Total Titans makes 2008 award selections

As we begin a new year, as well as looking back on the last one, Total Titans has selected a few awards for the 2008 Tennessee Titans. Drexel, Tom and myself each made our decisions and I’ll elaborate a little on mine, with Tom and Drexel probably speaking up about theirs in the comments section. Our selections are as follows, after the break:

MVP Offense – It’s a good thing, in my opinion, when there are so many possibilities. It means it’s a good problem to have. We each selected someone different, so this award is being split three ways between Chris Johnson, Michael Roos and one non-player, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger.
While I gave consideration to Johnson, Kerry Collins and Kevin Mawae, I went with Roos, using the logic that the line is the strength of the offense and Roos is the best player on it. He did a great job both in run-blocking for Johnson and LenDale White, and in protecting Collins’ blind side. Facing the best pass-rushers in the league, week in and week out, Roos allowed only one sack all year, without a single holding penalty and only four false starts. Roos garnered Pro Bowl honors for the first time in his career this year and could become a regular participant. After Roos agreed to his new six-year deal last spring, the veteran All-Pro Mawae commented that there was no doubt in his mind that Roos would outperform his $43 million contract.
MVP Defense – Albert Haynesworth gets the nod here from Total Titans. Big Al earned Pro Bowl honors for the second straight year and will be a vital cog in the Titans playoff run. Drexel and Tom were the two who voted for Albert, so I’ll defer to them if they wish to comment on the reasons why he was their selection.
While I gave strong consideration to Big Al, he was once again a little too inconsistent this season for my liking. I also considered Cortland Finnegan and Keith Bulluck as my most valuable player on defense, but I ultimately opted for Chris Hope. In my mind, he’s the glue that holds the secondary together. I know that Finnegan and Michael Griffin have both credited him for their development, as have several other Titans defensive backs, both present, such as Vinnie Fuller, and past, such as Calvin Lowry.
MVP Special teams – Chris Carr is our unanimous selection here. Tennessee was 27th in kick returns a season ago and improved to first in 2008, thanks to the addition of Carr, who has also been good on punt returns. Although Carr is not as dynamic, explosive or exciting as a certain former Titan returner, he did give the team great field position with a lot of big returns, even if he didn’t break one all the way for a score.
Rookie MVP – Chris Johnson is also a unanimous selection of Total Titans. A real no-brainer, actually. CJ was the only rookie selected for the Pro Bowl this year, and was second to Atlanta’s Matt Ryan for Rookie of the Year honors. Johnson added a dimension which hasn’t previously existed in Tennessee.
Most Improved Titan – Cortland Finnegan received two of our votes, with the third one going to Brandon Jones. Finnegan got my vote for his stellar play, which also earned him a trip to Hawaii in February. I just love his attitude and the Titans’ organization must also, resigning him to a new contract earlier this season. I also considered Stephen Tulloch, Eugene Amano, David Stewart and Michael Griffin and would not have had a problem giving any of them the nod on my ballot, had it not been for Finnegan’s dramatic, though not unexpected, improvement.
Most Disappointing Titan – Another unanimous selection, Vince Young is the recipient of this dubious award, for obvious reasons.
What’s your opinion? Who are your choices for these various awards, and why?

5 Responses to “Total Titans makes 2008 award selections”

  1. Alvin Mullins Says:

    With out KC we are not in the playoffs, he is the offensive MVP followed by CJ for much of the same reason for KC then the OLine.
    DMVP is deffinetely Big Al, a lot of the time he is triple teamed which makes the other linemen have easier shots at the qb or to stop the run. The LB’s have it easier as well and because the Titans don’t have to blitz to get to the qb the backs have a much easier time.
    I agree with the rest.

  2. Kevin G Says:

    all I have to say for tomorrow, GO DOLPHINS!!!
    seriously I would love a rematch with the bolts after last year in the playoffs

  3. whels Says:

    Bring on the Ravens! That was the matchup I was hoping for. We should be able to shut down their offense and force Flacco into a couple of turnovers. I’m confident we can move the ball on offense and as long as we don’t give up the big play to the Raven defense we should be fine.
    I hear you Kevin G but I would rather face SD after 2 trips to the East Coast and a couple of tough road playoff games. Can’t wait until Saturday at 4:30.
    Andrew, I love what Roos has done and he is the best player on the offensive line but without CJ we would most likely be talking about the 09 draft right now.

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    Here’s my take:
    Offensive MVP: Had to go with CJ. He’s been quite the difference-maker for the Titans this year.
    Defensive MVP: Big Al makes the jobs of his fellow teammates a whole lot easier. Sign him up to a long-term deal, Bud!
    Special Teams: I love Carr’s versatility: he’s one of the team’s unsung heroes in 2008.
    Rookie of the Year: I’m a big fan of Jason Jones but CJ has to get the nod here.
    Most Improved: I went with Brandon Jones. He’s become a pretty dependable receiver just in time for a new contract. Coincidence, I think not!
    Biggest Disappointment: VY all the way.

  5. Tom Gower Says:

    A little belated, but here’s more for me:
    Offensive MVP: I picked Heimerdinger. I liked what Chow did in 2006 in terms of making it easier for VY, but last year the Titans were an untalented offense, outside of an exceptionally good offensive line. The only real upgrade for the offense was CJ28 (and he was a real upgrade, and much, much better than I thought he’d be), but the Titans to me outperformed their talent level on offense, particularly in the passing game, and Dinger gets the credit for that.
    Defensive MVP: Another vote for Albert, for the multiplier effect. A little inconsistent, like Andrew said, but he matched his career high with 14 starts, demanded the attention of the offense even he wasn’t necessarily on his game, and could be disruptive even when double-teamed.
    Special Teams MVP: Carr was an easy choice, almost single-handedly turning a poor kickoff return unit into a good one, and wasn’t as bad on punt returns as I thought he’d be either.
    Rookie of the Year: CJ28 was an easy choice.
    Most Improved: I cast a tie-breaking vote for Finnegan. Still the same battling feisty guy he was last year, I noticed a lot fewer receivers getting open against him.
    Biggest Disappointment: VY was another very easy choice. I’d be hard pressed to name a good 2nd choice, at least in terms of performance by a healthy player.

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