Titans/Browns Q&A exchange: Part II


In Part II of our Q&A exchange with Browns Bites, I’ll be answering NXNN’s questions regarding the Tennessee Titans.

His questions and my answers are below.

Browns Bites

1. How will it affect the Titans come playoff time as they have been so clearly ahead of the pack for so long this season?

Total Titans

Come playoff time, I believe that the Titans will take no opponent for granted. Their recent loss to the Jets left a bitter taste in the players’ mouths, so I’m sure they’ll take that into consideration as they prepare for the postseason.

In a league full of parity, the “Any given Sunday” mantra reigns supreme. If the 2008 Tennessee Titans want to accomplish their lofty goals, they know that 60 minutes of their best football is required against every opponent they face.

Browns Bites

2. What do you think of the lack of hype around the dominance of this year’s Titans compared to the coverage of teams in the past such as last year’s Patriots?

Total Titans

I have no problem with the lack of hype associated with this team. The 2007 Patriots had mega stars such as Tom Brady and Randy Moss while playing in a bigger media market. The Pats were an offensive juggernaut that was scoring points at a record pace. The infamous Spygate scandal also contributed to the attention surrounding the Pats’ quest for perfection.

As for the 2008 Titans, they play in a much smaller media market. They play a tough-nosed brand of football that isn’t very marketable but has proven to be successful during Jeff Fisher’s tenure in Nashville. As for off-the-field issues, the Titans had “Vince-gate” but the attention surrounding that has calmed down, thanks to the solid performance of veteran Kerry Collins.

The Titans’ modus operandi has always been the under-the-radar approach…Jeff Fisher wouldn’t want it any other way.

Browns Bites

3. What is the current status of Vince Young?

Total Titans

Currently, Vince Young is Kerry Collins’ backup. He saw some action last week during the second half of the Titans’ Turkey Day rout of the helpless Lions. He’s missed some practice this week as a result of a thumb infection, but according to media reports, he should be able to serve as the #2 QB this week against Cleveland.

Browns Bites

4. What’s gonna happen with Vince in 2009?

Total Titans  

As for next year, Jeff Fisher has suggested that Vince is still the Titans’ QB of the future. Kerry Collins and backup Chris Simms are free agents, but recent reports indicate that the Titans remain interested in re-signing both of them.

In my opinion, Vince’s fate in 2009 rests entirely on the team’s plans for Kerry Collins. I have a hard time believing that Vince will get his job back if Collins returns. However, if Collins goes elsewhere, Young will probably be the guy next year.

Stay tuned.

Browns Bites  

5. What’s your prediction for this Sunday’s game?

Total Titans

Despite having nothing to play for but pride and coach Romeo Crennel’s job, the Browns displayed a ton of heart last week against the Colts. They shut down Peyton Manning and narrowly lost despite being reduced to playing with their #3 signal-caller.  

As Andrew Strickert mentioned in a recent post, the Titans tend to have problems against the 3-4 defense. Similar to Albert Haynesworth, Cleveland’s Shaun Rogers is a monster in the middle.

I envision the game being a slugfest at the start, with the Titans gradually pulling away as the game reaches its later stages. 

Titans 20 Browns 6

A big thank you goes out to Browns Bites for participating in this week’s question and answer exchange.   


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