Titans-Steelers Gameday/inactives


Here are the inactives for the Titans/Steelers AFC showdown:


#8 QB Chris Simms (3rd QB)
#11 WR Paul Williams
#17 WR Chris Davis
#38 CB Tyrone Poole
#42 RB Chris Henry
#66 OT Mike Otto
#92 DT Albert Haynesworth
#93 DE Kyle Vanden Bosch


#2 QB Dennis Dixon (3rd QB)
#27 S Anthony Smith
#31 CB Fernando Bryant
#53 LB Bruce Davis
#66 OT Tony Hills
#71 DL Scott Paxson
#77 OT Marvel Smith
#96  DE Orpheus Roye

Use this post for in-game comments during today’s contest.


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