NFL nixes Vickerson


In breaking news, Tennessee Titans’ reserve DT Kevin Vickerson is facing a league-mandated four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s anti-doping policy.

Like Minnesota’s Pat and Kevin Williams, who are relentlessly fighting their suspensions, Vickerson tested positive for bumetanide.

Vickerson will miss the final four games but will be eligible to return for the postseason.  

Vickerson has been an adequate role player for Jim Washburn’s defensive line in 2008. He recently amassed a sack in the Titans’ rout of the Lions. During the previous week’s humbling loss to the Jets, he had a season-high 5 combined tackles/assists.

Thankfully, the defensive line is an area of strength for the Titans. Vickerson’s absence also coincides with the return of rookie DE/DT Jason Jones, who’s been out lately with an ankle injury.

Vickerson shouldn’t be missed too much as the Titans are on the verge of clinching a division title while also being close to locking up homefield advantage.

See ya in the playoffs, Kevin.   


2 Responses to “NFL nixes Vickerson”

  1. Kevin G Says:

    good, get some more rest, be fresher come playoffs, we get Jason Jones back this week too; not good that he got suspended, thats bad, but the timing is actually pretty good.

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    I’m excited about Jason’s return to the lineup. He’s a good young player who is only going to get better.
    If the team doesn’t resign Haynesworth (I hope they do) Jones is going to be a big part of next year’s DT rotation.

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