Q&A Questions for the Packers


If it seems like the Titans just played, it’s because 48 hours ago, they were still playing.  Still, the NFL season moves on.  Among other things, that means it’s time for another Q&A session, this one with bloggers who cover the Green Bay Packers.  What would you like to know about Brett Favre’s former team?


6 Responses to “Q&A Questions for the Packers”

  1. Drexel Perry Says:

    Who should the Titans fear the most: Greg Jennings or Donald Driver?

  2. MJ Kasprzak Says:

    Greg Jennings. Driver will have more catches and move the chains, but Jennings will have the big plays, and we’ll need them to keep y’all from just running over our tired defense in the fourth quarter.
    If we have a lead, you’ll have to pass; against our D, that’s a prescription for disaster for you. If it’s close or we’re down, you’ll get to run; with our D, that’s a prescription for disaster for us!

  3. wheels Says:

    What is your 7 game assessment of Aaron Rodgers and what are the Packer fans opinions.

  4. Garland Says:

    Has Rodgers faced a pass rush as good as the Titans’ (especially the inside pass rush of Haynesworth and Brown) and how did he handle it? When pressured, will he take sacks and throw into coverage or will he check down and throw the ball away?

  5. Garland Says:

    Is coming off the bye week against a team that played an emotional game 5 1/2 days prior an advantage for the Packers? How have the Packers performed recently coming off a bye?

  6. Kevin G Says:

    is al harris expected to play, if so will he be 100%

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