Perfect no more: Jets bomb Titans 34-13


I guess that old proverb was right: all good things do come to an end.

For the first time this season, the Tennessee Titans experienced the agony of defeat in today’s 34-13 loss to Brett Favre and the New York Jets.

New York set the tone from the beginning, as they marched down the field on an impressive first drive that saw Brett Favre complete all six of his passes.

My take on today’s defeat is below.



Before we get into rewarding game balls, I’d like to take the time to applaud the Titans for their wonderful start in 2008. Winning your first 10 games is no small feat, so kudos go out to Jeff Fisher for a great season thus far.

The Titans may have lost today’s battle, but there’s a lot of football left to be played in the war for AFC supremacy.

Game balls

By default, today’s offensive game ball goes out to Kerry Collins. I hate to reward mediocrity, but I’ll give Kerry some credit (and a Jets’ prevent defense) for bouncing back in the 2nd half from his dismal 7/21, 54 yard first-half performance.

Kerry’s final stats don’t appear too bad on paper: 21/39 for 243 yards and a touchdown pass. However, for those of us who watched the games, we know that today was not one of Collins’ better performances.

On defense, I’ll recognize Kyle Vanden Bosch for his solid return from a lingering groin injury. Having KVB back in the lineup was a welcome sight for the Titans, and he finished the afternoon with 2 solo tackles, 4 assisted stops and a half-sack.

A healthy KVB is crucial to the Titan defense as they head down the stretch.

Rob Bironas gets this week’s special teams’ game ball. He made both of his field goal attempts, including a 49-yarder.

The less-than opportunistic Titans

The inability of the Titans to capitalize off of Jets’ miscues hurt them when the game was still competitive.  

Jevon Kearse read a shovel pass to Leon Washington perfectly, and his hit forced Washington to cough up the ball to the Titans. Also in the first half, Cortland Finnegan stepped up with a nice interception that gave Tennessee some good field position.

The net result of the Titans’ first-half turnovers: 2 turnovers, 0 points.

Dink and Dunk doomed the Titans

The Jets did a great job of executing their short-passing game. Favre was on the money for the majority of the afternoon as he spread his throws out to several Jet receivers. Cotchery, Coles and rookie TE Dustin Keller combined to catch 19 of Brett’s 25 completions, with the majority of those grabs coming on quick-hitting passes.

As I mentioned in my keys to victory post, Brett did a great job of executing a game plan that he is all-too familiar with.

Jones/Washington duo goes wild

A worn-out Titan defense that spent a whopping 40 minutes on the field, was gutted by the Jet rushing attack. The Jets ran for 192 yards, with sixty-one of them coming on one play: a back-breaking Leon Washington TD scamper in the 4th quarter.  

The return of the dropped passes

Kerry Collins’ numbers would have been significantly better if the Titan receivers had simply held onto the football. The passing attack was often thwarted by untimely drops such as Bo Scaife’s inability to hold on to a reception that would have prolonged a promising drive in the first half.

After a few stellar performances in recent weeks by the wide receivers, today’s game was indeed a step in the wrong direction.

Final thoughts

1. If I’m not mistaken, today was the 2008 debut of the Titans’ alternate/dark blue jerseys. Maybe I’m a little superstitious, but I cringed upon seeing the Titans wear their alternate uniforms after all of the success they’ve had with the lighter shade of blue this year.

You know what they say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

2. Cortland Finnegan better make the Pro Bowl this year. He’s having a helluva season.

3. Tuff Harris stepped up with a nice special teams’ tackle in the first half. 

His toughness was on full display as he planted an unsuspecting Leon Washington on a punt return.

4. It was great to see Quinton Ganther get some playing time at the end of the game. 

I hope that 2008’s preseason superstar continues to see a little PT as the Titans prepare for the postseason.

5. After a nighmarish performance a few weeks ago against the Bears, Ahmard “Sarge” Hall caught a touchdown pass today against the Jets.

Good to see Sarge get into the endzone.   

What are your thoughts on the Titans’ first loss of the season? 


12 Responses to “Perfect no more: Jets bomb Titans 34-13”

  1. Andrew Z Says:

    Chris Carr is probably the worst corner of all time, having been called for multiple pass interferences.
    The receivers have not costed us a game all year, but as you said the dropped balls defiantly hurt us. Hawk needs to get more playing time and Justin MacCarins needs to be tossed to the street.

  2. Scott Says:

    I don’t think it is fair at all to hang any of this one on Collins. I thought he performed well, not as well as Favre, but good enough to win this game. There were at least 5 dropped passes in the first half alone. That is what killed the Titans in this game. If the receivers (and I am including the RBs, TEs, and WRs in this) could have caught a few more passes in that first half this would have been a different game.
    What the heck has happened to the Titans running game?? Heimerdinger and Fisher have got to get back to running the ball. They have to take a lot of the blame for this loss. The play-calling right from the outset was decidely slanted towards the pass. If this team is going to win regularly (and not just those games when the opponent puts 8 or 9 guys in the box), it will have to run the ball. There were only eleven running plays in this game. That is terrible play calling. The Titans are a ball-control team that engages in long drives and low scoring games. They have to get back to this formula.
    As for Chris Carr, I don’t think that he can be blamed too much for this. That last foul that he was called for occurs on almost every pass play down the sideline. Coles was pushing off the entire time and Carr finally just grabed the hand for a second. It is almost never called and should not have been in that case. Cut the guy some slack. He hasn’t played corner too often and is really only a dimeback and returner in this league.
    I agree though that McCareins has overstayed his welcome in Tennessee.
    One last comment, I think a loss is good thing for the Titans. The undefeated thing was starting to be a noose around their neck and now they can relax and just get back to playing ball.

