How will the Tennessee Titans replace Chris Carr?


Following the purple path laid down by former Tennessee Titans such as Steve McNair, Lorenzo Neal, Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle before him, Chris Carr has become the latest Titan to migrate to Baltimore.

As a result of the departures of Carr and Eric King, the Titans are in dire need of some reinforcements at the CB position.

In addition to the depth that he provided at CB, losing Carr also means that the Titans will be on the lookout for a return specialist on special teams.

Needless to say, the task of replacing the versatility of Chris Carr won’t be easy one.

Unfortunately for the Titans, the veteran free agent cornerback market is diminishing as we speak.

Eric Green and Packer fan-favorite Jarrett Bush recently visited Baptist Sports Park, but both players are no longer available as a result of Green signing with the Dolphins and Ted Thompson’s widely-applauded (HA HA) decision to match Jarrett’s restricted free agent contract offer.

Justin Miller also made an appearance in Nashville last week. In addition to playing corner, Miller is also known for his kick returning skills, which made him a logical pick to replace Carr. However, Miller just re-signed with the Raiders, so feel free to put an X by his name on the list of potential Carr-replacement options.

So what’s left for the Titans to choose from on the free agency CB market? Former Titan Samari Rolle was just released by the Ravens. He isn’t the player that he once was, but for the right price, Rolle wouldn’t be a bad pickup.  

Speaking of ex-Ravens, Chris McAlister and Corey Ivy are also available. While McAlister is a bit too banged up for my tastes, Ivy is a solid depth guy who may be worth a look.

There’s also this one player who was released by the Cowboys, but his legal issues as well as wearing out his welcome during his first tour of duty in Nashville are just two of the plethora of reasons why he won’t be returning to the Titans.

The lack of quality, young vets in the free agency pool means that selecting a CB early in April’s draft is becoming more and more of a possibility. With pick #30, the Titans could take a chance on a player such as Vandy’s D.J. Moore or Wake’s Alphonso Smith, two exciting guys who could also help out on kick/punt returns.

Getting back to the original topic of this article; losing Carr hurts, but the show must go on…

Your turn, audience: How will the Titans replace Chris Carr?  


14 Responses to “How will the Tennessee Titans replace Chris Carr?”

  1. bobcomu Says:

    I think they were gone to go CB in the first round, provided one they liked at that spot was still available, whether Bush came on board or not.
    If Little is healthy he is a capable return man. And as much as I would hate to see him get hurt CJ would be an electrifying kick returner.

  2. Andrew K Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Hawkins have a little bit of PR experience? Assuming he does, I think he is our PR man and then him and Chris Henry can be our KR guys. Does anyone remember that hit on Henry in the game against the colts a couple of years ago? That had to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, hit I have ever seen.

  3. Kevin G Says:

    Hawkins looked terrible returning last year, I think he only did it one game, but he just lowered his head and charged forward, no wiggle at all, ran smack into a defender at the 20 3 times in a row.
    CJ really did not look that good returning kicks in the preseason either, I think we need someone new in this department. I personally do not believe that starters should be major contributors on special teams as returners or gunners (Griffin is the one exception that I have seen, and I would like him to stop being a gunner this year.), look at the drop off in Hester’s returning once he started actually being a receiver.
    we are absolutely going corner on day 1, there is just no way around it, we might also spend a mid-late round pick on a corner for depth.
    if we actually get all the compensatory picks I think we will, we can just draft a kick returner in the 4-6 range. someone like Michael Ray Garvin from FSU or some small schooler. I think we will have enough picks to adress these needs in the draft and do not need to scramble to find someone.

  4. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Henry will be cut, but of course, he won’t see it coming. Chris Davis fumbles too often for my taste. There’s no reason to revisit the ’07 return crew.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Rolle or Ivy signed for depth, but I don’t know if Rolle is willing to be a backup, even at this stage in his career. Ricky Manning Jr. would also be a nice short-term addition for depth.
    In the return game, I guess Little is going to get a shot. I know Johnson was a returner in college, but didn’t look too comfortable with it last year. Hawkins is also an option.
    If the Titans do end up with four compensatory picks, they’ll be able to find a decent return guy in the later rounds. They will need to address CB in the first three rounds.

  5. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Where’s Courtney Roby when you need him?

  6. cld12pk2go Says:

    Mason also had fumbling issues early on, but got over it and was our best returner for years.
    Chris Davis reminds me of Mason because has a lot of wiggle that would be good for PR/KR if he can also hold onto the ball.
    Hawk is a question mark. He should get some more looks.
    Chen I don’t see back in the mix at return man.

  7. Will Says:

    Resigning Pacman … ha ha … that’s a good one, Drexel.
    The Titans are letting good players trickle away from the team. They definitely could have use Chris Carr on teams and on defense. I’m looking forward to the draft, since free agency has been discouraging from this Titans fan’s standpoint.

  8. Brad Says:

    re-sign Reynaldo Hill
    sign Corey Ivy
    Draft Alphonso Smith
    our CB depth chart would look like this:
    1. Finnegan
    2. Harper/Smith
    3. Smith/Harper
    4. Ivy
    5. Hill
    I think Reynaldo Hill would be a pretty good #5 corner. lol

  9. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Yeah, he’s a great #5 during the preseason! Whether he is a good #5 week 14 when the injuries are piling up is another matter.

  10. bobcomu Says:

    Rey Hill is to Titans fans what Jarret Bush is to Packers fans.

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    Yep, I remember that hit very well:

    Thanks for commenting, guys. Good thoughts from all of you.

  12. Chris Says:

    I’m not worried about the kick return spot because we still have Michael Griffin, our own Ed Reed type, so that’s not a problem. The depth at CB only a big deal because the Colts like 3 wide and it Haprer or Fin get hurt, which Harper did, then we need some to step in for a game or two. And as you can tell when Harper went out teams geared to King and Carr’s guy.

  13. Morgan Says:

    Titans just signed return specialest Mark Jones from the panthers. He dosen’t do anything but return, and he’s good at it. Problem solved.

  14. Memo to the Tennessee Titans: Josh Cribbs may be available « Total Titans Says:

    […] Jones’ lingering hamstring issues and a motley crew of others failing to get the job done, Chris Carr’s departure to the “Ratbirds” was felt […]

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