The Curious Case of Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans


Chris Mortensen’s latest report shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Mort suggests that Jeff Fisher has already promised Kerry Collins the starting QB job in 2009.

If Collins does indeed re-sign in Tennessee, that leaves Vince Young with the primary responsibilities of holding the clipboard and continuing to serve as Kerry’s understudy.

That’s a long fall from 2006, when Vince was comfortably in the driver’s seat as the Tennessee Titans’ starting signal-caller for the foreseeable future.

Ironically, the setup of Collins as the starter and Vince as the apprentice was Jeff Fisher’s goal from the beginning. Hastily inserted into the starting lineup as a free agent acquisition in August 2006, Kerry was supposed to lead while Vince learned in the shadows.

However, an 0-3 start led to an ineffective Collins being benched and Vince becoming the lead-man. The rest of course, is history, as Vince guided the team to eight wins and an improbable near playoff berth and Collins becoming firmly entrenched as the Titans’ backup QB.

Due to last year’s VY meltdown and KC’s successful run as starting QB, it’s Back to the Future for their roles heading into 2009, with Vince being the backup and Collins serving as the guy in charge.

Speaking of the future, one has to wonder about Vince Young’s in a Tennessee Titan uniform. Despite the insistence of owner Bud Adams that Vince is still the team’s future starting QB, it’s only natural to question whether or not VY will ever get his job back.

To an outside observer such as myself, it appears as though Adams is only saying positive things publicly to appease and motivate Young to continue to keep his head up.

Regardless of Bud’s intentions, it’s pretty clear that this is Kerry Collins’ football team. From his generosity in the form of presenting his offensive linemen with gifts for keeping his jersey consistently clean to the glowing compliments of his teammates, the Titans’ are convincingly behind #5.

As for #10, the formidable challenges of becoming a better quarterback and a team leader lie in front of him. Unfortunately for Vince, he’ll probably have to accomplish those goals as the #2 QB.

History may be on Vince’s side, as indicated by his Phoenix-like rise from backup to star in 2006. However, reality suggests that despite some similarities, the circumstances have changed dramatically from three years ago.

History does have a way of repeating itself, but I think I’m going to side with the reality that Kerry Collins will probably be running the show in 2009 and possibly beyond.  

What do you guys think? Does Vince have a future in Tennessee?  


19 Responses to “The Curious Case of Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans”

  1. Alvin Mullins Says:

    I can’t see VY ever being a starting QB. He was disinterested all year after his benching. When he did get in against Indy, he looked worse than terrible.
    The only reason I think the Titans keep him is that what could they get for him? They will try to rehabilitate him so they can get something back. We need to have someone who can pass the ball and make good decisions, VY can’t do either.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I have a different take on this. Lets move him to wide out. Why not he’s 6-5 with good speed, and he has maybe an enhanced thinking of where he should run his routes from being a QB. The only thing I question about this is his strength/toughness and whether he would be willing to block, but I think if we got him in the weight room and really started to get him stronger now he would become a beast, think in the mold of Calvin Johnson in terms of physical ability, but a tee bit slower and not as strong. Just a thought.

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Andrew, please do me a favor and include your last name or initial when you comment. I don’t want our readers to confuse your comments with those I make. I don’t believe you want that to happen either. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment.

  4. wheels Says:

    Don’t worry Andrew S, we all know it isn’t you because he didn’t say that VY would get beat out by the great Justin McCareins!

  5. Garland Says:

    Andrew, if you would add your pic to your profile, there would be less room for confusion.

  6. fireballfan32 Says:

    There is no confusing the two. How could there be? After every post Andrew has ever left Andrew S. leaves his own post to “clear up any confusion”. As for VY, I just dont see how he will ever be the QB he was drafted to be. Although I hope that he proves all of us doubters wrong and becomes a HOF type of QB, I just wont hold my breath for it. And even if they wanted him to play receiver, big if, there is no way he would go along with it.

  7. Tom Gower Says:

    Based on what I’ve seen and what’s been reported, VY will almost certainly be the primary backup in 2009, won’t play outside of garbage time barring an injury to Collins, and will then be cut prior to 2010. Nobody will trade for him, because nobody will want to pay $6 mil a year or whatever exactly it is for 2010 and 2011.
    As to how long Collins will stick around, I think he’ll get at least 2 more years if he wants them, probably even if he falls off a cliff, performance-wise, in 2009.
    Probably busting out on a #3 pick is a real bummer, ain’t it?

