The Titans need to continue being active in free agency

The Titans have no discernable holes in their starting lineup. You can pencil in a starter at every position.
So why do the Titans need to continue signing free agents? It’s a matter of simple math, really. The Titans need more players than they have draft picks available and I doubt if Tennessee will be granted any compensatory picks.
As it stands now, the Titans have only six selections for this April’s draft. By my count, quite a few more players are needed to round out the roster.

 CB: 2 or 3
 LB: 1 or 2
 DT: 0 or 1
 OL: 1 or 2
 WR 2 or 3
 QB: 0 or 1
 RB: 0 or 1
 PR: 0 or 1  
 S/T 6 to 14
Here’s how I arrived at those numbers.
CB: The Titans normally carry five or six corners and they currently have three — Cortland Finnegan, Nick Harper and Cary Williams. Harper is getting old and will need to be replaced in a year or two.
LB: Keith Bulluck and David Thornton are also getting older and the quality of the depth could use an upgrade.
DT: Nobody can replace Albert Haynesworth, but the Titans will try with four guys who will rotate frequently at the two DT spots. An upgrade over Kevin Vickerson is a possibility.
OL: Another guard is needed. Is Michael Otto capable of filling in for Daniel Loper at tackle?
WR: Although Mike Heimerdinger will give the bulk of the playing time to his best two or three wideouts, the Titans will probably carry five. They currently have 2½ in Justin Gage, Nate Washington and Lavelle Hawkins.
QB: A free agent to compete with Vince Young for the backup spot is a strong possibility. Or a late draft pick could be used to groom a potential replacement for Young or take over as the #2 after Kerry Collins retires.
RB: The Titans don’t appear to be real happy with LenDale White or Chris Henry. Will Rafael Little make the team?
PR/KR: The Titans are going to miss Chris Carr if he signs elsewhere but they’re still hoping they can re-sign him.
What are your thoughts on how the Titans replenish their depth?

2 Responses to “The Titans need to continue being active in free agency”

  1. Ben Says:

    As much as I love having Gage, Washington, and Hawkins as a top 3 even if they arent the best I would like them to sign a more veteran WR such as Holt maybe. If for the right price or if no one trades for him since the Titans definitly won’t. As for a backup for VY, I would like to have some sort of compensation for him if he indeed plays poorly or has another issue. As long as he would ibe able to so even half of what Collins did last year. Other than that I agree as to why the Titans need players at particular positions as backups since we do indeed have some pleyers who may be on the downfall fairly soon.

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I think the Titans will pick up a CB/KR and a WR in free agency before the draft. I like the chances of Carr and Bennett returning. Much like last year, they have very few holes (WR!) to fill, so they should have another draft where they consistently go after BPA. They’ll pick up a QB after the draft – maybe Ingle Martin if he’s released, otherwise they’ll find an undrafted FA to work with.
    Ben – I don’t think that Holt will come here. He’s been rumored to want to go to Carolina, and pairing him with Steve Smith makes sense. He’s a #2 at this point in his career. Justin Gage is a #2, and though he’ll be starting too, Nate Washington is a #2/3 receiver.

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