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Torry Holt: Missing piece to the Tennessee Titans’ Super Bowl puzzle?

March 31, 2009

Several years ago, rookie Torry Holt’s 3rd quarter touchdown played a key role in the St.Louis Rams’ 23-16 heartbreaking defeat of the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Almost ten years later, the now-veteran Holt could eventually end up playing for the team he helped to defeat on that icy, late January day in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Titans’ hypothetical pursuit of Holt that we previously discussed has become a reality, thanks to the Rams’ decision to cut their accomplished veteran WR.

After contributing to the dismantling of Jeff Fisher’s Lombardi dreams a decade earlier, could Torry Holt be the missing piece to a Tennessee Titans’ Super Bowl run in 2009?


Reese vs Reinfeldt: a comparison of draft methodology

March 30, 2009

Floyd Reese was the franchise’s general manager for 13 years and has plenty of history that provides ample material from which to form an opinion on his philosophy.
After observing Mike Reinfeldt’s first two drafts as the Titans G.M., we can also begin to formulate an opinion on his methodology.
Generally, Reese was someone who made selections on his own. While he welcomed input from the scouts and coaching staff, his own opinion heavily outweighed theirs. In contrast, Reinfeldt places more value on their opinions, as demonstrated by the selection of Jason Jones.
The Titans drafted 120 players during Reese’s tenure as G.M. and almost all of them were chosen by him. Two notable exceptions, Steve McNair and Vince Young, weren’t Reese picks at all. Those two selections were made by owner Bud Adams.


Do the Tennessee Titans have their eyes on a CB in round one?

March 29, 2009

As next month’s NFL Draft rapidly approaches, selecting a cornerback in the first round is quickly becoming a likely scenario for the Tennessee Titans.

About a week ago, the Titans sent a few scouts to Vanderbilt’s pro day in their efforts to get better acquainted with hometown boy D.J. Moore, a versatile corner who can also be deadly on special teams as a return man.

In the weeks that lie ahead, Wake Forest’s miniature menace a.k.a. Alphonso Smith is scheduled to arrive in Nashville for a pre-draft visit. Also partaking in a tour of the Music City is Connecticut’s Darius Butler, who recently ran a blazing 4.38 40-yard dash at his pro day.

Let’s take a look at Moore, Smith, Butler and a few other CB candidates who could be in the running to be selected with pick #30.


More interesting items from the league meetings

March 28, 2009

Will changes affect the Titans?
Several items of interest, besides the announcement of compensatory picks, came out of the league meetings this week and I’d like to read your opinions on them.
As is the case most years, there will be some new rules and rule changes this season.
First are the “Hochuli rule” and rules on replay. I’m all for them if they will help the officials get the calls right.
I also have no problem with the new rules on eliminating re-kicks and changing the draft order for teams which made the playoffs the previous season. The changes in draft order don’t seem too significant. If those changes were applied to this year’s draft, the Titans would select 28th instead of 30th in each round.


RB Andre Brown: Future draft pick of the Tennessee Titans?

March 27, 2009

Lo and behold, the Tennessee Titans may be interested in drafting another NFL Combine workout warrior.

According to reports, RB Andre Brown is scheduled to make a visit to Baptist Sports Park over the course of the next couple of weeks. Brown, who was hindered by foot injuries during his last two years at N.C. State, intrigued scouts with an impressive 4.49 forty-yard dash last month in Indianapolis.

Will 2009 mark the fourth consecutive year that the Titans take a running back with a first-day selection?


A look back at the Titans’ 2008 inactives

March 26, 2009

One method of identifying players who are less important than others on the roster is by looking at the lists of players who were inactive on gamedays. Of course, players sometimes don’t play for other reasons, such as injuries.
When injuries are not the reason for players missing games, it gives us some insight into the thinking of the coaching staff.
Following is the number of games (both regular season and playoffs) players were listed as inactive last year. Following that are my observations.
Chris Henry – inactive for 16 games: The former second-round draft pick has been a bust and the Titans coaching staff has acknowledged as much by not suiting him up sixteen times. His only appearance came in the scrimmage against the Colts in the regular season finale.


Best player available vs. need: What approach will the Tennessee Titans take in round one?

March 25, 2009

Let’s flashback to one year ago.

Heading into last year’s draft, it was believed by many that securing the services of a playmaking wide receiver would be goal of the Tennessee Titans in round one. For those who were unconvinced (and ultimately right) that the Titans would go WR in the first round, selecting a defensive tackle or defensive end was a more realistic option with pick #24.

Of course, history tells us that with the exception of the omniscient Frank Wycheck, many of us were shocked when we heard RB Chris Johnson’s name announced as the Titans’ first round selection.

Despite possible needs at WR, DT and DE, Mike Reinfeldt decided to take the best player available route by adding another RB to a stable that already consisted of recent high draft selections LenDale White and Chris Henry.

Let’s fast-forward to 2009. Will the Tennessee Titans shock the world again by going best player available in the first round, or will addressing a team need emerge as Mike Reinfeldt’s chief priority with pick #30?  


Titans news from the NFL league meetings

March 24, 2009

Those who think that the Titans don’t get enough respect will be happy to see they’ve been selected to kick off the season at Pittsburgh, the NFL announced yesterday at its first 2009 league meeting. The season opener will be broadcast nationwide in prime time Thursday night, September 10. Many fans will also be happy to know the game will be on NBC rather than on the NFL Network.
Yesterday morning, Drexel wrote a great preliminary preview of what was then a hypothetical season opener.
Expect the Steeler fans to look for revenge for the towel-stomping incident near the end of the Titans decisive thrashing of Pittsburgh last year. The two-tone blue will play in a hostile environment this time, to put it mildly. There will be the usual towel-waving at Heinz Field but it should be more energetic at this game. At least at the beginning of the game. I’d like to see the towel-waving subside, as it did in the fourth quarter at LP Field in December.


The Case for a Titans vs. Steelers opening night matchup

March 23, 2009

According to Peter King, one of the big rumors flying around at this week’s annual NFL meetings is the possibility of a titanic opening night clash between the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers:

“It’s beginning to look like a Tennessee-Pittsburgh season-opener…The NFL doesn’t have great options for the Steelers for opening night, Sept. 10. San Diego, Green Bay and Tennessee are the best ones… and I’m hearing the Titans are favorite sons here.”

Here are a few reasons why we should all be rooting for a Titans-Steelers Week 1 showdown.


The Tennessee Titans and the single-wing

March 22, 2009

In the last several months, we’ve had several comments about the Dolphins’ “Wildcat” formation, with some people wondering if it would be something the Titans might use.
First, let’s understand what the “Wildcat” is, which is simply Miami’s version of the old single-wing offense. Let a dozen coaches install a single-wing package and they’ll have a dozen different names for it, but they’ll all still be the single-wing.
If you’re not familiar with the single-wing, you might benefit from reading a simple explanation of it in this article which I wrote for NFL Outsider last fall. Fans who are already familiar with the single-wing will probably enjoy it also.
There are several traits that characterize the single-wing. First, the line is unbalanced. Second, the tailback takes a direct snap from center. And third, a wingback comes in motion, oftentimes reaching the tailback just after he receives the snap.