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Could the Falcons steal Haynesworth away from the Tennessee Titans?

January 30, 2009

To pay or not to pay Al: that is the question.

With less than a month remaining before the beginning of free agency, the negotiations between Albert Haynesworth and the Tennessee Titans are traveling at a snail’s pace.

If the Titans are unable to reach an agreement with Big Al, there’s one franchise that, for a variety of reasons, could end up as the winner in the lucrative Haynesworth sweepstakes.

What team, you may ask? The Atlanta Falcons.


Did Floyd Reese get a bad rap in Tennessee?

January 29, 2009

Congrats to Floyd Reese for his new gig in New England. I’ve always liked Floyd and thought he did a pretty good job as the Titans GM. And please don’t give me any bull about Floyd screwing up the Titans’ salary cap. Floyd did exactly what he was told to do by Bud Adams – he restructured contracts, robbing Peter to pay Paul, for as much time as he could buy to keep the Titans’ window of opportunity open, in the drive for another Super Bowl opportunity. Almost like he was kiting checks. It almost worked, too.
And when Floyd departed, he left the Titans in good shape – back well under the cap and with a core group of players who led the Titans to the best record in the league last year.


Will Jim Schwartz raid the Tennessee Titans?

January 28, 2009

As the new head coach of the winless Detroit Lions, former Titan defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has a heck of a challenge in front of him.

To assist him with his new job, Schwartz has already extended a hand to one of his former Tennessee Titan colleagues: assistant coach Matt Burke.

With free agency looming on the horizon and roughly $26 million in cap room, a Motown reunion could also be in store for Jim and a few of the Titans’ unrestricted free agents.


Tennessee Titans 2009 offseason position analysis – Fullback

January 27, 2009

As we continue our series of positional analyses, we look now at the fullback position. Three players are in the mix. Ahmard Hall is clearly the man at the position. The other two guys will contend for a roster spot this year but I rate their chances of making the team at 50-50 at best. Let’s take a look at all three players.
Ahmard Hall:  He’s my favorite Titan. I have to say that I like him not only for his football skills but also for his service to our country. As a Vietnam vet, I appreciate the fact that he served combat tours of duty in Kosovo and Afghanistan, as a Marine sergeant who led 120 men into battle.
Don’t expect to see Hall get many carries this year – he’s a blocker who isn’t afraid to stick his face in there and hit linebackers and 300+ pound d-linemen. That’s his role and he’s extremely good at it. Hall is the best blocking FB the Titans have had since Lorenzo Neal. He’s also a reliable saftey valve for Kerry Collins. Hall had 13 catches for a 10.8 yard average and two touchdowns, which is a lot better than most of the Titans’ wide receivers. I’d like to see him featured more in the passing game this year. I firmly believe he can make a difference.


The Curious Case of Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans

January 26, 2009

Chris Mortensen’s latest report shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Mort suggests that Jeff Fisher has already promised Kerry Collins the starting QB job in 2009.

If Collins does indeed re-sign in Tennessee, that leaves Vince Young with the primary responsibilities of holding the clipboard and continuing to serve as Kerry’s understudy.

That’s a long fall from 2006, when Vince was comfortably in the driver’s seat as the Tennessee Titans’ starting signal-caller for the foreseeable future.


2009 Tennessee Titans offseason positional analysis: OT

January 25, 2009

Now that most NFL teams have generally more or less figured out free agency, you essentially never see quality players at key positions hit the free agent market, unless they’re facing a potentially serious flaw (see Brees, Drew, torn labrum).  Two positions, in particular, where it’s difficult to find a good starter, and virtually impossible to find an elite one, in the free agent market are the offensive tackles.  If you want an elite guy, you generally have to be good/lucky enough to find them in the draft, have a coach good enough to develop them once you draft them, and then be smart enough to keep them.


Tennessee Titans 2009 offseason positional analysis: Guards

January 24, 2009

As we headed into the 2008 season, the two guard positions were ones of uncertainty. Benji Olson, a ten-year veteran and the nine-year starter at right guard, retired. The starter at left guard, Jacob Bell, left in free agency, which left the Titans with both guard spots to fill.
As it turned out, any doubts were removed by the play of free agent acquisition Jake Scott, who replaced Olson, and by Eugene Amano, who took over the left guard spot from Bell. They meshed with Kevin Mawae, Michael Roos and David Stewart to form one of the best o-lines, if not the best, in the league.


2009 Senior Bowl: Potential Tennessee Titan targets

January 23, 2009

The best and the brightest college seniors will be on display in tomorrow’s Senior Bowl. All this week, the Tennessee Titans and the rest of the league have been in Mobile, Alabama in their efforts to scout talented seniors who will be available in this year’s draft.

In recent years, the Senior Bowl has been of great interest to the Titans. Jeff Fisher coached the North team in the 2006 Senior Bowl. Last year’s game featured a guy by the name of Chris Johnson, who went on to become the team’s first-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Will the Titans draft one of this year’s Senior Bowl participants? Here’s a look at some potential candidates.


Tennessee Titans 2009 offseason positional analysis: Special teams

January 22, 2009

Jeff Fisher is one of those old-school coaches, a throwback to coaches like General Neyland, who believed you win football games with a good defense and the kicking game. In this segment of our offseason positional analyses, we’ll look at the kicking game, also known as teams play or as special teams, which is so important in Fisher’s philosophy and to the way the Titans play.
There’s a lot of uncertainty about the 2009 Titans special teams. We may see new faces at four of the most important and noticeable positions on special teams — kicker, punter, returner and snapper. We’ll start by looking at those.
Kicker — As discussed in an earlier article, Rob Bironas could become an unrestricted free agent at the end of February. After two decent seasons, he dramatically improved to 64 of 72 field goal attempts, 88.9%, in his last two years. Bironas has a strong leg, as evidenced by his 60-yard field goal on a muddy field to beat the Colts. That strong leg also helps on kickoffs. Touchbacks are better than kick returns, as we witnessed in the pre-Bironas days when Craig Hentrich handled the kickoff duties. I’d like to see Mike Reinfeldt re-sign Bironas to a four-year deal. He deserves it.


Tennessee Titans 2009 Offseason Positional Analysis: TE

January 21, 2009

Total Titans continues its look at the Titans entering the 2009 offseason by position group with a look at the position group that could see a great deal of upheaval for the second consecutive offseason, the tight ends.