It’s the final day for some as Tennessee Titans


Today will be the last day some players will be Tennessee Titans. A guy who will probably be one of them, Reynaldo Hill, hasn’t been talked about much lately, but his contributions to the Titans shouldn’t be forgotten.
A seventh-round draft pick, Hill won a starting job as a rookie, beating out former first-round draft selection Andre Woolfolk. Hill was an upgrade and started 26 games for the Titans at left corner.
He lost his starting job when Nick Harper joined the team in 2007 and played mostly on a few special teams since then. In 2008, Hill appeared in only five of ten games before being placed on the injured reserve list.

I doubt if the Titans will try to re-sign him, unless they’re unable to re-sign Vince Fuller, Chris Carr and Eric King, in which case they might bring him back for depth and give him a chance to make the team in training camp. I rate the probability of his return at no better than 25%.
These are my guesstimates of the probability of re-signing the other free agents-to-be still on the roster today, in ascending order:
Tyrone Poole 5%
Albert Haynesworth 25%
Craig Hentrich 25%
Chris Simms 25%
Chris Carr 50%
Vincent Fuller 50%
Brandon Jones 50%
Eric King 50%
Daniel Loper 50%
Justin McCareins 50%
Kerry Collins 75%
Who do you think the Titans will re-sign?

4 Responses to “It’s the final day for some as Tennessee Titans”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    I hope the chances of retaining Simms are higher.

  2. questionmark Says:

    Chris Simms – KC will get stupid money from the NYJ or some other team.
    Brandon Jones – with the WRs on the market, he’s overestimating his value.
    Chris Carr – he’ll get a decent offer and the Titans will match it or do a little better.
    Everyone else will sign elsewhere.

  3. Dave Says:

    I hear Matt Leinart may be seeking a trade. Should we not resign KC or CS, do you fellas think Jeff Fisher would look into getting “his” guy in a trade?

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Seth, I look at Simms like this. If it’s 75% probability for Collins, that leaves 25% for Simms. If Collins re-signs, then Simms leaves, but if Collins leaves then the Titans re-sign Simms.
    Questionmark, I pretty much agree with you but think Warner is the one who gets the stupic money.
    Dave, with 20-20 hindsight, I doubt if Fisher is that high on Leinart now. Also, I doubt if the Cardinals would be willing to trade him.
    Thanks for your comments and feedback, they’re always appreciated.

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