Titans select D.J. Moore in mock draft


I was recently asked to participate in an interblog mock draft on a Seahawks blog, to make the selection for the Titans with the 30th pick. This is what I wrote about my selection, cornerback D.J. Moore from Vanderbilt.

Former Titans general manager Floyd Reese used to say that you got true value out of a draft pick when the selection was both the best player available and also happened to fill a position of need. I’m very surprised that D.J. Moore is still available at #30 in this mock draft and that the Ravens blogger selected Sean Smith at #26 rather than Moore, who is clearly the best cornerback, if not the best player, on the board.
The Titans have a real need at corner. They’re in good shape with Pro Bowler Cortland Finnegan on the right side but left corner Nick Harper will be 35 years old in September and his skills are declining. To complicate matters, the Titans’ nickelback, #3 corner and #4 corner are all approaching free agency and it’s doubtful if all three can be re-signed. For the purposes of this mock, it makes sense to select a cornerback, especially when one with Moore’s skill set is available.
Moore is a very athletic corner who, in addition to his stellar play at corner, was utilized by Vandy as a punt returner, kick returner and as a wide receiver on offense. He’s one of those guys that is a threat to score any time he gets his hands on the ball, which is why the Commodores used him in all those roles. If Moore actually falls to #30 in April’s draft, he’d be a great asset for the Titans.
I also considered some other players still on the board, which included WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, CB Alphonso Smith, OLBs Larry English, Clay Matthews and Clint Sintim and DT Evander Hood. Two of the best players available, if I wanted to go that route, were RBs Chris Wells and LeSean McCoy, but I couldn’t see the Titans taking another RB in the first two rounds for a fourth straight year.
You can view the interblog mock draft here. Incidentally, the Lions blogger must have been smoking something when he made his selection and several commenters gave him some justly deserved criticism. Other than that, most of the other picks looked fairly reasonable.
What do you think about D.J. Moore? Who would you have selected? I look forward to reading your comments.

9 Responses to “Titans select D.J. Moore in mock draft”

  1. Kevin G Says:

    looked, I was kind of hoping Hakeem Nicks would fall to us, he as everything that we could want in a wide-out (most importantly GOOD HANDS).
    other options that I can think of based on who is available:
    Alex Mack /Max Unger: neither of these are sexy picks, but both project as elite interior linemen, Unger in particular seems like a Munchak kind of guy. smart, plays 4 positions on the line, could probably beat our either Amato or Harris, I think we could take him if he falls to use in the 2nd round.
    Brian Cushing: don’t really understand what the packers blogger was thinking, Cushing is a late 1st early 2nd round prospect, not top 10. probably didn’t realize that most 3-4 outside linebackers are converted DE, Cushing should be available when we pick and as much as it pains me to say it we need a successor to Keith.
    Paul Kruger/Tyson Jackson: the best DE left, and never rule out the titans drafting defensive linemen! Especially if Albert leaves look for them to take the best defensive linemen available. Even with him an elite talent is needed to prepare to take over after Kearse. Weather that is William Hayes or not is something that the coaches will decide, or they may want a high draft pick invested in the position instead of a developmental prospect.
    Despite all of this I think that D.J. Moore is the best player available and who the titans take in this position. Good pick!

  2. Dave Says:

    What you wrote makes perfect sense. If Reiny believes DJ is our guy, then I won’t doubt him ( or you).

  3. Scott Says:

    DJ Moore is a good pick. Alphonso Smith from Wake Forest would also be a good choice (and I think he is still available in the mock).
    There is a position of greater need on the Titans than CB, and that is Receiver. I’d be tempted to take Darrius Heyward-Bye from Maryland with this pick. He has the speed that the Titans need at that position.

  4. Tom Gower Says:

    Good call, Andrew. Moore is almost too obvious of a pick there-local guy, position of need, good value.
    I really don’t like that mock-Johnson’s a really dumb pick, I’ll be shocked if the Rams take Crabtree over one of the OTs, Cushing’s not going to the Packers at 9 or anywhere else, there’s no way Malcolm Jenkins makes it to 14, if the Lions take Josh Freeman at 20 then Jim Schwartz can’t have any say in the draft at all, and I could go on. I generally enjoy fan mock drafts because it’s not just some draft guru making up a team need (no, the Titans will not spend their first round pick on James Laurinaitis), but not all of them work well.

  5. David H... Says:

    Percy Harvin…I like this kids work ethic and he is a dynamic athlete. If we can land TJ “whos your mama” in free agency or even Antonio Bryant from Tampa, then Harvin fits in perfectly as the slot receiver. He could not only be an effective slot receiver, he could also help the return game if we don’t resign Chris Carr. I was one of the few guys last year who was big on DeSean Jackson, and he had a better rookie season than the other entire rookie WRs in his class. Guys like Limas Sweed and Devin Thomas barely saw any real action, and Donnie Avery showed some flash but because the Rams were so lethargic on offense, he couldn’t make a real impact.
    Percy fits better with big bodied guys like Gage and Housh. His speed and versatility would be sick with CJ. Just think about it guys… Percy and CJ running a double reverse or even a package with VY (whether or not he’s the starter) running a wildcat type play would be incredible to watch and almost impossible to defend. All that being said irregardless if we get Bryant or Housh in free agency; this cannot be the year the Titans bail on drafting a WR in the Draft. They simply cannot avoid paying any serious attention to that position any longer.

  6. Morgan Says:

    I totally agree that the titans will take a CB or a D-Lineman in the first round. There also is a thought that a LB could be taken there. I dont see Larry English going before pick #30. He reminds me of a young turell suggs. Total hybrid who can play DE or OLB.
    I do dissagree on the fact that D.J Moore is the best CB in the draft. Im not sure if you ment he would be the best available but, Vontae Davis and Malcom Jenkins are the best CB in the draft by far, hands down, and i dont think anyone will disagree.
    Hey-ward bey dropping to pick 30 is far out there. In every mock draft i have see this year he is ahead of Percy Harvin and Haakeem Nicks. Im all over the Nicks wagon for wide-out.
    Here’s looking forward to the combine then the draft. GO TITANS

  7. Brad Says:

    I completley agree with this pick. This would be the best reasonable pick for the titans. I don’t really like Alphonso Simith as much as I do Macho Harris if Moore isn’t there, but I think the titans need to go corner in the first round. If neither Moore or Harris are there I say we go with Harvin or Heyward-Bey.

  8. steve Says:

    i really wish rey maulauga(spelling?)could fall to us!!…that would be awesome! I also wouldn’t mind if we moved up to get him…he will be worth it!! hes like troy polamalu on steroids, but hes a linebacker and he has only one mission…seek-n-destroy!! i also wouldnt mind seeing dj moore in the first. unlike some others on here, I think he could be a great possibility because the draft never goes like people think it will. Heck, there were tons of O-lineman taken in the first round last year, as it was a huge position of need. i look for the same thing to happen this year. but, i think the titans will disapoint this year, as they pick someone like heyward-bey. i dont much care for the kid. he has potential to be decent, but hes no harvin or maclin. i could be wrong about him and i hope i am, but hes gonna have some beastly stats in the combine! and guess what…thats the kind of people the titans look for. especially after the job cj has done this yr. with bud getting more n more senile by the minute, i think he lets them go for it, and this kid is who im puttin my money on!!

  9. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for your comments, guys. I appreciate your input.
    David, Percy Harvin wasn’t on the board when the Titans picked at #30 in this mock. If he had been, I would have given him very strong consideration.
    Morgan, you’re right, what I meant was that Moore was the best corner still on the board. I have him ranked the third best in the draft, behind Jenkins and Davis.

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