Buyer beware? More negative feedback on Jarrett Bush


Apparently, Jarrett Bush is the punching bag of the Green Bay Packer faithful.

As Andrew suggested in his article yesterday, there are many fans who bleed green and gold who would love to see the Tennessee Titans remove them from their collective miseries by bringing Bush to Nashville.

Next up in the Bush bash fest is Alex Tallitsch of Packers Lounge, a popular web destination for Green Bay fans that was recently named by Cheesehead TV as the best Packer blog of 2009.

Alex’s glowing words (dripping with sarcasm) are after the jump.

Jarrett Bush Sucks

By: Alex Tallitsch

The Packers Lounge

Being asked to write a scouting report on Jarrett Bush for another team that might be signing him is nothing short of a dream come true. In fact, just the thought of Jarrett heading to another team makes me giggle like a little green and gold school girl.

I have but one thing to say, “Good luck Tennessee and good riddance Jarrett Bush.”

There is always one player on every team that can be considered a coach killer. For far too many years that man on the Green Bay Packers has been Jarrett Bush. He has tons of athletic ability, but sadly, the kid is never going to get it together upstairs.

I still am in total shock that the Packers even tendered him at all. I mean come one, this kid is plain awful. Many would say the worst player on the team.

Last season he had more penalties than any single Green Bay Packer in over 20 years. He also enhanced his resume with more missed tackles than any other special teamer. The argument could be made that this kid single handedly lost a couple of games by whiffing easy take downs and making one bone headed play after another. To put it in perspective, he had more missed tackles than the kicker.

Jarrett Bush is like a cheap novelty store Swiss Army knife. It can do a lot of things (ST/CB/S) but doesn’t do anything really all that well. You only buy it because it might be useful for emergencies.

There isn’t a single sole in Green Bay that will shed a tear if Jarrett Bush leaves town. If Titan nation wants a summary of Packer nation’s thoughts right now… it’s pretty simple.

Most of us will say, “An actual NFL team wants Jarrett Bush? They can have him.”

Also of interest: The Jarrett Bush Sucks Forum


The saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” immediately comes to mind as I continue to read the negative opinions regarding Jarrett Bush.

However, I’m also confident in the decision-making ability of Mike Reinfeldt, so for the time being, I’ll cautiously extend the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Bush if he does indeed become a Titan next week. 

Hopefully, a change of scenery will do wonders for a career that, according to Packer fans, has been less than stellar to say the least.


9 Responses to “Buyer beware? More negative feedback on Jarrett Bush”

  1. Packer Backer Says:

    To add to this, and the article speaks for me as well, but everyone has always wondered WHY Ted Thompson continues to hang on to this guy.
    The joke is always, “Jarrett must have something REALLY bad on Ted.”
    But Packer nation respects Reinfeldt (smart guy) so it obvious Bush has the intangibles.
    Will he ever have the brain to go along with it?

  2. Scott Says:

    My thought on the Bush signing is the following: if the Packers’ management and coaching staff thought enough of this guy to tender him as a restricted free agent and then the Titans go ahead and sign him to an offer sheet, doesn’t that say more about Bush as a NFL player than the Packer fans and writers that have used him as a punching bag??
    I think it should. Besides, at best this year Bush will be the dime back and may even become the fifth cornerback (if Fuller is included with Finnegan and Harper) on the team, if the Titans decide to use a 1st or 2nd round pick this year on a CB.

  3. Jeffrey Sachs Says:

    Most of Bush’s time came on special teams, which, for Green Bay in particular, have been simply god-awful for some time now. He’s been a visible part of the unit, missing tackles, being blocked into the ball on short punts, holding, blocking in the back… But the little non-special teams game-time he’s had has shown that he’s got the athleticism to be a dime back. And if your punter and kicker are named Hentrich and Bironas, Bush might not look so bad out there on special teams.

  4. Dave Says:

    I kind of hope that the Packers match the offer sheet just to see what the Packers fans say/do.
    On a similar note, is Cary Williams done being broken, yet? Does he factor in to our cb situation this year at all? Is he even still on the team?
    On a less similar note, is Rafael Little healed up? Isn’t he supposed to be a good returner?

  5. Ron Says:

    Alex usually doesn’t know what he is talking about so I wouldn’t worry about that. I am sure Mike Reinfeldt has much more intimate knowledge of Bush’s potential as he was highly respected when he was in Packer administration.
    Our special teams were poorly coached,so even though Bush did make mistakes that could have been coaching. I don’t know that much about Bush, but I am sure Alex doesn’t either. I don’t read his site anymore, because he usually doesn’t know what he is talking about, and he gets abusive if you disagree with him.

  6. Drexel Perry Says:

    Little has worked hard in rehab and according to Jim Wyatt, has an early edge over Chris Henry at RB:
    Little did return punts and kicks (mostly punts)at Kentucky:
    He could be in the mix at those positions as a result of Chris Carr’s departure.
    As for Cary Williams, hopefully he can avoid the injury bug that plagued him during his rookie year. He has the size and ability, it’s just a matter of him staying out of the training room.

  7. Morgan Says:

    Pack just matched Titans offer and Bush will remain a Cheese Head. This is exactly what i wanted to see. Its on ProFootballTalk just posted. I dont know how to make a link, but thank you packers. Now we can get DJ Moore or maybe Jenkins will drop to us with his slow combine time. To bad Jenkins put up good pro day 40 time. He is so much faster at field speed

  8. Drexel Perry Says:

    Yep, the Packers matched the Titans’ offer:
    I wonder how Alex and the other Packer fans around the Internet who bashed Bush relentlessly feel about the decision? LOL

  9. bobcomu Says:


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