Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Keys to victory


AFC supremacy will be on the line when the Tennessee Titans play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Coming off of a frustrating loss to the Texans, the Titans will be looking to regain the form that was often on display during their impressive 10-0 start. The Steelers, on the other hand, are playing perhaps their best football as of late and appear to be peaking at the right time.

Here are this week’s keys to a Tennessee Titan victory.  

“The Replacements”

In addition to playing without the energizer bunny himself, Kyle Vanden Bosch, the Titans will be without the services of their stud behemoth Albert Haynesworth for the remainder of the regular season.

Filling in for the injured KVB, David Ball and Jacob Ford’s performances are a testament to the depth the Titans have at DE. Now it’s time for guys like Tony Brown, Jason Jones and Amon Gordon to step up in “Big Al’s” absence at DT.

Things got pretty ugly in 2007 when Haynesworth was not on the field. Hopefully, history won’t repeat itself in 2008.

Catch the darn ball!

The term inconsistent is perhaps a kind way of describing the play of the Tennessee Titans’ wide receivers in 2008. With the possible exception of Brandon Jones, dropped balls have been a recurring problem for the much-maligned Titan wide-outs.

Sustaining drives against the vaunted Pittsburgh defense will be of the utmost importance. In crucial 3rd down passing situations, the Titan wide receivers must be able to hold on to the football (that means avoiding throwing in the direction of Justin McCareins at all costs).

Getting creative with CJ

In Chris Johnson, the Titans have an offensive weapon with the speed to make big plays on any given down. 

CJ’s jets will definitely come in handy against the tenacious Steeler defense. Instead of constantly hammering Johnson into the line of scrimmage, I’d love to see Mike Heimerdinger utilize the Titans’ stud rookie RB creatively this weekend.  

That means calling some plays that will get CJ out in space, a few screen passes, a little of CJ in the slot, etc. I wouldn’t even be opposed to seeing some Wildcat action with CJ playing the Ronnie Brown role.

What are your keys to a monumental Titan victory this weekend?   


7 Responses to “Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Keys to victory”

  1. Walt Solek Says:

    the steelers will destroy all in their path. Including the clown like titans. they will eventually destroy the entire universe!

  2. The Blue wav Says:

    I hope you still feel the same way come Monday! Just an observation, but the Colt’s did not seem destroyed when they beat the Steelers. The Colts were not even playing great football then. It is dumb comments like this that make it hard to take the Steelers seriously. They have a good team just like the Titans and the Colts. To say that they are going to destroy everyone is a bit much. If they could destroy everyone they would not have needed a gift from Romo and a contoversial call against the Raven’s in the last two weeks. Bring it on!!! Someone in the AFC South will take care of the Steelers in the playoffs. I hope the AFC Championship does go through Pittsburgh. It makes it sweeter to beat them at home. The next two weeks of the regular season are insignificant. Great teams win no matter where the games are played. So go ahead and destroy a team with back ups on defense. That really means you can destroy everyone. Enjoy your false confidence for a few more weeks.

  3. Alvin Mullins Says:

    Bring on the Steelers I’ve got my chicken soup on the boil!

  4. steelcurtain7 Says:

    Look pittsburgh has alot to prove their defense can win games and i believe they will beat the titans but the offense has to get going

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    Should be a great game tomorrow and hopefully, regardless of the outcome, we’ll see these two teams matchup again down the road.

  6. pat. T Says:

    The Steelers should win this game easily. The Titans have slowed down alot from their great start. And i belive the Steelers can put up 20+ points and the Titans can’t! Its that simple. If Ben Roethisberger doestn’t turn the ball over the Steelers will get a win!

  7. Blue Wave Says:

    Walt, I do not think the Titans feel destroyed today. If the Titans are clowns I am just not sure what that says about the Steelers. The Steelers got physically beaten on both sides of the ball. And with backups. I hope the Titans do see the Steelers again for the AFC Championship game. It will be a pleaseure, but something tells me they might not make it. Some of the other clowns might get them first.

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