Titans/Browns Q&A exchange


This week, the Tennessee Titans will be searching for an AFC South-clinching victory over the Cleveland Browns.

As usual, we’ll be conducting a question and answer exchange with a writer who muses about the Titans’ upcoming opponent. In this session, I’ll be going back and forth with NXNN from MVN’s Browns Bites.

Anything you’d like to know about the Browns? Feel free to leave all questions in the comments section below.


4 Responses to “Titans/Browns Q&A exchange”

  1. bobcomu Says:

    Do they still feel bitter about what they perceived as “being screwed” out of the playoffs last year by the Titans and Colts?

  2. Kevin G Says:

    how good (or bad) is ken dorsey?
    how much dropoff do you expect, and do you expect the rest of the team to rally behind him given the circumstances?

  3. S-Dub Says:

    As a browns fan, I can’t say i was happy the colts didn’t play their guys and then seeing wat you did in the playoffs I felt we could’ve put together a better game.
    And Dorsey hasn’t played a good game since the game before the national championship against the buckeyes in 03.

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for the questions, guys.
    Part I of the Q&A exchange has been posted.

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