  8. steve Says:

    hahahahahaha….im lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….hey Andrew whats up ole pal???????????….you know i had to ring in on this one!!!…VINCE SUX!!! and he is exactly what i always said he was………nothing!!!!!…i hope we go qb in the draft….hopefully rhett butler in the 3rd or 4rth…he would be a steal…he looks pretty good, but i would be lovin life if we could get ole rey maualuga(spelling??) from usc in the first. anyways just wanted to drop a line andrew…i been away for a while, but im back now…..holler at u sooon bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Penthor Says:

    I’ve been watching VY pretty close since he was recruited by UT. He is absolutely the best athlete I’ve ever seen on a football field. When Mack Brown finally turned him lose in 2004 he became almost unbeatable. He controlled the game in college. In the 2006 Rose Bowl he played probably the most dominate individual game I’ve ever seen on any level.
    The NFL is a different game. These are the big boys and there are few weaknesses in defenses. As a classic drop-back QB he leaves a lot be desired. But he remains an incredible athlete. I just can’t imagine having a talent like that sitting on the bench. That’s just crazy. If Fisher is as good as I think he is, then he should find a way to get VY on the field with the ball in his hands. Not every play, but enough to keep defenses off balance. No one said it would be easy being an NFL coach….or an NFL QB.

  10. Drexel Perry Says:

    Re: The “other” Andrew:
    Interesting idea, but I doubt if VY has any desires of becoming the next Kordell “Slash” Stewart.
    Whether or not the team decides to draft a quarterback this year could depend on what happens with Chris Simms.
    Apparently, Chicago may have an interest in Chris:
    As always, thanks for commenting guys.

  11. Andrew Strickert Says:

    LOL, Wheels.
    Garland, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to find a suitable pic to put on my profile. I’ve got a couple with some good accompanying eye candy, hugging some Titans cheerleaders. Warning! I’m not a pretty face – as they say in radioland, I have a good face for radio.

  12. Alkatraz Says:

    We’ll trade you Romo for VY straight up. Cowboys need someone that won’t choke under pressure. Vince Young was the dynamic running back before Chris Johnson. KC w/o CJ is inferrior to VY. I think VY had that knee injury since his second season preseason game. I figure he learned his speed should not be for anything more than the 1st down. Running like in college is done. Dallas unlike Tennessee has recievers & ur Defense not Offence was really the ones winning games. Kerry Collins passing % didn’t go up untill other Defences found out they had to double team for Chris Johnson. Vince despite his IQ is still a better QB. His Rookie season was unreal biggest 4th quarter come back, Rookie of the Year, cover of Madden!!! Second season still made the playoffs despite the Madden curse. As long as he stays Nimble the Best Vince Young is yet to come.

  13. Jerome Young Says:

    Come on everyone talks down about V Young.. V did not have a Chris Johnson in the backfield last year.. put him in V together they would have been crazy.. what did Kerry Collins do but choke in the last game. Any body could have played quarterback last year and did the same is Kerry Collins did. Did you forget what V did his First Season in the NFL and Second season.. Titans was nothing until V came.. he got hurt the first game of the season know everyone talks about he is no good..Watch when he comes and does good you same people going be look on the bag wagon..

  14. Dave Says:

    Frankly, I don’t care what we do with VY. However, saying the Titans were nothing before he came is a little silly. Steve Mcnair was a decent quarterback as I remember and the only Titan QB to lead them to the Superbowl.

  15. bobcomu Says:

    And Kerry Collins did everything but choke in the playoff game. he really was lighting that secondary up moving the ball down field all game long. Other players just couldnt hold on to the ball once he got them down there. I hope VY comes through and is the best QB to ever play in the NFL. I just dont see it happening.

  16. Wayne Says:

    are you serious? that is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. Kerry collins had a great game against the ravens, but if you watched, twice the ball was fumbled in the red zone. and also, the only person moving the ball in the last two and a half quarters of that game was kerry collins, because lendale white wasn’t doing anything. vince young is a bust, i say we trade him to the lions for calvin johnson..

  17. Jay Says:

    You guys must have forgotten about Collins in Carolina and then the NY Giants where he played sub par and was traded, he will have a bad season and tennessee will be begging Young to start.

  18. GG Says:

    Are ya’ll kidding? How bout them horns! If VY gets some confidence and a rythm, he’s unstoppable – if the man keeps him down, then your right – if he is allowed to roll, then roll he will. Bud should let him play elsewhere.. why not – he doesn;t want to play hom

  19. 2009 Tennessee Titans surprise performers « Total Titans Says:

    […] yard performance, perhaps the biggest story for the Titans in ‘09 was the re-emergence of embattled signal-caller Vince […]

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