Total Titans’ all-time franchise team: FB


As expected, Hall of Famer Earl Campbell defeated fan favorite Eddie George in the battle for the highly coveted all-time franchise team RB spot.
Next up in our series of polls is the unglamorous albeit important FB position.

Lorenzo Neal (1999-2000)
The winner of our Tennessee era FB poll , Lorenzo Neal made a lasting impact in only two seasons with the Tennessee Titans. Paving the way for Eddie George, Neal’s powerful blocking played an unsung role on two Titan teams that came frustratingly close to winning a championship.
The four-time Pro Bowleris also remembered fondly by Titan fans as a result of his participation in perhaps the franchise’s signature play: the Music City Miracle.
Since his departure from Nashville, Neal has continued his impressive streak of being the battering ram for 11 consecutive 1,000 yard rushers.
Tim Wilson (1977-1982)
Wilson’s claim to fame is being the lead blocker for Hall of Famer Earl Campbell during the franchise’s unforgettable Luv Ya Blue era. With Wilson leading the way, Campbell won three consecutive NFL rushing titles from 1978-1980.
Wilson, who unfortunately passed away as a result of a heart attack in 1996, also contributed in the receiving game as well, catching 99 passes in six seasons with Houston.
Charley Tolar (1960-1966), Hoyle Granger (1966-1972)
Both of these players were included in the RB poll as a result of their stellar rushing achievements. However, Tolar and Granger also spent a lot of time at the FB position during their AFL playing days with the Oilers.
Nicknamed the Human Bowling Ball, Tolar’s lack of size (5’6″) didn’t stop him from being a solid runner and blocker for some good early 1960s Oiler teams.
Granger, who replaced Tolar at starting FB, made the Pro Bowl twice. In 1967, Granger rushed for 1,194 yards, which stood as the franchise’s single-season rushing record until Earl Campbell came along and demolished it in 1978.
Best of the rest
Fred Willis (1972-1976) In addition to his blocking duties, Fred was an adept receiver out of the backfield. In 1973, Willis was the NFL’s third leading pass receiver, catching 57 passes.
John Henry Johnson (1966) Johnson only played one season in an Oiler uniform. However, his major contributions came in other NFL cities during a prolific career that was culminated by his selection into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1987.
Alonzo Highsmith (1987-1989) What could have been is a perfect way to sum up Highsmith’s brief career. The #3 overall draft pick in the 1987 NFL Draft, Highsmith was blessed with an intriguing size-speed combination. However, a knee injury and Jack Pardee’sRun& Shoot offense led to the end of Alonzo’s tenure with the Oilers.
Ahmard Hall (2006-2008) The starting FB for the current Tennessee Titans, the former Marine’s blocking and leadership skills have been a vital cog in the team’s successful rushing attack. Rookie Chris Johnson is well on his way to becoming the third different running back to attain 1,000 yards while following Sarge’s blocks.
Who’s your choice for all-time Titan/Oiler FB?


3 Responses to “Total Titans’ all-time franchise team: FB”

  1. I.jason Says:

    I think that if we’re going on previous accomplishments, this is easily between ‘Zo Neal and Wilson. However, I think that if we have this discussion at this time next year, Hall runs away with it.
    Neal is the sentimental favorite, and respect for what he’s done in his career is immense. He’s quite possibly the best pure blocking fullback to ever play the game. He makes good backs great and great backs elite. Not a big recieveing threat, however, and he was only here for 2 years.
    On past performance, Wilson wins this one, I think, if for nothing else than time served as an Oiler (and being very good at his job while doing so).
    Still, I almost think I’d give this one to Hall even now, because he’s a better all-around FB than either Wilson or Neal.

  2. Scott Says:

    I am an Ahmard Hall fan. I know Lorenzo Neal was an outstanding FB for the Titans, but Hall’s play since he has been with the Titans has been outstanding and, in my view, he is performing at a pro bowl level this year. My vote goes to Ahmard.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    Too many new era guys, and no clear standout candidate. Only one player, though, made multiple Pro Bowls, played for the team when they were winning, and was around for more than two years-Charley Tolar gets my vote.

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