  3. wheels Says:

    Carr certainly was not a big factor is today’s loss. The Titans played like the Titans except that we gave up the TD’s where we normally give up FG’s and didn’t capitilize on mistakes like we normally do.
    McCareins sucks, he sucked before this week as he has for 3 years….I appreciate the memories Heimer but enough is enough. That being stated he had nothing to do with this loss.
    LenDale needs more than 1 carry. How about a misdirection play once in a while?
    Great run, need to get ready for January. Being a Titan fan in NY sucks today!

  4. wheels Says:

    Carr certainly was not a big factor is today’s loss. The Titans played like the Titans except that we gave up the TD’s where we normally give up FG’s and didn’t capitilize on mistakes like we normally do.
    McCareins sucks, he sucked before this week as he has for 3 years….I appreciate the memories Heimer but enough is enough. That being stated he had nothing to do with this loss.
    LenDale needs more than 1 carry. How about a misdirection play once in a while?
    Great run, need to get ready for January. Being a Titan fan in NY sucks today!

  5. Seth Leonard Says:

    Indeed. More carries for the big guy. Collins is only going to do so much in a game. I saw on SC today that he would probably be starting next season too. Don’t know how authentic that is, but I’m not happy about it. Kerry has played well enough, but his franchise days are long gone.
    So yeah, lets get more clever run schemes back in the play book, fire McCareins (who’s proven how bad he is for the Titans over two different stints), and smack the shit out of the Lions on T-giving.

  6. Dave Says:

    As much as it sucked to watch the Titans lose, at least it’s out of the way. I think the loss will bring back any focus and humbleness that some of our team may have lost. Brett played very well today and we shot ourselves in the foot way too often. Chris Carr played well in my opinion. The pass interference calls could have gone either way. Justin Mcdropsies waited way too long to decide he was an NFL wide receiver. Brandon Jones should be starting opposite Gage and Hawkins should be number 3. I would like to see Ealy, Davis, and Williams get into some games also. Ganther looks pretty good in his limited opportunities.

  7. Tanner Says:

    The last couple of weeks other teams have been showing everyone the best way to beat the Titans. Fortunately up until now, Tennessee was able to overcome what those teams were doing. But the Jets are just too good for that. The Titans needed to set the tone for this game early and get the lead so the Jets would become 1 dimensional. But as it turned out, that’s what they did to Tennessee.
    I knew they were in trouble just by the way the Jets went down the field on their first drive so easily. The defense tried desperately to keep the team in the game. But the offense needed to step up more and it just didn’t… or couldn’t.
    I don’t know what the status of Collins is for next season. Or what the Titans will do with VY. But here’s a thought: Pick up Donovan McNabb in the offseason when Philly dumps him.
    Just think what this team could be right now if they had a healthy Donovan McNabb at QB. Collins has played well but he doesn’t scare anyone. I think McNabb is a step up.
    I know they won’t sign him. But it’s just a thought…

  8. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Most of you can tell by the style of writing and the grammar that I’m not the Andrew who made the first comment. (Andrew, next the next time you comment, please leave your last name or initial to differentiate yourself. Thanks.)
    Carr is not that bad a corner. He looked OK in training camp, preseason and stepped up when called upon in the second half last week. So he got beat a few times by Coles and Favre? He’s not the first and won’t be the last. Neither Carr nor any other individual cost the Titans the game yesterday.

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    Good comments, guys.
    I didn’t say anything bad about Carr because he was put in a tough spot yesterday. He’s only spent limited time at CB this season, and yesterday he was thrown into the fire as the team’s #2 corner against a solid WR.
    I like Carr as a backup CB, but as far as being a starter, I’ll put it this way:
    Nick Harper, I hope you get better soon.
    One final note: I agree with the guys who believe that the Titans need to get back to playing their trademark-smashmouth brand of football. Lendale White only receiving one carry is completely absurd.

  10. bobcomu Says:

    You cant blame just one person for what happened yesterday, they win as a team they lose as a team. I wouldn’t be too worried about the Titans unless they come out and play flat next week and have a close game or, god forbid, a loss in what should be an “easy” win. There will be plenty of QBs available in the offseason, McNabb and Cassel for example. But I dont look for the Titans to make that sort of move. I also heard on ESPN that they are planning on resigning Simms next year. Maybe they are thinking he could step up and win the job?

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of McNabb and I believe that a change of scenery would do his career wonders.
    I doubt that the Titans will make a run for him, if he becomes available. Just yesterday, there was a report that in addition to re-signing Collins, the hope is to bring back Chris Simms as well:
    It’s going to be an interesting offseason at the QB position.

  12. Markus Says:

    Bottom Line: The Jets came in off a “mini-bye”, had a terrific game plan, played their butts off, and whooped us. Titans came out flat. They played better ball at every single position than we did. I was nervous about the game all week….the matchups are not in our favor right now (injuries on D). Carr is okay, and that last interference call was bogus. If anything it should have been a push-off. But since the Jets dominated us, you can’t hang any of this loss on anyone but the players and coaches. The offensive play calling was very poor and the defense took atrocious angles all day. Well, if you’re gonna lose, do it big (Giants did as well) and expose all your flaws. Now we know what areas need to be addressed. We will certainly get better b/c of this loss, as did the Giants after CLE. Good teams and players don’t make the same mistakes twice.
    The way they utilize Leon Washington is how we should be utilizing CJ. If we lose 2 more games and the Jets don’t, we will not have the #1 seed…and that needs to be hammered on the rest of the way out. I am thankful we have the Lions after a very short week and not someone else. So we get a 10 day rest before our next game…GO TITANS1

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