2 TD’s with Jackson at QB but………Just a question. Curious to get any insight on this.
    Great start, looking forward to visiting Nashville for the first time for the Jet game….I might be the only Titan fan in NYC!

  4. David H. Says:

    Chalk up another victory for this team. I can honestly say, Tennessee has no question the best Defensive and Offensive lines (respectivley) in the NFL. I sincerely hope no coaches get fired in the offseason, cause the way that this defense continues to play football I would find it almost impossible that a team like KC, STL or Oakland would pass up a coach like Jim Schwartz. They seem like they know where each other are and just swarm to the football on almost every play.
    Bring on the Rookie!!!! Flacco is going to be a deer caught in the headlights next week when he sees Big Al & Co. !!!!

  5. David H. Says:

    Wheels, you are not alone buddy!!! I live in Westchester County NY. There is a very small following here, but with the way the team is playing that number will only increase.

  6. Gamer921 Says:

    First off, I think Jeff has great confidence in his defense for the big play. Punt? No problem.
    I’d give our Defense the game ball.
    However my concern is offense scoring TD’s in the Red Zone. Second half offense struggles… again
    Our receivers are not a threat to anybody . More of a diversion. Kerrys passing accuracy on the long ball (30 plus yards) is erratic.
    I think defenses are concerned about Chris coming out from screen pass. Dinger is simply taking downfield shots to set up Johnson for the 3 and short.
    By the way Bironis is gold. But you knew that. Great Job!
    Special Teams … huge strides today great job!
    Finally, The Ravens are tough at home. I can’t wait.

  7. jrtitans Says:

    I was happy to see a better performance by special teams.
    I wished Cort could have snagged that ball for an interception and kept his streak alive.
    It looked like KVB head butted Gus in the groin area. thats gotta hurt:).
    Dallas lost, Denver lost–We are starting to get more separation and look like a shoe-in for a top seed in the AFC. ( and nobodys hurt)
    I vote CJ as rookie of the year.

  8. Drexel Perry Says:

    Hall is an unsung hero who plays a position that rarely gets the headlines.
    Despite not giving him a game ball, I am more than willing to acknowledge that he’s a very important part of the Titans’ offense.
    As for the receivers, Gage had a solid day, catching 5 balls for 92 yards. As a group, they aren’t going to remind anyone of Hill, Givens, Jeffries and Duncan, but with Collins under the center, they appear to be reaching their peak production.

  9. Seth Leonard Says:

    Looks like we’ve got the variable dimensionality to be able to adjust and win from week to week, based on who we have to play. Sounds like a championship equation to me.

  10. fireballfan32 Says:

    Although it worked out well for the Titans and I’m glad they did it, can anyone tell me why the Vikes decided to punt it away on fourth down with no timeouts left knowing the Titans can just kneel on it the rest if the way?

  11. Chris M Says:

    I’ve NEVER been more excited about this team.in 35 years.
    My son and I are going to our first game next week in Baltimore…50 yard line 6th row! I won’t be able to sleep all week.
    Also curious as to why Crumpler isn’t getting more involved in offense.
    Wonder if Dinger will incorporate both backs in the game at same time putting Ledale in backfield and splitting CJ in the slot.
    Isn’t it interesting how the offense is JUST as aggressive as the defense.throwiing on first down and keeping the ball in the air as much as they are?
    Finally, Give Dinger credit…he’s creating plays for theses receivers and they are getting separation and holding on to the ball…very, very impressive.

  12. Nick Says:

    I understand your concern about the red zone woes, but the Titans have been much improved in the red zone this year compared to last year.
    In 4 games, the Titans have totaled 12 touchdowns while last year they totaled 28 for the season. If they keep going the way they are going, they will have surpassed that mark by week 11.
    CJ gives the Titans a whole other dimension in the offense, with opposing D’s worrying about him, and not about our WRs, which leaves them open.
    Dinger deserves a lot of credit, I don’t think Chow would have done this well.
    By the way, I’m glad the Titans have fans all over the country, but you would be surprised how many people in Northeast Tennessee don’t like the Titans.
    Someone told me the other day that there was only one team the state of Tennessee needed and that was UT. Needless to say, I put it in his face everyday I see him. At least there is one team in Tennessee that can win.
    Chris M, when the Titans beat the Ravens, please put it in there face. The only Titan game I have ever been to was the Baltimore game two years ago, where the Ravens came back and beat us. I rember vividly the Ravens fans lining up and taunting the home crowd as we walked out, so please return the favor.

  13. Markus Says:

    Chris M…I’ll be in Baltimore as well! I live near Albany, NY, heading down for the day…
    The game: LenDale blows. Haynesworth: PAY THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS!!!
    Great game, although we left lots of points on the table. We did get lucky that Berrian has butter hands. He dropped 2 sure TD’s as he burnt Harper quite a bit. To Harper”s credit, he was on the lookout for AP(contain) and just can’t cover a speed receiver. The Vike’s D was so concerned about CJ that it opened up the passing game a little…great to see a rookie changing the game like that. He forced the corners to man up and sneak the safety down…Definitely the best pick for us in the 1st round…where are all the critics now on that pick??? MR/Fisher look like geniuses! GO TITANS!!!

  14. Dave Says:

    Michael Griffin looks like a damn good 1st round pick also, for the record.

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