Derrick Mason: Could he become a Titan again?


As Yogi Berra once apocryphally said, “It’s like deja vu all over again.” That malapropism might be applicable if Derrick Mason becomes a Tennessee Titan again.
Two weeks ago, Drexel wrote a great piece on former Titans who might return to Tennessee. Recent developments in Baltimore now suggest that Mason could be added to Drexel’s list.
D-Mase is in the final year of his contract and wants an extension. Failing that, he’d like to be released, making him a free agent able to negotiate with any team. That probably won’t happen, in Tony Wisniewski’s opinion, though he believes it could happen if the Ravens sign Torry Holt.

Mason has been Baltimore’s leading receiver three of the last four years
With the Titans, DMase was the leading receiver four consecutive years, from 2000 through 2003. He has more receiving yards, 6,114, than any member of the franchise since it relocated to Tennessee. The two-time Pro Bowler added 3,947 yards in Baltimore to surpass the 10,000-yard mark, placing him ninth on the active list of leading receivers.
If his shoulder is OK, I believe the 32-year old wideout could still play a few more years and would be a real asset to the Titans once again. I’m sure that Jeff Fisher and Mike Heimerdinger would both love to have him back.
Although the Titans would continue to be a run-oriented team, Mason, Justin Gage and Nate Washington could constitute the strongest receiving corps the Titans have had in years.
What’s your opinion?

10 Responses to “Derrick Mason: Could he become a Titan again?”

  1. Gary Rice Says:

    That would be alright if he was only 32 years old. He’s 35 years old and I don’t really know if a 35 year old WR can help you and if he could,for how long? D-Mase was a great player for the Titans but that time is over.

  2. Brad Says:

    Yeah I agree. Its time to draft a reciever like Robiske.

  3. FAZ Says:

    The heck with Mason, why would they let Baltimore sign Torry Holt. Get Holt!!!

  4. Dave Says:

    The heart says “yes”, but the brain says “no”.

  5. steve Says:

    i would rather have cutler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Seth Leonard Says:

    hiring him back would be completely feasible. Think about an older free agent that never quite became a household name. A guy like Mason is trying to get rings as quickly as possible, and you could sign him to a team like Tennessee for pocket change. I was too young to have any conception of his rapport with Fish and Co., but I don’t see why he couldn’t come in and at least be a good pair of hands for us.

  7. David H... Says:

    What’s with the nostalgic return of all these has-been Titans? Justin McCarriens absolutely sucked this past year. And although Mason is way better, it wouldn’t make any sense to revisit the thought of bringing him back or, Drew Bennett or any old wide receivers for that matter. Darius Heyward-Bey, Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, all of these guys would be solid acquisitions in the draft and some of them like Heyward-bey, Robiskie, and Britt could fall to the second round. The Titans need to bite the bullet and just draft one of these guys. And letting Chris Carr go to the Ratbirds was a fatal mistake. Because it’s a conference rival who we very well could see again in the playoffs and now we need to look at the cornerback position and address it early, Maybe the first round. We should be looking for a complement to CJ not another damn Defensive player. We had three pro-bowlers from that secondary, and the thought of the Titans probably drafting a DB over the Wide receiver talent in this draft just sickens me.

  8. Johnathan Says:

    There is not a chance the Heyward-Bey falls to the second round. It is much more likely that Nicks would fall, as he had a terrible pro day. He apparently gained 14 pounds since the combine… Hayward-Bey, on the other hand, has seen his stock do nothing but rise with some talking about him as the second WR off he board.

  9. kong Says:

    I agree. We should have drafted Cutler instead of Vince Young.

  10. Maynard76 Says:

    I don’t think the buzz about former Titans has as much to do with nostalgia as it does with familiarity with the system. Bennett, Mason, McCariens are all proven experienced receivers that could come in and put up 300-500 yards as number 3 receivers while providing solid leadership to young players. They may not have the upside of a young draft pick, but they don’t have the question marks either.

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