What will Vince Young’s role be this year?


Patrick Ramsey, a seven-year NFL veteran, is one of several free agents who have visited the Titans recently. He’s also a quarterback, which raises questions about Vince Young once again.
Does it mean the Titans are simply looking for a third quarterback? A replacement for Chris Simms, who signed with Denver, Ramsey’s former team?
Or is it another sign that the Titans don’t have complete confidence in Young?
After throwing two interceptions in the season opener last year, and being booed, he didn’t play again until Week Thirteen in mop-up duty against the hapless Lions. Young’s third appearance in 2008 was in the Week Seventeen scrimmage against the Colts.

As long as Kerry Collins remains healthy and plays reasonably well and the Titans are winning this year, I doubt if Young will do much more than he did last season. But what happens if Collins isn’t healthy or playing well or if the Titans aren’t winning?
Will Young step in as the backup quarterback? Or will that #2 job be up for grabs in training camp, with Vince competing with Ramsey or someone else?
I believe the Titans still don’t have complete confidence in Young. I also believe that Young can win back the confidence of his teammates and coaches if he works hard at it this summer.
By working hard at it, I mean working to correct some of the supposed flaws in his game, such as those mentioned by an anonymous coordinator who ripped him in this article.
Well, he can improve his accuracy by working on his fundamentals with quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson and with Mike Heimerdinger. He can also spend time with them and with Collins to learn how to read defenses better. (If either of these are indeed necessary.)
The important thing though, is to work to regain the confidence of his coaches and teammates. And when he gets the chance in preseason, he needs to take advantage of it and make a good showing.
I’m predicting Vince will succeed and emerge from training camp as the #2 again. What do you think, Titans fans?

9 Responses to “What will Vince Young’s role be this year?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Why isn’t Steve Mcnair in VY’s ear in some capacity?
    Who would be a better mentor/tutor than #9…I don’t care if Balt. still owns his rights, find a way to obtain those rights and get this guy and VY in the same room talking football, developing, overcoming struggles, and winning MVP’s….

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for your question and comment, Dave.
    Actually, Vince Young and Steve McNair remain very close. McNair still maintains his Nashville home and sees and talks with Young on a regular basis. They also share the services of Mike Mu, who’s the director of McNair’s foundation and is Young’s business and marketing manager. Remember the night Young allegedly contemplated suicide? I’ve heard from a good source that after speeding away from his house that night, Young was with McNair eating chicken wings in Mu’s office. Also, McNair, Mu and Young’s agent, Major Adams, supposedly got together to advise Vince in the next several days. As they have been, and still are, doing individually.
    If you’re suggesting the Titans should hire McNair as their quarterbacks coach, or in some other similar capacity, it won’t happen. For one thing, McNair has no interest in that — he’s content to sit back and take it easy. He never worked hard as a player (that’s not a knock, being laid back is just his makeup) so why would he want to work coaches’ hours now? Also, the Titans already have a very good quarterbacks coach in Craig Johnson and there are no signs that Jeff Fisher plans to replace him.

  3. Brad Says:

    I think this year, at least to start, it is going to be Collins job with VY as the #2. But with Collins aging I predict he plays mediocre, but we still win with the running game. The coaches might decide to go with Vince then but who knows. Any way I think Vince deserves one more shot at a full season, if he plays well then he is our quarterback, and if not it is time to look for someone else. I hope we draft Chase Daniel in the seventh round if he is available.
    P.S. does anybody know when the copensatory picks will be announced?

  4. Dave Says:

    Andrew, I didn’t/don’t expect Mcnair to become our QB coach. I’d like to see him be “hired” in a mentoring role. Maybe something to the effect of a once a week “meeting” with VY and /or the entire team. Kind of how Mangini nrought in Freddy Roach once in a while.
    I’m glad to hear that Steve does keep contact with Vince, but somewhat disappointed that I haven’t seen the results of that out of VY. Hopefully this is the year that Vince gets a little wiser with his age and he can turn it around. Even if his sole reason is to piss off Merril Hoge ( stupidest name in broadcasting).

  5. David H... Says:

    With CJ, a slim hopefully more explosive LenDale White and VY, we could have a better three headed monster than last years Giants. And if my personal dream comes true and we were somehow able to land a guy like Percy Harvin, then we would be unstoppable. Because that’s 4 guys who can tote the rock, two legitimate rushers, a guy who can pass downfield, and a receiving option. Oh my god… somebody call Mike Martz!!!!!

  6. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for your input, guys. Brad, the league normally announces the compensatory selections on the second day of the league meeting. The meetings start tomorrow so look for the announcement sometime on Monday. The Titans are projected to receive four compensatory picks.
    David, I don’t understand why some people want to see the Titans run a “Wildcat formation”, which is actually just Miami’s version of the old single-wing. Neither LenDale nor Vince are suited for it and it would be foolhardy to risk using Vince in that capacity. I may write more about that tomorrow or in the next few days.

  7. Scott Says:

    The rumour is that Ramsey is going to sign with either the Titans or the Patriots. If he comes to the Titans, what does that say about Fisher’s confidence in Young?
    If he has any confidence in Young at all to back up Collins and one day perhaps even start again, I would prefer that the Titans use a mid-round pick on a guy like Nate Davis or Rhett Bomar and see if either of those guys could develop into a starter in a couple of years.
    If he doesn’t have confidence in Young, then I guess Ramsay is as good a choice as anyone keft on the FA market to fill in for Collins if he suffers an injury. He certainly wouldn’t be anything more than a short-term (a game or two) answer if Collins were to go down. In my view, retaining Simms would have been the better choice to fill this role.

  8. David H... Says:

    Andrew, I respect your opinon as much as the next man. But if Vince isn’t the franchise QB we all thought he would be, what capacity should he be used in? Should he just be a #2 QB and thats it. I don’t think he should get paid like a starter to ride the bench. But thats just my opinon.

  9. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for the compliment, David, I appreciate it. I agree with you that Vince is being overpaid as a backup but unless Collins gets injured or becomes ineffective, that’s how it will probably be. Unless he regains the starting job this year, he won’t be a Titan next year.

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