Liveblog Feed, Future Liveblogs?


After last night’s liveblog, I wanted to get some feedback from you, our readers, about a couple things.

1.  Previously, I did liveblogs by publishing and refresh, and other
people commented via the comment discussion thread to the post.  Do you
like using the CoverItLive app instead, or would you prefer to go back
to the old method?

2.  We ended up doing a joint liveblog with a couple Colts writers and
the MVN Outsiders, neutral parties.  In the future, would you prefer
doing liveblogs for just Titans fans, or did you like getting other
fans’ perspectives?

3.  There was some sentiment expressed in Drexel’s recap post
that readers would like to have liveblogs more recently.  In the past,
I’ve only liveblogged games on national television.  This year, though,
the Titans’ only other regular season game to be shown everywhere will
be the Turkey Day game against Detroit.  Do you want more liveblogs, or
should they be reserved for special occasions?  If more often, how
often-every week?


2 Responses to “Liveblog Feed, Future Liveblogs?”

  1. Kevin G Says:

    much prefered the cover it live, aI also enjoyed having the other fans with us commenting. I really like the blogs since I live out of market and this gives me something in adition to espn gamecast, which is very bare bones. I

  2. Garland Says:

    I enjoyed the CoverItLive blog much more than posting blog comments. From their web site, it looks like it’s a free app. So whatever else you decide, stick with that!
    I would like to see it used every week. Even if there are only a few of us there, it doesn’t hurt to make it available. You don’t even have to be there. Kevin and I can just carry on ourselves…
    I also enjoyed the expanded audience. That was a lot more fun than just having a bunch of homers. Too bad some of the Colts fans were jerks at the end. I hope those were just bad apples and not indicative of what we should expect every week. It would be nice if folks had to agree to some rules of civility before joining the conversation.

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