Titans-Ravens inactives, open thread


The list of inactives for today’s Titans-Ravens game has been released:
WR Justin Gage
DE William Hayes
RB Chris Henry
CB Reynaldo Hill
P Josh Miller
T Mike Otto
DT Kevin Vickerson
WR Paul Williams
T Oneil Cousins
DT Kelly Gregg
G/T David Hale
S Dawan Landry
CB Derrick Martin
CB Samari Rolle
WR Marcus Smith
QB Troy Smith
With Gage out again, Brandon Jones officially moves into the starting slot, while the Ravens have no lineup changes listed.
Please also use this post for your comments on today’s game.


4 Responses to “Titans-Ravens inactives, open thread”

  1. Tom Gower Says:

    No sign of VY in the first half. I thought we might see him the drive after the FG, but not. So long as it remains a close game, I doubt we’ll see VY at all.
    This game really, really feels like the SD playoff game-the Titans aren’t going to score a TD, and the other team is having enough success intermittently it seems like a TD or 2 is inevitable. I hate that feeling of impending doom.

  2. Johnathan Says:

    Is it just me or does VY give the Titans a better chance in this game? His ability to run would slow down that pass rush and he could actually pick up some yards on the ground. The one good pass he makes is his check downs to his TE’s and that is the only pass anyone has been able to make in this game.

  3. Garland Says:

    You can’t put any stock in that report. They said the Titans are playing the Panthers!

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    According to reports, there’s a possibility that we will see VY on a limited basis on offense:
    Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.

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