Titans sign Jarrett Bush to offer sheet


I believe that Jonathan Hutton of Titans Radio was the first to report that the Titans signed Green Bay cornerback Jarrett Bush to an offer sheet.
We knew that the Titans had already hosted Bush and two other free agent corners so it’s good news that they’ve agreed to terms with one they have interest in. Of course, we won’t know for perhaps a week whether the Packers will match the offer.
I did a little research on Bush and found that he was not a fan favorite in Packerland.

Zach Kruse of The Bleacher Report sarcastically called Bush “everyone’s favorite Green Bay Packer” and added,
“Barring some unforeseen circumstance (like Ted Thompson mistakenly deciding to match any offer he receives,) Packers’ fans will need to find a new whipping boy for next season.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein was more charitable, writing:
“That Bush is drawing interest from two physical teams like the Titans and Ravens speaks to his strong reputation as a special teams player. Bush finished second on the team in special teams tackles with 17 last season. He had six special teams penalties, the most on the team, but he was involved in a lot of action because he was a gunner on the punt team and a member of the kick-coverage team.”
MJ Kasprzak of MVN’s Green Bay Packer site, The Frozen Tundra, opined that Bush was not a player he wanted the Packers to keep, because he “cost us the NFC Championship by trying to make the highlights and commits too many penalties.”
Looking at a Packers fan forum, the sentiment was pretty much the same. This thread concerned the possibility he might leave and this one was started after the Titans signed him to the offer sheet. 
Although Green Bay fans may not like him, apparently Mike Reinfeldt, Jeff Fisher and Chuck Cecil, all former defensive backs, like him, as does special teams coach Alan Lowry. That’s good enough for me.
We’ll find out in the next week if Packers GM Ted Thompson likes him enough to match Tennessee’s offer.
It sounds to me like Bush may turn out to be a replacement for Eric King, but not for Chris Carr. Bush plays on the coverage teams but doesn’t return kicks. His stats show that he has two punt returns for zero yards. Speculation: perhaps he was an upback and fielded two short punts?
In related news, Carr is still making the rounds of teams interested in him. So far, so good for Titans fans. He hasn’t signed with anyone yet and perhaps will realize that remaining in Tennessee is his best option.
If Carr does not sign with the Titans, perhaps cornerback/kick returner Justin Miller will.

2 Responses to “Titans sign Jarrett Bush to offer sheet”

  1. cld12pk2go Says:

    But seriously, he only has to be better than Reynaldo Hill to upgrade the team. Every player cannot be a superstar.

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Carr has just signed with the Ratbirds. #@%*!!

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