Thanksgiving blowout: Titans stuff Lions 47-10


Folks, smashmouth football has returned to Nashville.

Smash and Dash ran through and around the Lions’ 32nd ranked rush defense in the Tennessee Titans’ lopsided 47-10 victory over the still-winless Detroit Lions.

My thoughts on today’s commanding Tennessee Titan Turkey Day victory are after the jump.

Game balls

No surprise here. Both LenDale White and Chris Johnson are deserving recipients of today’s offensive game balls.

Johnson broke out early, as he scored on a short touchdown run that was sponsored by a mistake-prone Lions’ offense that squandered the football away on their first possession. Later in the first quarter, Johnson displayed his rockets on a 58-yard touchdown scamper on a 3rd & 5 draw play.

With the entire nation watching, today may end up being CJ’s signature performance in a debut season that may be culminated with the league’s offensive rookie of the year honor.

The Lions’ putrid run defense was also a welcome sight to LenDale White, who also scored two touchdowns on the afternoon while surpassing the century mark in rushing yards.

After complaining about limited involvement in last week’s loss to the Jets, White was force-fed the pigskin against Detroit and he responded with a solid outing.

On defense, I’m going to reward this week’s game ball to David Ball. The unheralded defensive lineman, who did a great job of replacing KVB during his absence, stepped up today with a sack and an 15-yard interception return for a score.

His celebratory dances may be horrible, but Ball has proven to be a solid player in the Titans’ DL rotation in 2008.

As for special teams, I gotta go with Rob Bironas. In addition to successfully converting all five of his extra points, Bironas connected on all four of his field goal attempts, including a 4th quarter make that resembled a basketball bankshot.

The Return of Vince Young

A commanding 4th quarter lead presented Vince Young with the opportunity to get some action for the first time since the opening game of the season.

Young completed his only official passing attempt: a 54-yard screen play that went to fellow University of Texas alum Ahmard Hall, who was sprung loose by the block of another former Longhorn, Bo Scaife.

Kerry Collins: game manager

Due to the re-emergence of the Titans’ trademark power-running game, Kerry Collins resumed his role as game manager against the Lions.

It’s great to know that Kerry is capable of leading the team to a W via his throwing arm, as he was able to accomplish in recent victories over Chicago and Jacksonville. Somewhere down the road, Kerry may be called on once again to pass the team to victory.

However, the Titans are at their best when Collins is only attempting somewhere around 25 passes while playing second fiddle to Smash and Dash.  

In the words of an article I wrote a while back: Kerry Collins, Just Manage Baby!

Final thoughts

1. As Al Beaton suggested in our recent Q&A exchange, the Lions are historically bad.

2. Tuff Harris lived up to the billing of his nickname by once again making an impact on special teams.

I’m beginning to like this “Tuff’ fella.

3. Although he didn’t receive a game ball, Kyle Vanden Bosch continues to make his presence felt on defense. 

As we all know, this defense just isn’t the same when KVB is on the sidelines. The Titans need his energizer bunny-like motor to wreak havoc on helpless opposing quarterbacks.

4. Back to the Lions: Daunte Culpepper has to be the first QB I’ve ever seen with not one, but two playcards on his arms.

I laughed out aloud when the game announcers mentioned that Pep was tipping off his plays against the Bucs last week. Apparently, Tampa realized that Pep would look down at his arms on upcoming passing plays.  

Only the Lions.

5. On behalf of Total Titans, I hope everyone has a great rest of the day. We all should eat well after watching the Titans take it to the Lions this afternoon.

What are your thoughts on today’s Titan victory?


7 Responses to “Thanksgiving blowout: Titans stuff Lions 47-10”

  1. Wheels Says:

    Nice to get back on track after the Jet game. The Titans looked great obviously and yes the Lions are awful but overall a big day and it sure was nice to relax and watch after so many tight games.
    Here’s an insignificant issue but I was shocked when Fisher threw the challenge flag up 47-10 on a sideline completion for the Lions with 5 minutes to go. If I were a Lions fan…thankfully I’m not..I would have been pretty pissed off. I guess you can chalk it up to Fisher aleays competing but it seemed a little petty to me.
    We have 10 days before Cleveland comes to town. If we stay focused we can clinch home field before game 15. Happy Thanksgiving and great job as always Drexel.h

  2. Dave Says:

    Good teams win the games they are supposed to…Happy Thanksgiving everyone, GO TITANS!!!!!!

  3. Nick Says:

    I loved Fisher’s wave to the crowd when they started booing him for throwing the challenge flag. Classic. Great win. Fun as a Titan fan to watch domination.

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    Speaking of clinching, the Titans can win the AFC South with a Cleveland victory over the Colts this weekend.
    I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving, and as always, thanks for chiming in with your thoughts.

  5. Big Al Beaton Says:

    Thanks again for the give and take this week, Drexel. And to toot my own horn, I was right on the money with my prediction White and Johnson would combine for 200 yards rushing.
    The Titans were by far the best team I’ve seen the Lions play this season. You all are going to have one Hell of a fun ride the remainder of the season.

  6. Drexel Perry Says:

    Ditto, Al.
    Hopefully, you guys will bring in a competent GM and pick up some studs in next year’s draft.
    The Lions have a very passionate fanbase so here’s hoping that things will get better for you guys in the near future.

  7. Garland Says:

    I was disappointed that Vince did not start the second half. The meaningless clean-up duty was a bit insulting, if you ask me. From what Vince said after the game, it sounds like he agrees. It’s not like Vince is your typical back-up that has never started or is not nearly as good as the starter. If he’s still the future of the franchise as Fisher continues to insist, then he should be getting more playing time. At this point, it just looks like punishment to keep him on the bench all the time.

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