Total Titans has a new home

Total Titans readers, welcome to our new digs. As with any move, we have boxes to unpack and a lot of organizing to do. Thanks for bearing with us as we get settled in.
I hope you’ll enjoy the new Moveable Type platform and that it will enhance your visits with us. Of course, I’m sure we’ll encounter a few bugs and technical issues, so thanks again for your patience as we get the kinks worked out. 
If you happen to encounter any bugs, please be kind enough to report them here.
Thanks for your continued support. We’re looking forward to continuing to bring you a lot more top-shelf content throughout the season and year-round.

4 Responses to “Total Titans has a new home”

  1. kevin G Says:

    do we need to get a new RRS feed or is the old one still good?

  2. Tom Gower Says:

    I haven’t gotten any of the new posts in my RSS reader, so I’m assuming you do need to subscribe to a new RSS feed.

  3. i.jason Says:

    So far I have to agree with Tom’s assessment over on Residual Prolixity, re: the new digs.
    While I’m thrilled I no longer have to deal with the old annoying ad spillover blocking my ability to read posts, the new layout is distinctly unimpressive.

  4. i.jason Says:

    For example, the standard MT requirement that all posts be vetted prior to posting blows goats.

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