RB Andre Brown: Future draft pick of the Tennessee Titans?


Lo and behold, the Tennessee Titans may be interested in drafting another NFL Combine workout warrior.

According to reports, RB Andre Brown is scheduled to make a visit to Baptist Sports Park over the course of the next couple of weeks. Brown, who was hindered by foot injuries during his last two years at N.C. State, intrigued scouts with an impressive 4.49 forty-yard dash last month in Indianapolis.

Will 2009 mark the fourth consecutive year that the Titans take a running back with a first-day selection?

Brown’s story is eerily reminiscent of the plight of fellow RB Chris Henry, another workout warrior who, despite a lack of success running the football in college, blazed up everyone’s draft charts as a result of his impressive combine showing.

Like Henry, Brown never sniffed a 1,000 yard season during his college career. Andre rushed for a career-high 767 yards in 2008. If you recall, Henry’s best showing at Arizona was his 581 yard effort in his final season as a Wildcat.

We’re all aware of Mike Reinfeldt’s infatuation with players who conduct excellent pre-draft workouts. The aforementioned Henry, Paul Williams and on a more positive note, Chris Johnson are all vivid examples of players who vaulted to the top of the Titans’ draft day wish list as a result of their intriguing workout numbers.

Reinfeldt loves guys who emerge at the combine, so based on that alone, there’s a solid chance that Brown could be selected by the Titans next month.

Some will find it interesting that the team is even considering utilizing a 2nd or 3rd round choice on a running back. After all, the Titans have devoted a first rounder and two second round selections on RB’s in the last three drafts.

However, taking a closer look at the team’s current RB situation will provide some insight into the Titans’ possible decision to draft yet another runner. Of course, Chris Johnson is a certified stud, so selecting Brown would be in no way, shape or form an indictment of CJ’s abilities.

Backing up Johnson is LenDale White, who is conveniently seeking a breakout performance during his contract year. Chris Henry has been a disappointment, Quinton Ganther is ok and despite his promise, Rafael Little is trying to bounce back from a serious knee injury.

Drafting Brown would provide the Titans with a potential long-term solution at backup RB. If White departs via free agency next year, the 6’0″ 224 lb. Brown would take his place in the rotation while serving as the new hammer in the Titans’ Smash and Dash backfield.

Personally, I like the idea of selecting a guy like Brown but I must admit, I’m a bit leery of his lack of college production and his ascending draft status directly related to his workout numbers. Of course, you can blame this fear on the Chris Henry debacle.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Brown in a Titans’ uniform?    


11 Responses to “RB Andre Brown: Future draft pick of the Tennessee Titans?”

  1. FAZ Says:

    If they draft a RB before a WR, the Entire Front Office should be fired! They can get a replacement for Lendale in next years draft. RBs are a dime a dozen. They can be found in later rounds and have a very short shelf life. Tenn went 13-3, its time to get the pieces that put us over the top. Draft the big guy(DL)from BC 1st, WRs 2nd & 3rd rounds, and then best available. We also need a QB! If possible scrap all this and get Cutler!!

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    There’s no reason for them to draft a RB unless he is an exceptional value in the 3rd round or later. Jonhson is amazing, White is solid as a #2, though I prefer Ganther – he has decent size and better burst. Throw in Little, and I don’t see where you put another RB on this team. I know that Johnson and White are the only locks to make the team, and I wasn’t shocked that they took CJ last year, but I would be blown out of the water if they went RB on day 1 this year.

  3. Will Says:

    I’d be surprised, and disappointed, if the Titans drafted a running back with any of its draft picks.

  4. Brad Says:

    Maybe a pick in the 6th or 7th round for a RB, but that is it!!!!!!! With all these running back selections the past couple of years and potentially this year it makes me wonder if Fish and Co. have plans for some sick 4 RB formation. I know its unlikely, but you have to wonder why we are so in love with running backs.

  5. chris Says:

    If they want a RB, they should take UT RB Arian Foster in the 5th or 6th round. They shouldn’t use an early draft pick on a RB. Arian is quite productive with a decent OL

  6. Morgan Says:

    Well im gonna have to agree with the rest of the posters and say please, please dont draft a first day RB. Its one of the only positions that you can come in the first year and make an impact, but you dont have to be a first day back to do this.
    I personally dont even want to see a RB taken by the titans this year. Fill the positional needs by the best available player. Who knows a guy like Larry English or Malkom Jenkins could drop, highly unlikely, but we need depth at LB and CB.
    Oh yea, to add to this rant, we dont need a QB!! Ive watched Vince young for years now and he has everything but field vision, and the only way to get that is play time. Vince WILL bring us a Superboul.

  7. Aaron Rasey Says:

    If the Titans get a RB in the first or second round, that’ll mark the FOURTH consecutive year they’ve got a first day RB.

  8. Dave Says:

    If the FO guys believe that this guy is our man, then go for it. What’s the difference if we have this guy riding the pine or (soon to be released) Chris Henry? Maybe, Andre Brown ends up being a steal like CJ and next year we’ll all say, “these guys know what they’re doing”.
    On a similar note, I have a feeling Paul Williams may have a “break-out” year( by that I mean actually see some playing time and maybe even have a couple TD’s). I don’t have any reason for said feeling, I just gotta believe with this guy’s god given size, ability, and the fact that he was one of the first to show up for the voluntary workouts, he’s going to do some positive things. Here’s to hoping!!!

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    Paul Williams has the physical ability, it’s just a matter of him getting it done on the football field. He could be a great threat in the redzone.
    Like you, Dave, I’m hopeful that Paul Will can turn some of that potential into production next season.

  10. AustinTitan Says:

    I agree with your comments on Vince Young but his accuracy needs a lot of improvement as well.

  11. willy Says:

    i dont know maybe select him in the 4th round since yall got 2 picks in the 4th. select de connor barwin from cincy then select andre brown release lendell white he will get a deal with a other team also realease chris henry he’s not a good player.his big year was in 2007.

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